Summer OOTD a Collaboration with Being Chantal

Well, you have to have interested in fashion of course. I was thinking perhaps an ootd? Summer or winter. (Depending on your country) I’m feeling a bit spicy, like blowing up my creativeness. SO, if you are up for it email me: PS: This is for blogpost or youtube πŸ™‚

via FASHION COLLAB ANYONE? β€” Being Chantal

This beautiful girl is Chantal and I have been following her blog and YouTube for a long long time! Chantal posts on WordPress and YouTube about a variety of things such as outfit of the day posts, look books, self help posts and cooking posts (all of which make me hungry as they look super yummy!) so when Chantal was looking for people to do collaborations with i knew i had to jump at this chance!! So today I will be showing you guys how i style jeans for summer and head on over to BEINGCHANTAL (link at the top of page) to see how she will be styling leggings for summer which i am very much looking forward to as i have various pairs of leggings and no idea how to style them so please please please check her blog out!! Edit: Chantal’s post will be live tomorrow πŸ™‚ ❀


Here is how i am styling jeans this summer i hope you enjoy πŸ™‚


Pair with flowy fabrics

If i am wearing “heavy” material on the bottom such as denim I will pair them with a nice chiffon/silk/cotton top that’s more breathable and helps keep you cool. I have paired this high-waisted pair from primark with a lace bralet also from primark and this cute sun patterned chiffon wrap blouse from Marie curie cancer research charity shop.

Adjust the length

I like to roll my jeans up in the summer to create different lengths not only does this create a different style but it also helps to keep you cool!!!


Think about what accessories and footwear to pair your jeans with to help keep you cool and finish off the look, I added my black mule sandals that i got for 99p from barnardos (originally office) my floppy black sunhat black velvet choker and some primark sunglasses.

Come back tomorrow for TWO posts

A Product review




Diy embroidered t-shirtΒ 

Hello πŸ™‚ today I’m sharing with you a t-shirt that i custamised using embroidery πŸ™‚

So I recently binge watched series 1 of stranger things and I am now eagerly awaiting October for series 2!! I really wanted a stranger things t-shirt but hadn’t found one I liked that I was willing to spend alot of money on, so I thought why not create my own? I went onto Pinterest to get some inspiration and found this picture

This is from

I thought this is it this is what I’ll make into my t-shirt design πŸ™‚

I started off with a plain t-shirt(that needs ironing!!) from primark Β£2.80 and marked it where I wanted the string of fairy lights and where the letters would go…..

I then added my embroidery hoop and started work…

Creating the fairy lights….

And here it is πŸ™‚ so in an episode will’s mum has strung up fairy lights and painted the alphabet under the fairy lights in order to communicate with him,whilst speaking to him he spells out run so I decided to make the R,U and N stand out to show this πŸ™‚ I am so happy with how this turned out πŸ™‚ x

One shirt 16 looks πŸ‘š

So I could have created so many more looks than i did but this is how many i could do in the time i had! This shirt cost me 99p from barnardos 

It’s from h&m originally​ πŸ™‚ 

So first up the basics add a scarf this one was 25p (in a 4 for Β£1 bundle so essentially 25p) from Sue Ryder the jeans in these 5looks are from new look and were Β£4 i think. Secondly wear the shirt backwards it just creates a whole different look! Third try a new way to tuck it in i buttoned up one button then tucked it in over each other like a wrap around. Fourth sleeves rolled up simple but changes the look and fifth just plain simple buttoned up.

Sixth&Seventh add a Mac this one was Β£1 from Sue Ryder i added some primark pumps to make the look more casual or to dress it up I added wedges again from primark

Eigth&Ninth the denim skirt, again a casual look with primark pumps and then a more dressed up look with these red wedge sandals i got for Β£1 from Sue Ryder last year.

Tenth&Eleventh cover ups. The cardigan adds a simple clash as it’s a blue stripe style pattern and creates a casual look. The blue blazer makes the shirt smart something you could wear for work.

Twelfth. My trusty yellow jumper! This jumper is honestly my life right now i will pair it with everything god dammit! I added my leapord print wedges to create a comfy/casual look.

