Being Bold

I have been in a rut, sticking to the same colour palette and outfits not really venturing too far out of my comfort zone. I had a huge sort through of my clothes shoes and accessories I tried everything on and I pieced together some outfits with pieces I wasn’t sure about and if I could make at-least 3 outfits with the piece that I liked and would wear then it got to stay, if I couldn’t style it up it went into the charity bag!! I now have a wardrobe filled entirely with fun pieces that I love and it has made dressing so much easier and so much more fun! I have also been trying out more fun makeup looks and I am feeling bold and powerful and thought that I would show you two of my favourite looks from this week that reflect this new bold me 😀

Collage 2018-05-24 14_08_23Collage 2018-05-24 14_09_03



Outfits I liked this week #3



Tights Primark, Shoes Shorts&Shirt Charity shops


Gap denim shirt Charity shop Denim pinafore Primark Sandals Asos(Old)


Shirt, Lace Cami&Skirt charity shops, tights primark, boots Dr Martens


Tshirt dress Gifted, Jacket Ebay Shoes charity shop tights primark

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Outfits I liked this week #2

Well didn’t the weather change dramatically this week? SC Day 822.04.18 Sunday was still hot so I decided to layer in a way that would keep me cool! I chose this chiffon material shirt from F&F and layered it over some shorts I brought in a charity shop and a Primark camisole. I then added my new Radley Handbag and Leopard Wedges to finish off the look.

SC day923.04.18 Monday it was SO cold today so i decided to layer up. When I looked on pinterest for some ideas about the ‘high fashion tuck’ there didn’t seem to be a huge difference to a regular tucked in look! I paired this green roll neck with a velour leopard print t-shirt both of which I brought at a charity shop with these green trousers from next and topped it off with a belt.


27.04.18 Friday. Your girl here doesn’t own any plain classic button downs mine are either striped or patterned so this is a little twist on the prompt! I chose this cute fox print shirt that is actually a PJ top that I brought from a charity shop and paired it with this knee length denim skirt and some red sandals again from charity shops. This outfit is giving me primary school teacher on a summers day vibes.


29.04.18 Saturday. I love borrowing Darren’s shirts! He takes a medium so they are nice and baggy on me so that I can tuck them into my jeans and wear them over-sized. This T-shirt is from DC and I paired it with my Next Jeans a Blazer and Brogues that I found in Charity shops.

Which outfit this week is your favourite? Mine has to be Saturdays comfy and casual.

Come back to my Blog tomorrow at 8pm for an extra post my April Roundup 🙂

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Outfits I liked this week #1

SC Day 1

15.04.18 Sunday I had a pretty lazy day, it was fairly warm so I decided to walk to the shops get the Sunday papers and sit in my garden with a cup of tea and read for a while. I decided to get out the big sunhat (yes it is ridiculously over-sized but I am extra and I didn’t want to get sunstroke!) Hat Charity Shop, Skirt Charity Shop T-shirt Primark Wedges Charity shop.

SC Day 317.04.18 Tuesday it was overcast and SO windy here today so I decided to wear something nice and warm! I am still a novice at mixing my prints so I had a look on pinterest for some inspiration and advice and I think I managed to pull this look together well. Trousers are from warehouse and the shirt is from a charity shop. I added my topshop wedge sandals to tie in the colours and bring the look together. I actually LOVE how this turned out!

SC Day 519.04.18 Thursday again another lovely sunny day I met Sara and her little girl for tea and cake at dobbies and then I walked to the library to exchange my books 🙂 I wore my leopard dress that I got from H&M my Next denim jacket and my high top converse. This was an easy one to do as this is already a go to look for me I LOVE this dress so much it is so easy to wear and style.

Day Six: Add a little or a lot of Leopard Print

SC Day 620.04.18 Friday. I love this shirt I brought it on my recent charity shop trip with mum and it has become a wardrobe favourite already!! As it is still warm I paired it with these shorts I brought from boohoo and wore to death last summer and my trusty gold primark sandals.

