I love journaling. I have kept a Journal since secondary school I think my first ever full Journal was in 2004 I will have to look through my keepsake box to know for sure but 2004 rings a bell. I like to do a daily entry and put keepsakes inside my journal to reflect on my year and keep all my memories in one place. I don’t imagine that I will have this blog forever even if I give it up whose to say it will still be accessible in 10,20,50 years time? This year though I wanted to share with you all something that I am recording in my journal that I thought would be a little different and fun and informative for you all.

Each day I am aiming to either learn or try/do something new to expand my knowledge and experiences from learning a new word to trying a new recipe all experiences and facts are enriching so here is everything I learnt/did this week.

I haven’t decided whether to do these posts weekly or monthly I might try January’s weekly and February’s monthly and see which Myself and you prefer.

01.01.18 Whilst reading I came across a word I didn’t know so I asked google what it meant thus learning a new word to add to my vocabulary one of the many reasons I love reading!! The word I learnt was Avuncular it means Kind and friendly towards a younger or less experienced person.

02.01.18 Today I tried two new recipes I am really trying this year to be conscious of my food waste Last year I threw away so much food and I am not proud of that So this year I am really trying to utilise my leftovers, plan meals and use my freezer more! I made potatoe cakes using leftover mashed potatoe&sausage and they WERE YUMMY!! I also did meatballs in the slow cooker which were HEAVEN!!

03.01.18 I watched Secret life of the zoo the Christmas special and learnt that Dwarf Mongoose are only pregnant for 8 weeks!! Whilst Rhinos can be pregnant for up to 15 months WOW!!

04.01.18 We tried Lollipop chicken for tea tonight and it was delicious!! I also learnt a new word Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes (thanks to the chase UK for that one!!)

05.01.18 Today I learnt more about a brilliant website that I have signed up for bloglovin’ I found some amazing new blogs and got very inspired by peoples posts 🙂

06.01.18 Today after watching a youtube video where someone made some super cute paper crane tree ornaments from old book pages I decided I wanted to try and make a crane….It was a lot harder than I imagined BUT for a first attempt I think it went well!!

07.01.18 After finishing my first book of 2018 ‘The penguin lessons’ I wanted to find out a penguin fact so I googled penguin facts and found that one species of penguins can swim up to 22mph!!


Collage 2018-01-06 22_42_22




January is already off to what seems a flying start, I think perhaps because I am back to work and routine it feels as though the time is going quickly. I am very excited for the year ahead I have some amazing travel plans, Plans that will tick off a few of my Bucket list goals and I’ve put some routines and changes to my lifestyle in place the benefits of which are already paying off.

I have changed up a few things on my blog that you may or may not have noticed I created a new Header image and I have updated my About me page I also created a contact me page so if you haven’t already go and check those out. You may also notice if you are eagle eyed and sit looking through all my old posts everyday(I don’t imagine why you would but you never know!) I have deleted some old posts, I am not deleting everything and it wasn’t a decision I made lightly I’ve just deleted posts that are no longer relevant, posts with clothes I no longer own or posts where it is quite obvious that I wasn’t happy or dressing in what I’d call my style and had obviously just put together an aesthetically pleasing outfit as apposed to a realistic outfit.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks I am visiting the studio tour(AGAIN POTTERHEADFORLIFE) for Hogwarts in the snow. Its my big 3-0 Birthday and I have a meal with all my favourite people planned. I am also heading off somewhere exciting for 4 Days to celebrate my birthday just me and the Husband.

Looking towards the rest of the year its shaping up to be a very exciting and eventful one with plenty of places to visit, plenty of food&drink to taste and plenty of events to celebrate with friends and loved ones.


So with all the hectic planning of the year ahead today I finally allowed myself to rest up and my body has finally succumbed to this cold that seems to be making the rounds, So I got a good book put on my fluffy dressing gown and curled up on the sofa. I have also penciled in some blog post ideas for the upcoming year which I am very excited about I am adding some different types of posts to break up the fashion and shopping haul posts which are my main types of posts. I have also set up my bullet journal for January and I am happy with how it has turned out. So even though I am ill I have powered through(from the comfort of my sofa) and been fairly productive.


