WOW. I hit 500 followers today and although it was something on my bucket list in no way did I think I would achieve it! I want to thank you all so SO much for your support I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for continuing to support my journey on this blog 🙂

When I started this blog (properly) back in 2014 I didn’t think I would gain even 10 followers let alone 500!! I thought I would share some of my most favourite looks from over the past 4 years 🙂

Thank you again I am so thankful and grateful that you all follow little old me! I am very excited to see what the next 4 years of blogging bring!!


My first ever outfit of the day post on my blog!! October 2014!!


Clearly love the one leg up pose!! P.S Look how long my hair was!!


Speak Soon



Style Challenge 2.0 Days 1-7

Edit: I realise this is a day later than promised I thought I had scheduled the post turns out I had only saved it as a draft and I was out late celebrating my brothers birthday!

Style Challenge 2.0 If you aren’t up to date on what it is that I am doing here is my blog post showing all the pin prompts for this challenge Style Challenge 2.0

So let’s see what 8 prompts I chose to kick start this Style challenge!

Day One: Top it off with a hat

SC Day 1

15.04.18 Sunday I had a pretty lazy day, it was fairly warm so I decided to walk to the shops get the Sunday papers and sit in my garden with a cup of tea and read for a while. I decided to get out the big sunhat (yes it is ridiculously over-sized but I am extra and I didn’t want to get sunstroke!) Hat Charity Shop, Skirt Charity Shop T-shirt Primark Wedges Charity shop.

Day Two: Wear a shirt under your dress

SC Day 216.04.18 Monday: Again the weather was nice I went for tea and cake with my friend Becky and then we went to a shopping outlet near my house and I treated myself to a gorgeous new Radley Bag 🙂  The shirt and Wedges are from Primark and the dress is from a charity shop.

Day Three: Mix up your prints

SC Day 317.04.18 Tuesday it was overcast and SO windy here today so I decided to wear something nice and warm! I am still a novice at mixing my prints so I had a look on pinterest for some inspiration and advice and I think I managed to pull this look together well. Trousers are from warehouse and the shirt is from a charity shop. I added my topshop wedge sandals to tie in the colours and bring the look together. I actually LOVE how this turned out!

Day Four: Wear an item you haven’t worn in 6 months

SC Day 418.04.18 Wednesday boy was it HOT!! I sat in the garden reading and may have got sunburnt OOPS! I got carried away reading and didn’t realise how long I had sat outside without suncream on! I dug out all my summery clothes and found this gorgeous floral tea dress that I haven’t worn in ages. Dress is warehouse wedges are primark. I LOVE this dress I am going to feature it in a future blog post styling it for all 4 seasons.

Day Five: Add stylish sneakers to a dress

SC Day 519.04.18 Thursday again another lovely sunny day I met Sara and her little girl for tea and cake at dobbies and then I walked to the library to exchange my books 🙂 I wore my leopard dress that I got from H&M my Next denim jacket and my high top converse. This was an easy one to do as this is already a go to look for me I LOVE this dress so much it is so easy to wear and style.

Day Six: Add a little or a lot of Leopard Print

SC Day 620.04.18 Friday. I love this shirt I brought it on my recent charity shop trip with mum and it has become a wardrobe favourite already!! As it is still warm I paired it with these shorts I brought from boohoo and wore to death last summer and my trusty gold primark sandals.

Day Seven: Transform your dress into a skirt with a top

SC Day 721.04.18 Saturday. Another glorious sunny day!! I paired this cute daisy print dress that I brought in a charity shop with my faithful black primark shirt that I tied up at the ends and my trusty white ASOS sandals for a fun little look. I actually quite like this look and may wear it more!

So that’s it my first week complete! Which one was your favourite? I think Day 3 is my favourite which is funny as it was the one most out of my comfort zone! Really excited to start styling some more pieces for this week 😀

Speak Soon


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Current Beauty Favourites

Hello I hope you have all been enjoying the sunny weather that the UK seems to be having I have already managed to get myself sunburnt OOOPS! So please remember your suncream try to avoid the sun between the hours of 11-2 and DRINK plenty of water!! I would like to apologise as I was meant to post the beginning of my style challenge series on Sunday however I had some personal stuff to deal with so this didn’t happen. HOWEVER this sunday I will be doing days 1-7 of the challenge and I have decided that Sundays blog posts will be a weekly roundup of my style challenge outfits rather than attempting to photograph every outfit for the next 61 days on the day upload and edit the pictures and write a blog post it would be TOO much!! Any ways as usual I am rambling here are my current beauty favourites you all seemed to love this back in February so I thought I would update you all on my current beauty Favs.

