April Roundup&Review


I actually managed to read 4 books this month which I was really impressed with! First up was a short story called The Cave it was such an emotional book even though it was only 130 pages! It’s by Kate Mosse I really like her as an author I have read one of her books before and I have another 2 on my TBR pile.

Secondly was a book called Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson. This book is so brilliant and interesting and thought provoking! It’s set in America a student becomes pregnant with her art teachers baby things happen and she ends up joining the infinite family project which is set up by doctors to asses whether a shared approach to bringing up children will work there are 10 babies and 10 families and alongside nurses and doctors and childcare practitioners they live and work together in this compound to bring up all 10 babies as their own. It is so good and I have already been to the library to find more books by Wilson as I really enjoyed his story telling!

Next I read another short story called Hidden by Barbara Taylor Bradford. This is essentially a short story about domestic abuse and how friendship real true friendship can bring you through the darkest of times.

The last book I read was another short story called A Very Distant Shore I have really liked reading short stories they are almost like little pallet cleansers after reading heavy long books. This story was so sweet I cried at the end and was actually disappointed that it was a short story as it just kind of ended and I wanted to know what happened to the characters after a particular event happens!

Films and Tv


Ready Player One.WOW. W O W!! This film was EPIC we went to the Imax in London to see this and when it finished we both turned to each other and said ” We HAVE to see that again” it was SO good. Without spoiling it it’s about a man who makes a VR computer world and when he dies he releases a video saying that he has hidden an easter egg in the game whoever finds the easter egg and collects the keys will get ownership over the world and so the race begins to find the easter eggs. It is just SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO GOOD!!!!

Daddy’s Home 2

This film was ok. I was actually a little disappointed as I loved Daddy’s home but this just feel flat, the jokes were predictable and it was just in a word Meh.


The Job Lot This came on Netflix its 3 series long and each series has 6 episodes the main cast are Sarah Hadland, Russel Tovey and Angela Curran they all work in the Job Centre and the public are just annoying and hilarious! This has so many cameos and I really enjoyed it I umm may have binge watched all 3 series in one day!

Derry Girls I didn’t watch this when it was on and it came onto catch up and I thought ok I will watch the first episode and see what it’s like and before I knew it I had watched the entire series!! I laughed so hard at every episode and I really hope there is a Series 2!!

Mr Selfridge Series 2 So I started watching Mr Selfridge and I liked it but then for whatever reason I didn’t finish the first series. Then last weekend I was at a loose end of what to watch and thought OK let’s finish series 1!! I then watched all of Series 2 on Sunday and have started series 3 I have become Obsessed!!

That’s April all wrapped up!!

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February Wrap Up Books

Its that time of the month again the wrap up series. Today there will be three posts forΒ  you all to look over. The first of these is February in books.

In February I managed to read 3 Books

First up was a nice quick read this book was only 90 pages long, I had gotten myself into a bit of a slump after reading 3 books in quick succession so wanted a nice quick read to get back into the swing of things so I picked up a story from the quick reads section in my Local Library called ‘Looking for Captain Poldark’ This story follows 4 characters as they travel to Cornwall to visit the set of Poldark in hopes of meeting Captain Poldark himself. I worried that with it being such a quick read that I wouldn’t get to emote with the characters much or get into the story line I was however pleasantly surprised and found myself falling in love with the characters and their story arcs so I would highly recommend this story to anyone in a reading rut!!

Secondly I read a book called ‘If you find me’ by Emily Murdoch. This is a YA novel but as I have said before I love reading YA even though I am now in my 30’s!! This book was So beautiful and I read it all in a day πŸ™‚ It follows the story of two sisters left to survive in the woods, they then reenter civilization and its all about how they adjust to being back in the ‘real’ world. It was such a beautifully written story the characters were well written and you could empathise with them. As I said I devoured it in one sitting it just kept me gripped!!

After the heaviness of the events in If you find me I wanted another nice light read so I went to the library and picked up a book called ‘The Cornish Getaway’ It was another quick read only 120 pages. It was about Richard Gere who is on the set of a film and decides he needs to get away so gets his driver to take him to Cornwall to see some old friends. It was such a lighthearted random book and I really enjoyed it although it has only fueled my wanderlust and I now need to book a Cornish getaway!!

That’s it so I have read 6 out of 30 so far and I am aiming to read atleast 4 next month.

Have you read any good books lately that you think I should check out?

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January Wrap Up:Reading

January is complete. The first 31 Days of the year are over, I have to say January was a mixed bag it threw an awful lot of emotions and trials at me but I have come out reasonably unscathed! Today I am sharing with you the books I have read and the films and TV that I watched in the month of January.


So one of my goals is to read 30 books in 2018, I have got off to a good start as I have managed to ReadΒ  books in January!

