Summer reading list 🌞📚

Hello my loves 🙂 so I officially have 6days left at work!!! Woooo!! This summer I plan to sit in my garden and read (I also have some very exciting things planned!!) So I thought I’d show you the top 3 books I’m looking forward to reading this summer 🙂 

Agatha Raisin and the potted gardener by m.c.beaton. As I’ve previously mentioned I inherited the entire Agatha Raisin collection from my great aunt this is book 3 in the series I absolutely love this series it’s so so funny and you’ve no idea what’s going to happen! 

The city cats by Colin Dann. I reviewed king of the vagabonds in my recent Reads 2 post this is the sequel and I’m excited to see what’s happened to the cats since the first story ended!

And lastly a boy made of blocks by Keith Stuart I have been wanting to read this for so long but got caught up in all my crime thriller stories so I am definitely going to take a break from them to read this book 🙂

What’s on your read list this summer? Any good book reccomend for me? Comment them down below. 

Natalie xx

Recent Reads 2 📚

Hey guys sorry I’ve been a bit lacking in posts the last term at work is always crazy I have transition reports to write parents evenings leaving parties graduation parties school visits transition meetings it’s just chaos however I’ve got some very interesting fun posts planned for the 6 weeks holidays 😀 anyways I thought I’d do a little review of the books I’ve read recently 🙂

Into the water Paula Hawkins

Ahhhhhhh this book!!! Ok so it took a while to get into the first part hits you with so many characters places and flitting between past and present but parts 2&3 WOW!!! I enjoyed this more than girl on the train yeps I’m putting it out there!!

The one memory of flora banks by Emily Barr

Ok so I brought this after watching gracewithabookinherface review it on her YouTube I absolutely adore her!! This story for me was a nice easy read I wasn’t expecting the storyline but I won’t read it again it was ok but I’m not raving about it.

The sun is also a star Nicola Yoon

Oh 😍😍

Ok so if you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know I read everything everything a while back and adored it it was such an amazing debut book and I couldn’t wait to read her next story! The sun is also a star has a similar set out writing wise to EE its from mainly the two main characters POV with the odd chapter from other characters perspective. It’s such a smart funny thought provoking story about how one tiny moment one tiny decision can change your entire life it’s such a lovely book and I 1000%reccomend it.

King of the vagabonds by Colin Dann

Lastly this story was gifted to me by my best friend this story was one of her childhood Favourites and she wanted to share the story with me. It follows a young kitten who lives with his mum and sister they are an old ladies pets but when he learns his dad is a vagabond tom cat he wants to go and live that life style and leave his cushy housecat lifebehind. It’s such a lovely quick read (100pages) and I can’t wait to read the sequel 🙂

I am a bibliophile pt 2 📚

Hello!! So for part 2 I thought I would share with you a book series that shaped my childhood, a book series that I will love until I take my last breath, a book series that has taught me so much and helped me through tough times, a book series that coincidentally was published 20 years ago TODAY

That’s right Harry potter. 20 years ago today The philosopher’s stone was published and the world met Harry Potter. Now I wasn’t introduced to Harry until his second year I won Chamber of secrets in a handwriting competition and upon finding out that it was a sequel I asked my parents for the first book and there my journey began, I was 10years old at the time so for me I’ve known Harry for 19years and boy am I glad! I grew up with these stories they were my childhood and adolescence they saw me through tough times bullying, GCSEs A-levels illnesses depression you name it these books have been there for me! They gave me some of my most favourite literary characters Luna lovegood Ron weasley Hagrid and of course Hermione, they’ve taught me about life,love,friendship, bravery,loyalty,kindness they’ve taught me to be myself and be proud of who I am, to learn all that you can, to be the best version of yourself and to never give up. I love the books and movies and i will ALWAYS be forever grateful to J.K.Rowling for creating Harry and his world and allowing us to feel special and amazing. I will love this book series in another 10,20 50 years…AlWAYS x


I am a bibliophile 📚 Part 1

Hey guys so today…I decided to sort out my book collection yeps I tackled the ever growing tower of books and I am gobsmacked…I have in my possession…..200 books 😮 now to some that isn’t alot and to others that’s a ridiculous amount!! So I photographed and sorted through them all and thought I’d create a series on my blog to talk through the stories I’ve read which stories shaped my childhood which stories are on my tbr pile etc so let’s get into it 🙂 

