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One of my bucket list goals for the year 2018 is to get 500 followers on my blog. I never set out for followers to be my main goal of my blog I started this blog for me to help with my anxiety, to be a creative outlet and for something fun to do. Over the years though I have become part of the most amazing community I have some amazing followers and we all support each other and each others posts and I really love and appreciate that! I think that 500 is just a nice round number and I would feel incredibly proud of myself to hit that milestone what a nice 30th birthday gift that would be!! With the 500 in mind I have decided to make some blog changes to enhance my presence on the bloggersphere and hopefully build up my following πŸ™‚

1-Social media links and posts. I will now be adding all my social media links to my sign off on posts I don’t know why I haven’t done this before! I will also be WAY more active on my blog Instagram which isΒ @_natalie_blogs_ I am aiming to post everyday on there as well as my personal instagram which aren’t blog related photos but gives a little insight to the woman behind the blog πŸ™‚ my personal instagram isΒ @_Natalie_church_

2-A schedule!! I have always been a sporadic blogger just posting whenever I had content. Now I am not going to create content for the sake of sticking to the schedule I will still be creating the content that I like it will just give me more incentive to actually take pictures and think of ideas for my scheduled blog posts which in turn will bring back my creativity which in turn will make me happy which will lead to quality blog content πŸ˜€

So my schedule will be a post at 8pm on Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays(Starting from today) There will also on the last day of the month be a Post at 12pm reviewing all the books&films/tv I have read/watched that month and a post at 8pm rounding up all the new things I tried/learnt that month(this will start from February as I am sticking to the weekly roundup for January)

So yes I have my positive creative pants firmly on and I am excited to see where this year takes me blogging wise πŸ™‚ So I will see you all at 8pm for a weekly roundup of everything that’s happened this week.

Speak Soon


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Hello loves so I just came into wordpress and I now have 400followers!!! WHAT!! THATS SO CRAZY I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who follows me and supports me I feel honoured!! So to celebrate this occasion I found some really fun questions to answer so my new followers get to know more about me and my old faithfuls get to know me a little better too πŸ™‚ so here goes

1. If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with the extra time? I would socialise more I’d see friends and family and I’d have time to watch my Netflix watchlist that seems to be forever growing!

2. What would your perfect room look like? Bookshelves filled with books, pop vinyls,dvds and all the Lego sets I want. Big soft sofas and arm chairs an open fire and a huge TV!!

3 What fictional place would you most like to go? It’s a tie…Hogwarts obviously!! And the shire I think I’d suit hobbit life.

4 What job would you be terrible at? Anything to do with computers I’m rubbish with technology! Or cold calling I hate bothering people and I hate talking on the phone lol!

5 When was the last time you climbed a tree? Years ago 😦 I used to visit this place called hills and holes near my house where there were amazing trees to climb and id climb them and sit in them for hours chatting with my friend!!

6 Favourite piece of clothing you’ve owned/own? My wedding dress. Nothing will beat it to the top spot!

7 If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport what would you have a chance at winning a medal for? Reading. Specifically reading a whole book in a day!!

8 What is the most annoying habit other people have? Chewing with their mouth open or chewing loudly!!!!!!

9 What job would you be really good at? Actress or wardrobe assistant or librarian 

10 What skill would you like to master? Portrait drawing and knitting! Oh and making a meringue from scratch

11 What would be the most amazing adventure to go on? Me hubby&Molly in a campervan traveling the world.

12 What songs have you completely memorised? Any Disney song, anything from the spice girls and All Saints pure sures.

13 What game or movie universe would you most like to live in? Tolkien’s world with elves and hobbits and dwarves!!

14 Are you usually early or late? Ummmm a bit of both if it’s somewhere new I’m early if I’ve been there before usually late!

15 What pets did you have growing up? I had two guinea pigs. I’ve had fish and I’ve had hamsters πŸ™‚

16 When people come to you for help what do they usually want help with? Advise and a sympathetic ear to listen.

17 What takes up too much of your time? My illness.

18 What are some small things that make your day better? My husband cat family and friends obviously. A good cup of tea. Putting my PJs and slippers on after a long day at work. Seeing things I’ve planted grow in my garden

19 Whose your go to band or artist when you’ve got nothing to listen to? Sterephonics Adele and Disney classics

20 What’s the best way to start the day? Caffeine! And knowing you’ve got nothing in particular to do knowing the day is yours.