First up I read The penguin Lessons by Tom Michell. Rating 5 out of 5


Tom is setting off on a new adventure teaching in South America using the school holidays to travel on his motorbike and explore. It is on one of his travels that he finds oil slicked penguins washed up dead on the shore….but wait one is still alive, in a moment of madness Tom rescues the penguin and so begins Tom and Juan Salvador’s friendship. This was such an easy feel good read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book it teaches you a lot about human emotion and friendships and if you ever have the opportunity to read this then do!

Next I read One of us is lying by Karen Mcmanus. Rating 4 out of 5


One day 5 students from Bayview Highschool end up in detention, Bronwyn the over achiever, Addy pretty girl and homecoming princess, Cooper the athlete top pitcher on the school team, Nate the typical bad boy on probation for drug dealing and Simon the social outcast and creator of Bayviews notorious gossip app. Before detention ends Simon dies, pretty convenient for the other 4 as the day after detention Simon was due to drop bombshell gossip on all of them So who did it?

This is a classic who dun it?! gossip girl meets pretty little liars crossed with the breakfast club. The characters are well thought out and end up breaking out of their stereotypical typecasts which I liked. The writing is good it keeps you holding on there is PLENTY of suspense and the story highlights some of the issues that youngsters face. It does however kind of dare I say it drag on a little and then the conclusion seems a little far fetched and rushed a character acts completely differently to how they have been portrayed and I would have liked to see hints of this kind of behavior earlier in the story so that it didn’t seem so outlandish at the books climax. The ending is nicely wrapped up however and left me happy so that’s always a plus.

Next up was a new purchase Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler. Rating 4 out of 5 stars


The worst thing that’s ever happened to you and no-one believes its true.

This book claims to grip you with the first chapter and it wasn’t wrong! Again the characters are well thought out there is plenty of suspense and action it is genuinely shocking. There are gruesome deaths and twists and turns as our protagonist tries to battle against her family and friends and herself to prove that it actually happened because it really happened…didn’t it? Again the ending was a little far fetched which kind of ruins it a little for me I know this sounds wrong but in thriller/crime type books the scariest most shocking part for me is reading it and thinking SHIT that really could happen, so when they add in random way out of the reach of reality plot points it kind of bursts that bubble and makes me very aware that i’m just reading a story, if that makes any sense? Any way the ending was good it was a nice easy read would reccomend.

Come Back at 8pm to find out what T.v&Movies I watched in the month of January.

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October 2017 πŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸ’›πŸ‚πŸπŸŽƒ

Hello and happy first of October πŸ™‚ I am shocked that this year is flying by we are now into the tenth month!! September-december are honestly my favourite months out of the whole entire year πŸ™‚ so I thought I’d share my plans, upcoming blog posts and my goals for this month πŸ™‚

Plans πŸ“–

I am going to see goodbye Christopher Robin at the cinema on 5th I already know I will cry 😦

Then on the 14th I’m going to see my home town football team play (I’m from Peterborough so I’m watching POSH) this will be my third football match πŸ™‚ I also am watching my brother perform in his new band that night too

Weekend of the 21st me the hubby my friend and her children&fiancΓ© are going pumpkin picking πŸ™‚

23-27th is half term and I’ve got a shopping trip planned with mum and a day in York planned with Darren πŸ™‚

Upcoming blog posts πŸ“·

7Diy Halloween ideas

Pumpkin picking adventure

Day out in York

Autumn look book

Reading reviews

Goals ✳✴✳

Read 1book a week

Find a fitness routine that works for my free time

Try one new recipe

Try a pumpkin spice latte yes alanna if your reading this I’m going to try one I’ve decided it’s happening!!

Keep up with my journal

Before we know it it’ll be November which is fireworks night, mum’s birthday and……..a suprise all will be revealed in November πŸ™‚ xx

Recent Reads pt2Β 

Hello my loves I thought I’d do another recent reads post to let you guys know what I read in July&August πŸ™‚

July. I was bad in July I read one book…but that one book was SO Good!! It wasn’t particularly long but it was quite….. difficult to read. It was The One by John Marrs an author I hadn’t heard of before but I’m definitely up for reading more of his work because I really enjoyed this one! As usual I will give my honest non spoiler reviews πŸ™‚ so this book is about dating, new scientific research has shown that you share one specific gene with another person in the world and just you and this person have that same gene making them your apparent SOUL mate you send in your DNA and get your DNA match it follows a few couples and there is alot of drama and things that happen I feel that Marrs writes female characters really well and I always enjoy males that write female characters well the females end up being very interesting in this book!! Highly recommended 4/5 


 I read the 3rd installment in the Agatha Raisin collection The potted Gardner now if your a new follower or you haven’t read any of my book related posts you won’t know that I inherited the entire Agatha Raisin collection from my great auntie and I am slowly working my way through them. They are usually between 200-250 pages long so a nice quick read and I just absolutely love Agatha Raisin she is such a relatable character she was a high flyer in London now she’s retired early and moved to a little village where nothing exciting happens….until she arrives and then…people start getting murdered and old Agatha Raisin sticks her nose in and manages to solve the murders!! These are nice little Sunday afternoon reads something easily read in one sitting and I really love getting to know this adorable character more. 4/5

