International Women’s Day

8th March 2018 International women’s Day.

This post is a dedication to all the women who inspire me, who build me up, are by my side, have my back and lead the way. The women who have taught me the meaning of strength, love, compassion, friendship and loyalty. The women who Kick Ass everyday and encourage me to do the same.

I have never and will never see International Women’s Day as a feminist movement or a trend or a cry out for us to be heard. I see it as a day to express my love and gratitude to the amazing women who have paved the way, the women who have fought and overcome battles, the women who spend their time boosting others. I will also on this day praise the men in my life because I personally have been incredibly lucky to have some amazing men in my life that allow me to be me.

international womens day 2

Me. Yes I am Fucking Fierce. I reached a point in my life where I was fed up of hearing all the can’ts and don’ts aimed at me and my abilities, I grew tired of people underestimating me, putting me down, letting me down and walking all over me. I did huge detox of all the toxic people and things from my life and I have never been happier! I just landed an amazing job I have some bloody terrific people around me and I am loving my life.


Mum. I could write a whole book and then some about this incredible woman so I will try to summarise! This woman is incredible, shes the most genuine person you will ever meet. This woman has had a full time job, brought up her two children and looked after my dad who became ‘disabled’ when I was 16. This woman never complains, never mopes about she is just a boss ass woman and carries on. She will always put everyone first and would do anything for anyone. The best role model, mother and friend a girl could ask for x

Collage 2018-03-08 19_50_28


Becca: We met on our first day of secondary school, My friend Katie Introduced me to this tall blonde bombshell and I thought Eurghh I am going to hate her…….19 years on and I was SO wrong!! This woman is incredible we went through the emo fringe phase, myspace pose phase,goth phase, the lesser mentioned and thankfully lesser documented ‘Chav’ phase together. We drank far too many Jagerbombs and danced until 3am every Friday and Saturday together, we spent all our pocket money then as we got older our wages on shopping trips together. We have been through the mill of emotions and come out stronger I am so incredibly proud of you you have always been a beautiful strong smart woman and I am so glad that you can finally see that for yourself. I am so excited to be entering our thirties together and seeing what new amazing memories we can create, one things for sure with you in my life its always going to be amazing!!

Sara: Thank you for building me up, supporting me making me laugh until my sides hurt, for sharing my utter obsession with harry potter, for introducing me to Earl Grey tea, For standing up for what you believe in and for just being an all round bloody brilliant woman! Your an amazing mum your children really are a testament to that and I love them both dearly!! Thank you for everything you do and I am so excited to see whats in store for SARA&NATALIE the new blockbuster coming soon!!

Becky: My darling Becky thank you for taking me under your wing all those years ago at coca cola I never thought I would have left that place with a friend for life but I did!!! Thank you for the shitty nights out in liquid drinking far too many alchopops, that one time we seemingly lost our minds and thought we could survive a bloody music festival in the welsh valley! For being there for my first tattoo, the road trips to the seaside the copious amounts of desserts that we’ve never fully finished from Tamu!! Thank you for being apologetically you! You are incredibly strong and powerful and I bloody admire you so much, you’ve taught me not only to pick myself up dust myself off and carry on you’ve always been there to hold my hand through it all too!!

Collage 2018-03-08 19_34_14

JK Rowling for creating an entire world filled with strong ass female characters Hermione, Luna and Molly Weasley to name a few. Hermione for teaching me and I’m certain lots of other people that it’s OK to be smart, Friendship is important, hard work pays off. Luna for teaching me that its ok to stand out and not seemingly ‘fit in’ to never ever compromise who I am. Molly Weasley for teaching me that being a mum doesn’t define you that you can bake an apple pie in the morning and kick ass in the evening!! Alice in wonderland. My favourite Literary Character teaching me its ok to be a little odd, I can be strong and that I am more powerful than I think.

Now to the men. My Dad. A man whose allowed me to be me, Always there by my side and supporting&encouraging me no matter what. The strongest man I know who never lets anything get in his way. A man who taught me to know my worth and who will never let me forget who I am and what I can achieve.

Darren. For allowing me to be me. For being my best friend and equal partner. A guy who will always support my decisions even if they are crazy!!

My Brother. Because If I don’t put him he will only whinge. Without fail this guy will always be there to comment the violin emoji on my facebook status and that….that’s true love right there.

I could GO on I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of supportive people I have in my life I am forever grateful to whomever destined them to be in my life because I HIT the jackpot!!

Speak soon

An Incredibly Grateful




I’m a sucker for…..Part 4

The final part in this mini Photo Series. I thought it was just a nice fun different post to share with you some photos that I Love that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Today the final post is just some Nature photographs that I have taken the majority of them are from Centre Parcs I will be going there again at the end of April so there will be plenty more opportunities to add to my growing nature photos collection!


Eden Project Cornwall




Centre Parcs










Welsh Valley


Grandparents Allotment


Barnwell County Park

So there we have it my little mini series is complete I really enjoyed sharing these photos with you and I am excited to get outside and take more photos of the things I love..Who knows this could turn into an extended series………………………………..