21 What shows are you into? Game of thrones, bake off , apprentice, strictly come dancing, Doctor Foster and modern family

22 What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch? IT. I watched it once never again I hate clowns and any war film I hate war films. 

23 What would be your ideal weekend? Saturday walk to a farmer’s market pick up fresh supplies for brunch eat brunch in the garden go round to my families for a meal and drinks watch a good film Sunday walk to the shop get the Sunday papers meet up with friends for a walk have a Sunday roast at the local pub come home and have a lazy afternoon and evening 

24 What’s your claim to fame? I auditioned for a part in skins and was in the final 10 I met the writers of skins and met the people that subsequently got the part!!

25 What’s your favourite genre of book or movie? Book crime/thriller movie comedy

26 What have you recently formed an opinion about? Gender equality 

27 What’s the best single day on the calendar? 25th December

28 How do relax after a hard day at work? Get changed into my comfy clothes make a cuppa water the plants in the garden watch the chase eat tea and then read a book or watch YouTube videos

29 What was the best book or book series you’ve ever read? Series harry potter hands down singular book….ummm behind closed doors.

30 What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? Austin Texas

31 What’s the most annoying thing people always ask you? 2 questions. 1Are you ill again? 2. When are you having kids?

32 What’s your dream car? Mustang Shelby in blue 

33 What could you give a 40minute presentation on with no preparation? Aside from the obvious Harry potter&Disney films not alot!! Maybe talk about Lego dimensions!!!

34 If you were a dictator of a small island nation what crazy dictator stuff would you do? I’d do silly things like Fridays everyone has to wear odd socks or I’d ban things like cabbage and gherkins.

35 What’s worth spending more on to get the best? Shoes. I love me some primark bargains don’t get me wrong but shoes are something I definitely invest in.

36 What is something a tonne of people are obsessed with but you just don’t see the point of? Love island… Geordie shore… is the new black….expensive makeup and green tea.

37 If all jobs had the same pay and hours what job would you like to do? Police officer, stunt double or actress 

38 What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years? Hopefully becoming a parent. Visiting some amazing places with my hubby and watching two of my besties get married.

39 What quirks do you have? I have to eat food in even amounts. I wear socks with sandals. I often wear my t-shirts and dresses backwards.

40 Wherewould you spend all your time if you could? The library. The park near my house and Disneyland 

That’s it for now my love’s so again thank you for your continued support I love you all and I’m excited for the next few months content I’ve got planned!! Xx

Life with a chronic illness:An open letter

Hello loves,

Today’s post is part rant and part informative (I hope)

A little backstory…..For context…

When I was 19 I started to feel unwell, I was constantly sick, felt tired all the time and picked up every bug going round, it took the doctors 8months to finally find out what was wrong with me, I had an underactive thyroid, thankfully it’s treatable with a daily tablet but it will never get better, it’s a life long illness. For a while the tablets seemed to lessen my symptoms, then I got glandular fever, which caused my immune system to shut down I was bed bound for nearly 3 months. I now have underactive thyroid, fatigue and autoimmune deficiency, I am in pain daily, I’m tired I get ill at the drop of a hat I have to be careful what I eat as thyroid can lead to a form of IBS so certain foods cause me to be sick! I have no anti bodies so even a cold can leave me bed bound as my body doesn’t know how to fight off the infection I’m more susceptible to sinusitis and ear nose and throat infections it’s just bloody hard work somedays I won’t lie!

Back story complete here’s the rant part…

Today I feel rough. A worse day shall we call it I don’t remember feeling ‘well’ but I don’t complain (often) I’m running on 4 1/2 hours sleep there’s so many bugs going round at work that I’m frightened I’ll catch I’ve got a huge headache and just feel poop….I was meant to go out today but cancelled I was also meant to go out last night but had to cancel now thankfully my friends and family are understanding of my situation and know that I am regrettably flaky!! However today I told my husband I wasn’t going out and he responds with ‘but you have to’ yes even my husband whose been with me for 10years can sometimes forget what it’s like!! So I’m here to say that regardless of whether you have an illness you don’t HAVE to do anything. I said this to him with a scowl on my face because I was annoyed! I didn’t have to go out it would’ve been nice to go out but I didn’t have to what I wanted to do was rest because this week is going to be one hectic week and I already know that by Sunday my body will be ready to give up!! I’m not articulating my thoughts well at all I’m too tired I just wanted to get the message across that all you ever have to do….Is what you darn well want to, and today I wanted to lounge around in my PJs and have a ‘sick’ day! That’s ok, you should never apologise or feel obligated to be anything other than yourself! It’s not selfish or rude or unsociable to focus on yourself once in a while so just remember that my loves

Rant over! Xx

Hello 2017!!

