Charity shop Haul 06.04.18

I love a good charity shop shopping trip you all know that by now, On Friday Me and Mum set off for our bargain hunting shopping trip and I have to say we did get some right bargains!

First Up is our favourite shop the £1 Sue Ryder shop

shopping haul4

The Khaki shirt is originally H&M and it is really soft and has different brown toned buttons down the front. I picked this up because I like to have basic shirts in different colours as I feel they can be paired with jeans and trainers for a day time look or dressed up with some heels for a night out,. I then found this cute caramel coloured jumper and fell in love with the embroidered flowers on the front this is a really lightweight jumper perfect for those spring days where it’s still quite chilly. I thought this would look cute tucked into a brown skirt or layered under my black dungarees.

Next we went to the Barnardos shop and as we got inside we saw a sign that said Managers Special all ladies clothing 99p!

shopping haul 1

Purple shirt originally Primark. You may be thinking to yourself “Hey Natalie that purple shirt looks familiar don’t you have one similar?” Well yes dear readers I do! I have this exact one in green and then similar style ones in black cream and burgundy. What can I say when this girl finds an item she likes she will buy it in every possible colour! I then saw this brown animal print shirt and immediately got some Noel fielding vibes! It’s quite oversized even though its only a 10 but i love the idea of this paired with my black pleather shorts and some heels for a night out! originally new look. Lastly this green and blue check shirt, like the khaki one from sue ryder its just a nice simple shirt quick and easy to throw on with jeans and converse. Origionally New look. All three shirts should have been £2.99 each but thanks to the managers special cost 99p each!

Then we headed into town and weren’t having much luck before we sat down in mannings cafe for our bacon and egg sandwich and cuppa tea! With our bellies full we headed back out hoping our last few charity shops wouldn’t let us down! So next up is the Salvation Army shop.

shopping haul 2

Alice in wonderland tee £2.50 originally Primark. So this is a loungewear t-shirt, I don’t care though I will happily wear this out I was thinking with a cute denim skirt and my pastel blue converse this would be a really nice spring look! It says lost in wonderland in glittery lettering and it features my favourite illustrations of Alice all over it 🙂

Then I found this beautiful grey snake print dress. £3 origionally Boohoo and It is just beautiful here is a close up look.

shopping haul 2a

So as you can see it has a really nice tie detail at the neck and is then a straight a line dress, I paired it with this skinny grey belt that i picked up for 99p at the cancer research store and i think it gives it a nicer shape. I am thinking my black pleather jacket and some simple strappy black heels outfit sorted!!

Then we headed to the cancer research store where my mum found me the most beautiful dress!!!

shopping haul 5

£3 label says Louche.It is so weird and wonderful it has little yellow and blue birds all over it and black and white leaf shapes and I just think it is so beautiful!! I have 3 weddings to go to this year and I really want to showcase this babe at one of them!

Then after a Primark Visit in which I brought some socks, flannels and the cosiest slippers I have ever put upon my feet we went to the barnardos outlet where all items unless stated otherwise are 99p.

shopping haul 3

Colourful trousers 99p label says Fee Red. I just love these kinds of trousers for like travelling and lazy days I thought with a plain t-shirt and some sandals these would look really cool. I then found this jacket/cardigan for 99p it has no label in it but I love the pattern and I love the cute little buttons on the pocket and I think this will just dress up any plain outfit and be a nice little statement piece without being too bold. I then found this adorable little tie neck shirt for 99p from next and thought paired with the jacket and some black trousers/jeans or a pencil skirt its a nice smart look. My mum then found these gorgeous red heels that were again 99p from next that had NEVER been worn!! I got them home and they still had the cardboard and stickers on!!!

shopping haul3a

A closer look at the detailing on the jacket and shirt.

So there we go 13 items for a grand total of £18.42!!!

Which Item is your favourite? Any styling tips/ideas for the pieces I brought?


Speak soon


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Shopping try on Haul

Hello lovelies 🙂 yesterday I went shopping with my mumma and these are the goodies I found 🙂 all items in bold are the new items.