A study in scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle. Hands up…I’m a Sherlock fan….I liked the films with Robert Downey Jr I am obsessed with the BBC adaptation with Benedict and Martin but…I’d never read the books!! So when I joined the library I thought….why not. I really didn’t like the writing style at all. I will not be continuing the series I just couldn’t get into the style of writing I found there were FAR too many ‘big’ words like I had to ask Google what a word meant in every sentence at least and I respect that these are ‘classic’ books reflective of their respective time period I just didn’t enjoy reading it. 1/5

The running girl by Simon mason. Again another author I hadn’t heard of and I picked this from the library purely from the front cover πŸ™‚ I am so glad i did because wow this book was SO Good. It’s a YA novel and I read it in a day because it was just too addictive I kept putting it down trying to get on with other things but I just had to keep reading!! It follows a boy whose got the highest IQ ever recorded in his school but he constantly bunks off and doesn’t get good grades he is bored and is fed up of getting high in the park with his mates he is waiting for something fun to happen….that night his ex girlfriend is pulled out of the lake dead she’s been murdered he then gets involved trying to solve the case he’s like Sherlock in his thinking and it just kept me gripped! Definitely if you haven’t read this already DO!! 5/5

And lastly I read Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty again another new author for me I picked this up in the library because the name rang a bell …..I realised when I got home that there had been a TV adaptation made that I’d wanted to watch and didn’t get round to and now I’m sad because I want to watch it!!! This book was great I read it over three days because it was quite hard going it’s not a sunshine happy rainbows book and I enjoy crime/thriller/suspense novels and I’ve read alot of them but an event occurs in this that really was quite shocking to read because it happens at a point in the book where you’ve got to know the main character you identify with her and then she is sexually attacked. The books was beautifully written which seems a weird sentence to use after that but it was handled very well and I have subsequently taken out 2 more of Louise doughtys books because I really rate her as an author so I would recommend this story yes because it’s very good just be warned if it’s not something you think you could read about. 4/5 

Summer reading list πŸŒžπŸ“š

Hello my loves πŸ™‚ so I officially have 6days left at work!!! Woooo!! This summer I plan to sit in my garden and read (I also have some very exciting things planned!!) So I thought I’d show you the top 3 books I’m looking forward to reading this summer πŸ™‚ 

Agatha Raisin and the potted gardener by m.c.beaton. As I’ve previously mentioned I inherited the entire Agatha Raisin collection from my great aunt this is book 3 in the series I absolutely love this series it’s so so funny and you’ve no idea what’s going to happen! 

The city cats by Colin Dann. I reviewed king of the vagabonds in my recent Reads 2 post http://wp.me/p3bKtq-Gh this is the sequel and I’m excited to see what’s happened to the cats since the first story ended!

And lastly a boy made of blocks by Keith Stuart I have been wanting to read this for so long but got caught up in all my crime thriller stories so I am definitely going to take a break from them to read this book πŸ™‚

What’s on your read list this summer? Any good book reccomend for me? Comment them down below. 

Natalie xx

Recent Reads 2 πŸ“š

Hey guys sorry I’ve been a bit lacking in posts the last term at work is always crazy I have transition reports to write parents evenings leaving parties graduation parties school visits transition meetings it’s just chaos however I’ve got some very interesting fun posts planned for the 6 weeks holidays πŸ˜€ anyways I thought I’d do a little review of the books I’ve read recently πŸ™‚

Into the water Paula Hawkins

Ahhhhhhh this book!!! Ok so it took a while to get into the first part hits you with so many characters places and flitting between past and present but parts 2&3 WOW!!! I enjoyed this more than girl on the train yeps I’m putting it out there!!

The one memory of flora banks by Emily Barr

Ok so I brought this after watching gracewithabookinherface review it on her YouTube I absolutely adore her!! This story for me was a nice easy read I wasn’t expecting the storyline but I won’t read it again it was ok but I’m not raving about it.

The sun is also a star Nicola Yoon

Oh 😍😍

Ok so if you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know I read everything everything a while back and adored it it was such an amazing debut book and I couldn’t wait to read her next story! The sun is also a star has a similar set out writing wise to EE its from mainly the two main characters POV with the odd chapter from other characters perspective. It’s such a smart funny thought provoking story about how one tiny moment one tiny decision can change your entire life it’s such a lovely book and I 1000%reccomend it.

King of the vagabonds by Colin Dann

Lastly this story was gifted to me by my best friend this story was one of her childhood Favourites and she wanted to share the story with me. It follows a young kitten who lives with his mum and sister they are an old ladies pets but when he learns his dad is a vagabond tom cat he wants to go and live that life style and leave his cushy housecat lifebehind. It’s such a lovely quick read (100pages) and I can’t wait to read the sequel πŸ™‚