Thirteenth. The wedges are back this time with a simple brown skirt to create another office/work friendly look.

Fourteenth. Why yes i look like a painter!! I wore the striped shirt under my white pinafore from primark and added my white topshop sandals πŸ™‚

Fifteenth. The printed trousers. I really like this look! I added these printed trousers i brought from a charity shop in Cornwall and then added these loafers i got for Β£2 from cancer research.

Sixteenth. Possibly my favourite of all of these outfits i put this peplum top that i brought for Β£1 from cancer research and added my black ripped jeans πŸ™‚ x

This is Halloween everybody make a scene πŸ€πŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸŽƒ

Hello!!So I was invited to a Halloween party on Saturday however it was the day I got back off holiday and I felt and looked like crap so decided to decline the offer plus……I’m really not a massive fan of Halloween I know I know I mean I love carving pumpkins and love hocus pocus and THIS IS HALLOWEEN and the old style Gothic romance of Halloween but modern day Halloween where 14 year olds don a Β£1 mask and expect me to spend my evening answering the door to them and give them my sweets…yeah that part not so much!!However I decided to still share with you lucky lot what I would have gone as had I felt up to it!! 

A creepy cracked porcelain doll. X


September 9,10&11

Day 9 I look like I’m 9 haha I love this dungaree dress and how bright this top is! I think the dungaree dress tones down how bright the top is.x

Day 10 I am so in love with this cardigan guys like I want to constantly wear it!! Bit of a risky colour combination for me but life’s too short to be so matchy matchy and I think I look like a flower fairy with this combo! X

Day 11 Love me an androgynous look! The jacket plays down what could be a quite Feminine look as do the shoes&dark lipstick definitely an outfit I’ll be wearing again x

5,6,7,8 Bootscootin Baby

Hello πŸ™‚ so heres outfits from 5-8th September X


Hair has been crazy lately!! It looks so short when it’s curled x brown skirt white shirt tights and black boots



New way to wear this dress layering my leopard print jumper underneath definitely an outfit I’ll be wearing alot this autumn/winter x


I’m so glad I chose this dress for today I’d forgotten how much i loved it it’s so figure hugging but it’s not too tight! I toughened the look up with my black pleater jacket x

01,02,03 September

Three outfits from this week for you guys πŸ™‚

01.09.2016 September first means back to Hogwarts! I decided to wear my white pinafore,black,grey&white stripe high neck top and white dr martens I added my Hogwarts knee high socks and various harry potter pin badges to complete the look.

02.09.2016 I love pencil skirts I used to wear them when I worked in a call centre or when I wanted to be fancy on a night out!!! This one is such a comfy Jersey material so I decided to make it casual with my Ireland T-shirt and white dr martens.

03.09.2016 The stripe high neck returns I actually am loving this top!! I decided to be casual and comfy today so paired it with my black jeans and the black boots


Mini Thrifted Lookbook volume 3:Grunge

I love Grunge/emo/rocker/alternative style the most it’s effortless and comfortable for me so this look book was easy and fun to put together x

Look one 

T-shirt eBay

Jacket charity shop

Jeans eBay

Shoes boohoo

Look two

Dress charity shop

Boots&hst F&F

Look three

Shirt charity shop

Shoes top shop

Leggings boohoo

Gilet new look

Mini Thrifted Look Book Volume 2

Festival edition.

I thought I’d put together some thrifted/charity shop outfits to inspire your Festival Fashion. I myself haven’t been to any festivals again this year so I have to make my own festival in the front room with Spotify!!! 

Look one

Subtly letting my inner flower power child out with this look!

Body new look Β£5

Shorts eBay Β£3

Shoes&socks Boohoo

Look two

Comfort zone right here!

Top charity shop Sue Ryder

Dungaree dress charity shop cancer research

Jacket eBay

Boots and hat F&f

Look three

I love a good kimono! This one is different to my others and I thought it finishedoff this look perfectly

Kimono 50p cancer research

Shorts Β£1 cancer research

Top eBay

Boots&hat as before