Beauty Favs April

The Body shop Strawberry collection. I love body shop products but my favourite has to be the strawberry collection I just love the scent of the strawberry its such an artificial strawberry smell but it’s so nice and automatically reminds me of summer! I use the body polish with a body pouffe then i use the shower gel and then when i am out of the shower i smoother myself with the body butter and I am left all soft and smelling of strawberries HEAVEN!

I find that my hair as it is quite thick and naturally curly can get quite dry particularly the ends and it turns kind of limp and dull, I saw this Oil complex shampoo in Aldi and thought why not give it a try the shampoo and conditioner were under £1 each and WOW it smells so nice and has left my hair in such good condition! MY hair feels silky and smooth and healthy! I don’t use this every time I wash my hair I will use it every 3rd time as a little treat for my hair.

Next up is two make up products the first is the blush dream pallete from Make up Revolution. I never used to wear blush until I got this pallet and now I can’t stop!! I like to combine the lightest pink with the peach highlight and peach&Red highlight for a nice natural flush. I then picked up a new mascara from Collection 2000 I actually really recommend collection 2000 especially their mascara, eyeliner and eye shadows!! This mascara cost £2 and it is such a great mascara.

Savlon. Yes savlon is my body saviour right now!! I know that some people apply sudocreme to their spots but for me I have found that savlon works just as well, everytime I get a spot I apply some savlon and tea tree oil and my spots clear up in just a few days! I have also really enjoyed using these hair bobbles in my hair they don’t leave an annoying bump in my hair and as my hair is thick and curly these can actually hold the entire weight of my hair using just one which is a MIRACLE!! Also with the spring/summer weather finally showing up I have reverted back to my floral scent of davidoff cool waters sea Rose which is such a nice light fragrance its so nice for this time of year!!

Lastly I have also been loving the imperial lather Bath foams!! They smell so nice and they create a lot of bubbles without using a lot of product, they also leave tour skin feeling smooth. I picked up the marshmallow one last week and I just love the scent of it!!

So that is all I have for today’s post

Speak soon


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Style Challenge 2.0

I am in a rut. In my life, in fashion, in routine everything. I have been looking through my old posts for some inspiration and for a fun post that I want to do a little later on. I stumbled upon a post that I did 3 years ago that was a 61 day style challenge. I didn’t end up finishing all 61 days which does make me very sad. I am now thinking what better way to get out of a rut than with some style pin prompts!! SO I am going to do the 61 day challenge again and I WILL complete it this time!! If you guys want to join in please feel free to I would love to see how you guys interpret the prompts I am going to create a Hashtag so that I can keep all my images together and if you copy any of the outfits please use the hashtag so I can see your outfits too! #61daystylechallenge2018

This Challenge will be starting on Sunday and I am going to post a picture everyday for the following 61 days 🙂

So here are the pin prompts that I will be using to create my outfits for 61 days 😀


Charity shop Haul 06.04.18

I love a good charity shop shopping trip you all know that by now, On Friday Me and Mum set off for our bargain hunting shopping trip and I have to say we did get some right bargains!

First Up is our favourite shop the £1 Sue Ryder shop

shopping haul4

The Khaki shirt is originally H&M and it is really soft and has different brown toned buttons down the front. I picked this up because I like to have basic shirts in different colours as I feel they can be paired with jeans and trainers for a day time look or dressed up with some heels for a night out,. I then found this cute caramel coloured jumper and fell in love with the embroidered flowers on the front this is a really lightweight jumper perfect for those spring days where it’s still quite chilly. I thought this would look cute tucked into a brown skirt or layered under my black dungarees.

Next we went to the Barnardos shop and as we got inside we saw a sign that said Managers Special all ladies clothing 99p!

shopping haul 1

Purple shirt originally Primark. You may be thinking to yourself “Hey Natalie that purple shirt looks familiar don’t you have one similar?” Well yes dear readers I do! I have this exact one in green and then similar style ones in black cream and burgundy. What can I say when this girl finds an item she likes she will buy it in every possible colour! I then saw this brown animal print shirt and immediately got some Noel fielding vibes! It’s quite oversized even though its only a 10 but i love the idea of this paired with my black pleather shorts and some heels for a night out! originally new look. Lastly this green and blue check shirt, like the khaki one from sue ryder its just a nice simple shirt quick and easy to throw on with jeans and converse. Origionally New look. All three shirts should have been £2.99 each but thanks to the managers special cost 99p each!

Then we headed into town and weren’t having much luck before we sat down in mannings cafe for our bacon and egg sandwich and cuppa tea! With our bellies full we headed back out hoping our last few charity shops wouldn’t let us down! So next up is the Salvation Army shop.

shopping haul 2

Alice in wonderland tee £2.50 originally Primark. So this is a loungewear t-shirt, I don’t care though I will happily wear this out I was thinking with a cute denim skirt and my pastel blue converse this would be a really nice spring look! It says lost in wonderland in glittery lettering and it features my favourite illustrations of Alice all over it 🙂

Then I found this beautiful grey snake print dress. £3 origionally Boohoo and It is just beautiful here is a close up look.

shopping haul 2a

So as you can see it has a really nice tie detail at the neck and is then a straight a line dress, I paired it with this skinny grey belt that i picked up for 99p at the cancer research store and i think it gives it a nicer shape. I am thinking my black pleather jacket and some simple strappy black heels outfit sorted!!