Speak Soon



I’m a sucker for…….Part 3

So we have had Sunsets/Sunrises and Water so far in this 4 part series of photographs. Today I am sharing with you some photos of something that I LOVE seeking out in new places and that my dearest ones is….Architecture. I absolutely love going to places with interesting historical architecture places like York and Cornwall with old historical buildings and quirky buildings fascinates me. I also 100% fall in love when I see a Cathedral they are always SO stunning. So yes a little random fact you might not have known about me I am an Architecture Geek. So here is my little collection of some of my Photos for you all.










York Cathedral




London Bridge

Come back next week for the final part in this series.

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Current Favourites:Beauty

I am feeling rather uninspired outfit wise, the weather can’t seem to make up its mind its sunny one day but freezing cold then raining the next day then freezing cold again, I am truly daydreaming of spring and summer because honestly I am fed up of styling chunky knit jumpers and Huge coats now! So as I am lacking outfit inspiration I thought that today I would share with you some of my current Beauty Favourites because it has been a LONG time since I did a Favourites style post.


First Up is Alberto Balsams Ultra Strong Styling Gel. Now if you have followed my blog or social media for a while now then you will be aware that I have naturally Curly hair. I used to style my curls using mousse however since I watched a tutorial on Youtube by an amazing you-tuber called Hair Romance in which she used Gel to style her curls. I thought I would try it to see thinking it would leave my curls feeling all crunchy but I was pleasantly surprised! This product is great it smells nice and a little goes a long way.


Secondly is this Elemis Superfood Day cream. I was sent this as part of the Glamour Beauty Club to try out in return for a review this product is amazing! This is a tester sample and has now lasted me three weeks and is still going! To read my full thoughts on this product here is the blog post review that I wrote.


I got brought this in a set for my birthday and this is my favourite products out of the three (it came with a body scrub and body wash both of which smell amazing!) this is my favourite though because it just smells so nice and makes my skin feel super soft after showering! The scent isn’t over powering but it is strong enough that it lasts all day.


This perfume! It is my all time favourite scent its just SO expensive!! It does last a long time though and It just brings back so many memories this was my signature scent when I was in 6th form&into my early twenties.


Lastly my new favourite lipstick. This is another Avon lipstick they have seriously upped their make up game! This shade is called Toasted Rose and it is the perfect nude shade for my lips like it is a perfect match! The product itself is easy to apply a good value for money and i feel that its long lasting too.

So there we have it all my current Beauty Favourites.

Have you found any new amazing products you think I should try out?

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I’m a Sucker for…Part 2

Last week I shared with you some photos that I have collected over the years that I have taken of Sunsets and Sunrises. Today It is the turn of one of my favourite calming elements….Water. I am an earth sign rising in water I am very much into astrology, star signs, crystal healing and elemental signs. I feel truly grounded with my bare feet on the earth or in water. These photos are taken in various different places and depict very different bodies of water but all of them make me feel incredibly calm when looking back at them.


Next week I will be sharing with you some photos of something you may be surprised to learn that I love!

Speak soon



Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day dear Readers,

A day to remind everyone in your life how much you love them. You either love valentines day and embrace it fully telling your family and friends how much you love them prancing about wearing red and love heart everything (Me) or you hate it.

So as a lover of Valentines Day not just because I am lucky enough to have someone to share it with but because I think its a lovely thing to have a whole day dedicated to love (true everyday is an opportunity to show love but still) I have created 3 different looks for this beautiful day I hope you like them 🙂


Outfit One Cute&Cosy-Perfect for a Girlie coffee date, bowling, cinema, outdoor picnic.


HeadBand-Primark (old) Jumper Charity Shop Shorts F&F Boots Primark Tights Primark(old)

Valentines Day 1

Outfit Two-Fun&Flirty-Perfect for A day out, Cocktails.


Headband as before Dress Primark (old) Tights as before Boots Charity shop Red socks Primark

Valentines Day 2

Outfit Three -Sexy&Sultry-Perfect for a Meal out, a city break, theater show.


Shirt&Bralet Primark(old) Skirt M&S Shoes Ebay

Valentines Day 3

There we have it my three very different looks for Valentines Day. Whether your single or loved up I hope you have a beautiful magical day I love you all. xx


My Valentine(even if she wasn’t happy about being picked up for a photo!!) xx

Speak Soon




I’m a sucker for…….

I am a true sucker for scenic picturesque pictures. I LOVE taking photos of scenery everywhere that I go but I RARELY share these photos with anyone on social media. So I thought I would create a little 4 part mini series in which I share with you these scenic photos just for fun so that I have them all together in a little collection and to just share the beauty that I see in these photos so today I am sharing my photos of……….Sunrises/Sunsets

I Love sunrises and sunsets, for me sunset is my favourite time of day, watching the lights change in the sky the colours are just spectacular. If I ever get the opportunity to capture a sunset or sunrise I do just because It fascinates me how beautifully it changes the sky!


*Sigh* see??? Stunning!!

So that was part 1 of this 4 part series… is a hint for part 2 It is an element that I find incredibly calming. Part 2 will be live on my blog next Thursday.

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