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Spring Look-Book 2018

Spring is here  taking its time to show up, It has been cold, snowing, windy and miserable. I am however still crossing my fingers that Spring will show her face soon and so with that in mind I decided to put together 3 different looks for Spring inspired by my Spring Mood board if you haven’t read that post yet I will link it at the bottom of this post.

Look One The Mac

Spring LookBook 1

I brought this Mac in a Charity shop a few years back and I roll it out every spring it cost me £1 it fits beautifully and is origionally a F&F coat, I paired it with my bargain Levi Jeans some Red Sandals that I also brought for £1 at a charity shop and a cream blouse from Primark.

Look Two Pastels

Spring LookBook 2

I LOVE this top! I brought it a year ago I think in a charity shop it’s originally from Zara and it is so SOFT! I thought the colours and the design were perfect for spring. I paired it with these khaki trousers from next and my faithful Primark nude wedges.

Look Three


My Final Spring look is this cute Yellow blouse that I brought from Primark last year My Primark Dungaree Dress and my trusty white topshop wedge sandals. I love this look the most.

Which is your favourite look?

Here is my Spring Mood-Board post to give you some insight into my inspiration for these looks. Spring Moodboard

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Spring Moodboard

I just love a new season, especially spring, the days get longer the weather (hopefully) gets warmer and for me the fashion is the most exciting part! Now don’t get me wrong for me my favourite season to dress for is Autumn in fact if I had to put them in order I would Say Autumn First then Spring then Summer and Winter last. So knowing that I can start to peel away a few of the layers and start to introduce more colour into my wardrobe does excite me! I have a spring look book going up on the 29th of this month and thought that ahead of that I would share with you my spring mood board to show you what sort of things I am looking forward to wearing this spring.


I love creating mood boards and scrap booking I find it very calming and relaxing pouring my creativity into mood boards and vision boards.

Spring 1

So the first thing I am looking forward to wearing this spring is the Red&Pink combination. I recently introduced Red into my wardrobe after avoiding it for no particular reason, I now really like styling red into my outfits and have enjoyed seeing the red&pink clash on the runway and through pinterest posts. Pink isn’t a colour that I am confident in wearing in fact I don’t actually think that I own anything pink anymore! So i will be investing in some pink pieces to create a pink&red clash outfit.

Spring 2

The Mac. For me the Mac is symbolic of spring, like its the perfect spring coat. I picked one up in a charity shop a few years ago for £1 and it is the perfect piece that i bring out every spring. I like to pair mine with a neutral pallete coloured dress knee high socks and boots, I am however going to style it with jeans/trousers this year.

Spring 3

Lastly again something that comes out every spring is pastels. I love pastel colours I think that pastels are a perfect way to introduce a little bit of colour into your outfits if you don’t feel brave enough to go for bold jewel toned clothing. I also LOVE pastel accessories in spring I have a gorgeous lilac clutch that I will be bringing out this season and can’t wait to add some new pastel pieces to my wardrobe.

So that is what I am leaning towards for this season. What pieces are you looking out for this season? Are any of you trialing new looks or styles this season?

Speak soon


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Graphic Tee 3 ways

I own a lot of graphic tees, I think that they are so versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. They can be dressed up or down and worn with pretty much anything. I do also like a simple plain tee but I think a printed tee just adds a little something extra to an outfit. So today I am sharing three different looks with the same graphic tee.

Look one: Jeans Blazer and Heels Perfect for a night out.


Jeans: Next outlet £7 T-shirt Lootvault Heels: Charity shop Blazer:Charity shop

I tucked the tee into my jeans and added a blazer and heels to dress up this outfit.

Look Two: Printed trousers


Trousers:Next outlet Shoes: Dr Martens

I love the clash of the printed tee with the printed trousers I think as the polka dots are small it doesn’t look too overpowering together!

Look Three: My favourite look: Skirt Tights Pleather Jacket and Boots


This is my go to way to style my printed tees. Skirt:Charity shop Tights:Primark Jacket:Ebay Boots:Dr Martens

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