Then we headed to the cancer research store where my mum found me the most beautiful dress!!!

shopping haul 5

£3 label says Louche.It is so weird and wonderful it has little yellow and blue birds all over it and black and white leaf shapes and I just think it is so beautiful!! I have 3 weddings to go to this year and I really want to showcase this babe at one of them!

Then after a Primark Visit in which I brought some socks, flannels and the cosiest slippers I have ever put upon my feet we went to the barnardos outlet where all items unless stated otherwise are 99p.

shopping haul 3

Colourful trousers 99p label says Fee Red. I just love these kinds of trousers for like travelling and lazy days I thought with a plain t-shirt and some sandals these would look really cool. I then found this jacket/cardigan for 99p it has no label in it but I love the pattern and I love the cute little buttons on the pocket and I think this will just dress up any plain outfit and be a nice little statement piece without being too bold. I then found this adorable little tie neck shirt for 99p from next and thought paired with the jacket and some black trousers/jeans or a pencil skirt its a nice smart look. My mum then found these gorgeous red heels that were again 99p from next that had NEVER been worn!! I got them home and they still had the cardboard and stickers on!!!

shopping haul3a

A closer look at the detailing on the jacket and shirt.

So there we go 13 items for a grand total of £18.42!!!

Which Item is your favourite? Any styling tips/ideas for the pieces I brought?


Speak soon


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March Roundup Books,TV and Films

Happy March 31st!! I cant believe that we are flying through this year! I won’t ramble on I will just get straight onto my reviews 🙂


I had set myself a goal of reading 4 books in March lets see if I managed it 🙂

Book One The Maze Runner: SO I got brought the trilogy 2 years ago for Christmas I tried to read the first book but found their phrases and slang were so difficult to read! I then watched the second film and thought right time to try and read these again as I have enjoyed the films and this time around I persevered through and managed to read it all 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to find that they hadn’t changed an awful lot when adapting it to the film 🙂 I really enjoyed it and I will definitely be reading the rest of the books!

Book Two Faking Friends: So I had seen Ferne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher post about this book on their Instagram and had read the blurb when I was perusing books in Tesco, I just couldn’t decide if i wanted to buy it or not so when it was in the 3 for£10 on amazon I thought….Why not and I am SO glad that I brought it!! Its brilliant! I read it in 2 days it was just fab. It made me laugh made me cry made me frustrated it was so believable and I can’t recommend it enough.

Book Three

So after reading faking friends I tried to start 2 different books but boy was I in a slump!! Then B.A.Paris the angel herself released her third book and all was right with the world! Bring me back is B.A.Paris’ third book and WOW I was actually drained after reading it!! I cried through the last 2 paragraphs and when I closed the book I realised I had been holding my breath!! I am so glad that my friend found B.A. Paris 2 years ago she has fast become one of my favourite authors and I cannot wait to see what she brings out next!!

Films: Firstly I watched Jumanji welcome to the jungle and I laughed the entire way through the film it was SO funny! I really liked the concept of making it more ‘Modern’ and the actors did such a great job!!

Then I watched Star Wars The Last Jedi and had all the feels!! It was SO good I have to say I was SO worried when I heard that they were bringing out more films I will put it out there I really hated and I mean HATED 1,2&3 with Hayden Christensen and Ewan Mcgregor just NO I will tolerate the last 20 minutes of star wars III Revenge of the Sith seeing Anakin become Darth Vader is the only good thing about the movies but anyway I digress So yes in 2015 when The force awakens was released I didn’t have high hopes but it was a pleasant surprise and I was TOTALLY sold on the idea that these 3 would be much better and I am glad to say that The last Jedi kept up my hopes and I thoroughly enjoyed it I laughed a lot cried A LOT and was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the film!

Tv wise I started to Re-watch PLL I don’t know why I think I was just in need of some fashion inspiration and thought I need to see what Aria and Spencer wore to give me IDEAS!! I usually do this when I am in a fashion slump I will re-watch PLL or Skins Or Gossip Girl or My Mad Fat Diary or SATC!!

I also started watching Orphan Black and My goodness am I confused!! I haven’t gotten very far so please no spoilers!!

I also Started Series 10 of Rupauls Drag Race YAAAASSSSSS!!!

I also decided to Re-watch Towie from the beginning in anticipation of series 21!!

Speak Soon


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