 Brown check blazer&matching trousers £3 cancer research black t-shirt £4 Sainsbury’s I feel super sassy in this suit!! I can’t believe I got both pieces for £3 that’s £1.50 each!! I can wear them together or separately which I like 🙂

 Khaki dress £1 Sue Ryder mustard top £2 primark (men’s section) scarf 50p Sue Ryder beanie hat 50p Sue Ryder glitter tights £1 primark tapestry boots £1 Sue Ryder. I love this dress it can be paired with so many items! Also this scarf is giving me Newt Scamander vibes!! I love men’s t-shirts they fit so much nicer I find I am loving mustard for autumn (like pretty much everyone else) 

 Black denim dress £1sue Ryder brown roll neck jumper £1.75 Marie curie brown boots 99p barnardos. I picked this dress up after finding the khaki one I love this look with the roll neck underneath! This jumper is SO soft. I like the tie waist of this dress it just pulls the look together.

 Blue embroidered shirt £2 cancer research green roll neck £1.49 age UK stripe jumper £1 Sue Ryder penguin Christmas t-shirt £2.50 primark 

 Black t-shirt £2.99 age UK men’s section

 This is why you should check the men’s section too!! I love this T-shirt I can’t wait to style it up 

 Red jumper £1 Sue Ryder. Can’t you tell the Sue Ryder shop had reopened!! I wanted a red jumper as they are everywhere right now! This has cute little rhinestones on it too!!!!!!

 Floral dress 99p barnardos belt 99p age UK 

 Black velvet loafers £3 primark red shiny boots £3 primark

 So that’s it :)all my bargain buys 🙂 x 

Second charity shop haul of 2017

Featuring…..My NEW hair!!!

Hello lovelies its half term yay!!! So I had my hair done and afterwards me and mum went for a mooch round town and I picked up a few pieces 🙂 I decided to style them into outfits 🙂 things listed in bold are the items I brought today 🙂

Green dress £4 salvation army

Shoes topshop sale

I love ‘fate’ when I went to the till with this dress the sales lady said it had only been out on the shop floor for 15minutes!!! Imagine if I’d gone in too early or too late I’d never have gotten this gorgeous dress!!

Top £2 salvation army

Jeans diy by me brought from eBay

Shoes £1sue Ryder

Top £1 cancer research

Jeans&shoes as before

Jacket charity shop

Hat f&f

I love green at the moment…..If you couldn’t tell and I love green shirts this is my 4th one ooops!

Skirt £2 scope

Top 99p barnardos

Shoes £1 charity shop

My mum actually found me this skirt isn’t it gorgeous?? I paired it with a top featured in my 1st chairty shop haul

Top £1.95 magpas air ambulance

Jeans as before

Shoes Dr Martens

Jumper £1 sue Ryder

Jeans as before

Boots Dr Martens

Which item/look is your favourite??


First charity shop haul of 2017


Yesterday me and my mum went shopping and boy did we shop!!! I definitely made a dent in my Christmas &Birthday money!!!

Here’s what I brought 

So we went to the Sue Ryder £1 store near my house and I picked up this long black new look cardigan, a green cardigan and a cream roll neck sweater.

From top left. Green coat £5.29 barnardos, catch 22 25p sue Ryder, The ocean at the end of the lane £1 sue Ryder, white top £2.50 primark, hair brush £1.50 primark, knee high socks £2.50 primark, earrings £0.50 primark, Grey&Yellow dress age concern £5.99 (still had the tags on its from m&co and should have been £55!!) Black velvet peplum new look top £1 cancer research, purple&green pleated check skirt £3 sue Ryder vintage, burnt orange and red peplum top £2 sue ryder.

Salvation army blue bomber jacket with embroidered bird print £6

Black&white gingham dress with netted petticoat 99p, leapord print clock house shirt 99p and blue daisy print skirt 99p from barnardos outlet.

That’s it all my shopping goodies!!! Xxx