That’s all for today my loves

Speak soon

Natalie x

2017 Roundup

Hello My loves so I know I know 20th December was going to be my last post and I have already done a kind of roundup of 2017 but this post is a little different and its something that I like to put in my journal and thought I would share it with you guys as well. This post is kind of like a stats review post where i want to share in numbers the books I read, Movies I watched T.V series I watched etc I will also pick my top 3 of everything too 🙂 So here goes I hope you like this kind of post I always like to look back and see all the new things I have experienced in number form if that makes any sense!!

Books: New:20 Re-read:2

I am so unhappy with the amount that I read 😦 I was in such a reading slump for the latter part of this year and my goal next year is to read at least 30 new books! My top 3 are:

The couple next door

Into the water

Apple Tree Yard


Yes I did watch a fair few films! Saturday nights are usually spent at my mum&dads Eating food and watching New films. My top 3 are:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

Beauty and the Beast

Deep Water Horizon

TV SHOWS:14(that I can remember)

So I watched a lot of TV! But there are only 14 TV shows written down in my journal so that’s what I’m going from. Top 3 are:

Doctor Foster S1&2

Stranger things S1&2

Game of Thrones S7


I got 127 new followers over the year which is honestly AMAZING!! I am now over 400 followers and would go absolutely crazy if I got to 500 followers!! I always say it but honestly I never thought that so many people would be interested in my little blog and I am so thankful to the friends that I have made through this platform this is honestly such a supportive community and I want to thank you all for your support this past year!

I wrote 91 blog posts!! I am super happy with all the content that I put out this year I know it wasn’t a lot but I switched things up tried new kinds of posts and I think the quality was better so I will continue with this format in the new year.


I usually do a round up of my favourite outfits of the year so here we go my top 3 outfits from this years blog looks 🙂

And that is that my lovelies.

See you in 2018


Blogmas Day 20: 20 December outfits

Hello My loves so this is my last Blogmas post 😦 I cant believe that it is Christmas on Monday!! Today is my first day off and I am feeling so run down i feel that since October I have just been in a whirlwind of emotions and haven’t actually had any time to breathe!! So from December 1st to Today I took a photo of my outfit and looking back I have noticed that I am a creature of habit, I own lots of clothes but actually mainly end up wearing either pjs or the same kind of outfits, I’m drawn to brown and green at the moment-maybe i just want to dress like a tree?? Also I clearly find an item of clothing that I like then wear it to death haha!!! So here we go. Disclaimer there are only 19 outfits I didn’t take an outfit of the day photo on the 13th as I also didn’t do blogmas that day due to a mental health day that i took for myself 🙂

Days 1-5


Day1: Adidas Leggings&Grey Primark Jumper. Day2: Yellow Jumper Charity shop& Black Primark Jeggings Day3: Red Jumper Charity shop Black Primark Jeggings Faux Leather Jacket charity shop Day4: Check Skirt and Red Jumper Charity shop Boots Primark Day5: Brown Skirt F&F Jumper Primark

Days 6-10


Day6: Brown Jumper&trousers Charity shop Day7: Green shirt F&F Black Jeggings Primark Faux Fur gilet New look Day8: Brown jumper charity shop brown skirt F&F Day9: Brown Jumper charity shop, blue jeans Next scarf&Jacket charity shop Day10: Trousers Charity shop Tshirt Primark

Days 11-15


DAY11: Grey Jumper& PJ bottoms Primark, DAY12: Grey Jumper&PJ bottoms Primark Day14: Green Jumper New look Brown Skirt F&F Day15: Christmas Jumper&Jeggings Primark

Days 16-19


Day 16: Same outfit as day 14 I just loved it so much i thought why the hell not! Day 17: Penguin onesie Primark Day 18: Cracking out the adidas leggings and faithful primark jumper again Day 19: Green jumper new look black jeggings primark HUGE red bow Primark.