My favourite story of all time ❤

Alice in wonderland. I love this story, I also have the Lewis Carroll version but I believe that’s at my parents house 🙂 this is my favourite Disney movie too ❤ I used to sit in my garden surrounded by daisies wishing they would come to life and speak to me 🌼 Alice is one of my favourite literary characters she’s bold brave sensible and has enough courage to totally emerse herself in this bonkers universe she taught me to always find the beauty&the extraordinary in the ordinary ❤ I am growing a collection of different versions of Alice because she has been drawn in various styles by various illustrators x

So there we have it my favourite book of all time. What’s your favourite? What’s your favourite Disney movie/character?


Recent Reads 📖

Hello loves 🙂 

So i haven’t updated you guys on what I’ve been reading since January!! I’ll be honest I’ve been bad and haven’t actually read that much since January 😦 but here’s are my non spoiler reviews of the books I’ve read x

The breakdown- i mentioned this in my February Favourites but then never reviewed it!! Last year I read behind closed doors by BA Paris and knew I’d found a new great author so when this book was released i clicked buy so damn fast and boy am I glad! BA Paris has an amazing writing style you can never guess what’s going to happen it just is never obvious i was worried it would be similar to BCD luckily it was completely different deffo reccomend 

Charisma-so i recently read nerve by jeanne Ryan and fell in love!! So again when i saw her newest book released i had to get it and read it!! It was similar to nerve in the writing style and layout of the story but i loved it i would recommend reading nerve first not that they are linked but just to get to know Jeanne’s writing style 

A monster calls- I sobbed like a baby like an actual baby reading this!!! Patrick ness did Siobhan dowd justice!! My friend brought me the illustrated version and honestly the illustrations were breathtaking they really added to the story i cannot reccomend this story enough so beautifully told 🙂

The couple next door- I’ve just read this today i couldn’t put it down!! This is haunting! Such an amazing storyline you have no idea what the hell is going on!! It just takes you on a rollercoaster of twists and turns it’s my kind of book!! Similar to behind closed doors and girl on the train. Read it NOW

How to build a girl- This story….Is hilarious!! I love Caitlin Moran she’s is my woman crush every damn day of the week she’s talented she’s funny she’s not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and damn can she write fiction!! This is the story of a teenage girl growing up in a council estate when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister and it is just so damn relatable even though i grew up in a different era the struggles the character goes through are too damn real! It is such a great easy read i had to stop on more than one occasion from laughing too much!!

Dear Amy- Oh this book!! So this was a reccomendation on Amazon and i needed a 3rd book for the 3 for £10 so i thought why not, and I’m so glad i went for it!! Not at all what I expected this story is so heartbreaking and makes you think for a long long LONG time afterwards!! 

So there we go my Recent Reads 🙂 xx

Wreck this journal series Part 1 📖

Hey loves ❤ so i was watching some videos on YouTube when one came up on suggested videos…..It was a video called completed wreck this journal so i thought to myself hmmmm I’ll check this out. After watching 30seconds i knew i wanted to get myself one of these babies so stopped the video (as i didn’t want to spoil it for myself) went onto Amazon and ordered myself one 🙂 it arrived whilst i was on holiday so I’m starting it today 🙂 i am not setting a time limit on this nor am i scheduling when i will do them I’m just going to do one page at a time when i feel like it 🙂

So the first page i turned to was….Crack the spine. As a book lover cracking the spine was horrendous it goes against everything in me as a book preserver but this is called wreck the journal!! So after cracking the spine i drew a funny little sketch on the page as unless stated the pages should be filled!! So here it is my first wreck the journal page x


My Week No1

Hey guys so another little series I’ll be starting is an insight to my week, sometimes itll be in vlog form,some it’ll have snapshots and some like this first one will just be alot of text 🙂 

So my week 27th March-2nd April

Work. Work has been a little busy, i had training on Thursday, paperwork to complete through my role as SENCO plussss it’s nearly Easter break which i am SO ready for! We’ve also been getting ready for our Easter party which I’ll be on the last day of term so it’s all go!


My current read this week is How to build a girl by Caitlin Moran! It is super hilarious i have to stop reading because I’m crying through laughter!!