Hello my loves I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a Fabulous New year πŸ™‚

So a few things…..

1 I’ve created an Instagram account for my blog, I think I’d like to keep my personal Instagram account for you know food pictures and selfies haha!! So if you could go and give that a follow I would appreciate it alot as I’ll be linking my blog to the account πŸ™‚

2 I have set a few goals this year- Exercise more, Drink more water, Take more photos,Live in the moment,Take a day away from technology,Read more!

3 I’m so excited for the content I’m preparing for my blog this year…Trust me guys this year I’m going to be more present on my blog!!!

4 I have spent the day doing something everyone should do especially at this time of year, I deleted a tonne of people from Facebook &Instagram that either I didn’t want to see, who ignored me in person ( why do people do that friend you on social media but ignore you irl?) Or that I just couldn’t be bothered with their drama any more!! I also went through my emails and unsubscribed to so many annoying mailing lists that I had been part of!!

So that’s it my quick update!!! Hope your all well πŸ™‚

This is my Instagram account give it a follow πŸ˜€ xx

Blogger Recognition Award


The lovely Alanna from imagalaxygirl blog nominated me for this award πŸ™‚ I wish I knew how to link to her actual blog on this app grrrr!!

So here are the rules
Write a post to show the award
Thank the person
Briefly describe your journey as a blogger
Give advice to other bloggers
Nominate other bloggers

So thank you so much Alanna truly I am so glad that we have met through this platform and I love seeing how much you’ve grown through your blogging!!!

My personal journey has been a good one I started this blog for myself thinking noone would read it here I am 200+ followers later and I am so thankful!!! Fashion has always been my main focus in this blog it’s the way that I express myself I was bullied at school for the way I dressed so to see people inspired by my fashion choices and being genuine and kind about my style is a very lovely thing! I decided this year to branch out a little incorporate myself and my life into this blog a little more and I’m glad that you guys are enjoying those types of posts too!!

Be yourself and be happy. This should be for you this should be a hobby if you find a way to make it big from this great but don’t loose the reason you started in all of that. Don’t beat yourself up if your posts don’t get lots of likes or if you said you’d post at 8every night but can’t life gets in the way sometimes and that’s a good thing you should be out there living your life ❀ we are a family and we will all still be here to read your posts even if they are “late” xx

I nominate anyone who wants to do this because I love all of you xx

February Favourites

Hi guys feels like forever since I blogged! This month has been crazy and has flown by super fast! I apologise for the lack of outfit posts but I have been super busy I have however picked up some amazing pieces from eBay&my local charity shops so as of 1st March my Totally Thrifted series will resume!!! I am a little early as there’s still two days of February left but thought I’d do my February Favourites whilst I actually had some spare time!!! So here goes πŸ™‚


The body shops strawberry hand cream! Oh my this smells amazing! 😍one of the lovely girls at work brought me this for my birthday and honestly it’s beautiful the smell is so sweet and it leaves my hands feeling really soft!


I’m not a pyjama wearing person usually I just chuck on some joggers and a tshirt but when I was in primark the other day I saw this Harry Potter set (it has a matching top) for Β£10 and had to buy them!! These trousers are lightweight but some warm and comfy I really never want to take them off!! I’ve been very unsociable this month preferring to cosy up with a good book in bed.


😍OH.MY.GOD!! I am so late to the party on this one but I started watching pretty little liars last Monday and I am in love with it!!! I had to order the boxset!!! It’s brilliant!! Please no spoilers I’ve managed to avoid them even though I’m waaaay behind!!


Lastly I’ve been wearing this cute gold heart necklace I picked up for Β£1 at the salvation army charity shop its so dainty and lovely it goes with everything! I’ve also gotten back into my crystals my favourites this month have been my rose quartz and my amethyst x
So there it is February all wrapped up!!