Day 20 Today


My weasley dreams have come true! So as you may or may not be aware (if your not aware I can only assume your new to my blog in which case welcome) I am a HUGE harry potter fan and for the longest time I have wanted to buy the Weasley Christmas Jumper but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on one jumper SO I used a jumper I brought for 99p from the charity shop and some yellow Yarn and a thick yarn needle to create my own Weasley Jumper and I am so happy with how it turned out!! I am pairing it with my favourite skirt of the moment my brown F&F one a green beanie I brought from a charity shop and my DR marten boots for a full on weasley inspired outfit 🙂

All that remains to say is Merry Christmas Have a fabulous time and I will see you all in the New Year

Natalie Signing off until January 3rd.

Lots of Love



Blogmas Day 19:2018 Goals

I can’t quite believe that we are nearing the end of blogmas just tomorrow’s post to go and I am done! I hope you have enjoyed my blogmas posts 🙂 I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support this year I know that I haven’t been as active this year as I have previously I kind of fell out of love with my blog but I have got my mojo back I am happy with the content that I am creating and I have remembered why I started this blog in the first place!! I look forward to 2018 and all that it may bring 🙂 Here are the goals I would like to achieve in 2018 🙂

  • Stick to my exercise routine. I have created a really fun exercise routine with 2 rest days and I chose exercises that I love as that is honestly so important there is no point saying I’m going to join a gym and I’m going to do aqua fit and go on the cross trainer each day if you know that you don’t actually like those activities because then you will end up talking yourself out of exercising and wont get anywhere so yes I have chosen 6 different exercise activities that I love doing and switch them up so its not boring and repetative
  • Read 30 books. This is on my December 2018 bucket list. I got into a reading slump and I am really surprised by how upset at myself I got because I really love reading!! I managed to pull it back a little in November and December so yes next year I want to read at least 30 new books!
  • Take more pictures and print them out. I have so many pictures stored on my camera, my phone, my computer, facebook and instagram but haven’t actually got that many physical copies of photos and that makes me very sad so this year I want to print out photos and create some photo albums as I think later on in life I will regret not having certain photos printed out.

Three Goals. I want to live my life go on adventures spend time with my loved ones explore new places learn new things meet new people grow as a person. There is no point for me creating a huge long list of goals that I don’t actually want to achieve like who honestly wants to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Or give up chocolate? Or sky dive? Certainly not me I think these 3 goals will help me to enjoy my year and become more of the person I want to be 🙂

Are you setting any goals or resolutions?

Speak soon


Blogmas Day 18: 2017 Review

“December already? Hasn’t This year gone quick?” I know that I am guilty of saying these things yet when I looked back for my Year Review post I couldn’t believe how long ago some of these events actually were! This year has been amazing on the whole, I have visited some amazing places, Made some amazing memories and celebrated some very exciting events in my Families&Friends Life. I was going to do a general round up but then I thought you know what….I’m going to do a month by month review instead as I did an awful lot this year so get a cuppa tea or any beverage you like really and settle in for my 2017 review 🙂


In case you aren’t aware my Birthday is in January so unlike a lot of people I actually really enjoy January! This month I celebrated my birthday with friends and family I had a weeks worth of celebrations I’d like to say that it was a one off but honestly I do dedicate an entire week to my birthday because why not! I also visited York for the first time and it was AMAZING (we have now been back twice already!) I also got to travel first class on the train which I have never done before so I felt incredibly fancy!



We went to our friends wedding beginning of the month which was lovely I find that now I’m married myself I am always extra emotional at weddings because I know what they are going through and I have made that commitment myself if that makes any sense! Went to bugtopia which is this cute bug center I was so brave I held a snake and a spider! The not so good this month was having our car broken into luckily the guy was caught and he hadn’t taken anything of value from our car and hadn’t caused any damage to the car either.



Did lots of training at work which I was very excited about 🙂 I changed my hours too I used to do 9-4 mon-fri but then changed to 8-4 mon-fri. Celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday 🙂 Went to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema with the BFFL and that was about it for March!