Films I watched this week are

Penelope:Such a way fuzzy feel good film starring an incredibly young James McAvoy 🙂 (available on Netflix)

Split: I promise I haven’t been obsessing over James McAvoy this week…Ok maybe i have! Split was incredible!! McAvoy did an amazing job in this role!


Interview with a serial killer: This had me shook! There is no non bad way to say this but I’m fascinated by serial killers not that i want to replicate them I’m not fascinated as a fan what i mean is I’m fascinated because i simply cannot fathom what goes through their mind like how they can take another person’s life and then do it multiple times and ways like what?!? This was disturbing but good. (Available on Netflix)

Stranger things: As always late to the band wagon but boy am I glad i jumped aboard!!! Countdown to October is officially on!! I just hope series 2 is as good!!


So it was my friends daughter’s 2nd birthday so we went to her teddy bears picnic themed party it was so adorable!!

Then i went to see my grandparents as it’s their 50th wedding anniversary 🙂

And that folks is my week 🙂 xxx

January in books 📚

Hello loves 🙂

In January I read three books not bad but I am aiming to read 4 a month this year atleast as my TBR list is ridiculous!!!

The second and third miss peregrines novels and nerve.

Hollow city:Book 2 in the peregrines trilogy 

I got this for Christmas and finished it in a few days! Now, in some trilogies I have found the middle book can sometimes be….A bit of a flop because it has to tie up the parts from the first book and set up the third book and therefore doesn’t have an awful lot of interesting thrilling content….This book however…WOW it was so good I read it quickly because it was just so interesting it had ALOT of action in it and followed on nicely from the first book but stood out as its own story 🙂

Library of souls:Book 3 of peregrines trilogy

Oh man. Ok so seriously….I already want to re read this trilogy!!! The finale was JUST insane!!! I was gripped it was action packed from start to finish!!! It had some amazing reveals it was just brilliant thoroughly enjoyed it

Nerve. Eeeeee ok people take note, screen shot this…Record it in the history books…I actually thought that the film….Was actually a really good representation of the book. I know I know I never say that!!! But honestly watch the film if you haven’t they have taken certain parts of the book and actually transferred it well to the screen. This book was brilliant 🙂 I’ve even brought Jeanne Ryan’s newest novel because I love her writing style!! 

So that’s it January’s reading wrapped up x

All About Books 📚

Hello my loves so I know I wasn’t going to be online until January but thought this would be a nice little post to do as I received some more books for Christmas 🙂 this post is going to be my Favourite 3 books I read this year….Books I’m looking forward to reading next year and books I didn’t complete this year!!

So here goes

Top 3 books

Miss peregrines peculiar children by Ransom Riggs. I have wanted to watch the film so bad but haven’t managed to yet 😦 I saw this on Amazon and thought let’s give it a go and honestly I’m so glad I did 🙂 I’ve already reviewed these books so won’t go on but honestly if you haven’t read this book I urge you to!

Behind closed doors by B.A.Paris This book stayed with me for a while after I read it,it was so powerful and just kept me on the edge of my seat! 

Girl on the train by Paula Hawkins. I loved this book a few twists and turns you have no idea who’s responsible or what’s going to happen and as usual the movie nowhere near matched up to the book(however Emily blunt did a fab job!)

Books I gave up on in 2016

I’ll preface this by saying I read 21 new books this year( I read more than 21 books but reread some old favs like HP) now for me that was ALOT of books last year I read 5….In the whole year!! So I really got the reading bug again this year so when I started some of these they just didn’t have the pace that some books did so I gave them up and will return to them hopefully next year!

Maze runner, girl with all the gifts,one day,amulet of Samarkand,either,our endless numbered days,all the bright places,gone girl,got book 2,Shakespeare secret and divine by mistake 

 These books are top of my list for next year 🙂

Hollow city (peregrines book 2)The secret ( I read Katherine diamonds novel The teacher this year and loved it) Avalon, The distant hours by Kate Morton an author I discovered this year,The marble collector by Cecilia Ahern I love her novels, Nerve, The alchemist a series of novels based around Nicholas Flamel, The Danish girl I sobbed like a baby at this film so want to read the book! Bonkers by Jenifer Saunders I just adore this woman!! Zoo by James Patterson and lastly The architects apprentice 🙂

What was your Favourite books this year?

What book are you most looking forward to reading next year?? Xxx