It was my grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary this month we had a photo taken (My parents, Brother, Darren and then My Auntie, Uncle and Cousins) for their gift 🙂 At Easter we went down to somerset for a few days to see Darren’s Mum we visited some cider farms, Cheddar Gorge and drove to Lynton and Lynmouth, was a super chilled few days. Then at the end of April we had our annual bank holiday getaway at Centre Parcs which was MUCH needed!!



May is the Boys Birthday so as usual I spoilt him rotten. We went to his cousins wedding reception which was nice as we hadn’t seen that side of his family for well over a year! It was actually a really warm May we got out in the Garden loads this month and we had our first BBQ of the year which is always a success in Britain if you manage to get a BBQ done!!



So when we went to York in January for my Birthday we ended up complaining to the hotel because the Bar downstairs had a very heavy wooden door to the kitchen that was banging until gone 1 am and then started again at 5:30 am meaning we hardly slept so they gave us a complimentary stay for one night which we decided to take this month the room was amazing they gave us a little gift basket and we did so many more attractions including the dungeons as it was nicer weather! We also went to London to see the bat out of hell musical which was absolutely incredible! the staging the acting the sets the atmosphere it was just an incredible night! It was another really hot month again! I got brought a new camera by Darren which has been such an amazing gift!



Saw my cousins who I hadn’t seen in YEAR’s and I mean YEARS like we’ve all got married and they have started to have kids since we last met!! Had the annual whitewater BBQ which was as always such a huge laugh!! Then I went to DISNEYLAND PARIS!!!!!! I have never been more excited to visit anywhere ever this trip was truly the most magical experience and I cannot thank HUBBY enough for organising it for me 🙂



Visited Darren’s grandparents in Hemel. I also visited the Harry potter studio tour for umm……the 6th time I think?? to see the forbidden forest expansion I am going again in December with BFFL to see Hogwarts in the snow because somehow in all 6 visits I have never visited at Christmas time! Went to Hunstanton for some fish and chips and just made the most of the nice weather and time off work, signed up to library which made me incredibly happy 🙂



Our 3 year wedding anniversary ( now that time REALLY has flown!) My parents 30th wedding anniversary they loved their gifts 🙂 September is always a bit of a hectic month as its the first month back to work settling new kids in and getting into a routine it always seems to either fly by or drag!


I changed my hours again at work! I now do 8-4 MON TUE WED and FRI because my health has really taken a toll on me, I was so run down and stressed I had a huge break down and finally admitted I needed some help and needed to slow down, Its a scary thing to admit and its scary to think how bad it might get in the future but for now my new hours are working for me 🙂 Another first this month we went to watch POSH (our hometown football team) Play which was a really fun day and a fun atmosphere even though we lost! October was a difficult month for me my Grandad was taken ill and I mean ILL it was a very emotional time.( update he is getting better everyday which from that week in October is something we didn’t think we would be able to say) we went to York for the Third time this year we just love that place! We also visited our local farm to pick our pumpkin again 😀



Mums 50th this month we took her to Milton Keynes to do the indoor sky dive experience which she absolutely loved! Watched some fireworks from our house which we do every year to save money as the fireworks are literally a 5 minute drive away form our house yet cost £15 to watch! Darren brought me a laptop that boy is a babe he has spoilt me rotten this year!!! Then we went back to DISNEYLAND and it was just as magical it was all decorated for Christmas and we went on ALOT more rides this time around!


And finally December

we made it guys well done if you are still reading this far!! This month I have been busy decorating the house for Christmas, buying presents and just enjoying time with family and friends 🙂 I have ended this year on a high BFFL asked me to be her bridesmaid so I am utterly honored to be asked and i’m very excited!! The rest of this month will be spent with family and friends and I look forward to what 2018 brings.


Thank you for your continued Love and support in 2017 I love you guys so very much and this year my blog has become a huge outlet for me and I feel that I have shared a lot more and connected with people more through my blog here’s to 2018!! xx

Much Love Natalie xxx