Ok so seriously Thank You!! I can’t even believe I reached 200!! Thank you to all my recent followers and to everyone whose supported me from the beginning! Honestly your support means so much to me! As a fun little way of celebrating I found 100 questions that I thought would be funny to answer! I’m not expecting you to read all the answers if you do well done!! Love you all so very much! X 😘Thank you for your continued support x
1.What’s your full name? Natalie Church (was Gordon)
2.How old are you? I just turned 28
3.Whens your birthday? 17th January
4. What starsign does that make you? Capricorn
5. What’s your favourite colour? Royal Blue
6. What’s your lucky number? 13 I’m superstitious of odd numbers except 13!
7. Do you have any pets? 1 cat called Molly
8. Where are you from? A city called Peterborough
9. How tall are you? 5″ 1 and a half!
10. What shoe size are you? 4
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Umm at last count around 80
12. If you were prime !minister what laws would you make? I’d ban photoshopping in media no longer would young girls be led to believe that that is perfect. Body confidence would be taught in schools I’d also make three day weekends a law!!!
13. If you were a superhero what powers would you have? Flight I hate aeroplanes but want to travel the world lol!!
14. And what would your superhero name be? Wonder Witch
15. And what outfit would you wear? A cloak definitely a cloak! And a moon sun and star print dress with super cute t bar shoes!!
16. What was your last dream about? Ok I watched insurgent before bed last night so I dreamt I was stuck in a simulation trying to rescue Harry llyod from a giant spider that kept turning into a vampire…yeah
17. What would you do if you won the lottery? Give some to charity splurge on my friends and family buy a trip to new Zealand save some.
18. Would you like to build/design your own house? NO! New builds are a disaster in my opinion I’d prefer a house with character that I can decorate how I like!!
19. Which form of public transport do you prefer? Walking. Buses round here are awful!
20. What talents do you have? I can make really good playdoh in my job that’s a great talent to have!!
21. Can you juggle? Only with two balls I just have no hand eye coordination for three
22. Can you solve a rubix cube? No πŸ˜₯
23. Do you have a cherished childhood teddy bear? Yes her names puffalump
24.Are you psychic in any way? No but my grandad has premonition dreams
25.Are you a good dancer? I took dance at school I think I can bust a move when needed
26. Are you a good singer? Again I think I’m great but I really can’t hold a tune at all!!
27.Are you a good cook? I’ve attempted to cook 5 times three I ended up in a&e with various cut wounds the 4th I burnt myself and the 5th I dropped all the potatoes in the sink πŸ˜₯
28.Are you a good artist? I give it a good go!
29. Are you a good listener? I work in childcare my job depends on me being a good listener!
30. Are you a good public speaker? No I hate my voice and get all clammy and stutter I fall over my words!
31. Are you a good babysitter? I’ve only ever babysat my mums friends kids like twice
32.Are you a good mechanic? I know nothing about cars I couldn’t even find the washer fluid cap haha!!
33. Are you a good diplomat? Again working with children I think km good at being diplomatic in my decision making!!
34. Are you a good employee? I’d hope so! I turn up early stay late work extra hours I’m passionate about my job and get all my work done without fail.
35.Are you a good dresser? Objectively yes in the way that I love every outfit I wear hence the fashion blog!! It’s not for everyone but so long as I’m happy and comfortable Its all good.
36.Are you a good swimmer? No I hate swimming my body in a swim suit NO!
37. Are you a good skier? Never tried it
38.Are you a good lover? I could have taken this the wrong way haha! I think I am in the way that I’m patient and a good listener we’ve been together 9 years surely that’s a testament to both of our love.
39. Are you a good musician? No unless it’s a tambourine solo of twinkle twinkle little star I own that song!!
40.Are you a good comedian? I’m 5″ 1 with frizzy hair I’m 28 and still have spots I was bullied at school of course I’m a good comedian its all that helped me survive being the”funny” friend.
41.Are you a good cleaner? I’m OCD with cleanliness I have a major routine to clean my house it takes three hours to complete
42.Are you a good actor? I wanted to be an actress so bad I starred in school plays and am dram I think I’m quite dramatic haha!!
43. Are you a good writer? i start off with good intentions then get bored fair play to these authors honestly!
44.Have you ever been bungee jumping? God no!
45) Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking? Again God no!
46) What types of holidays do you prefer? Adventure I’m not one of these lay on the beach sunbathing girls I love exploring finding out all I can about the place I’m staying!!
47) Whats the furthest you’ve ever been on holiday? Texas it was amazing!!
48) What was your favourite holiday? Honeymoon we went to Cornwall it was so beautiful!
49) Where would your dream holiday be? New Zealand I want no NEED to visit Hobbiton!!!
50) Can you tap dance? No, no I canot I wish I could though
51) Whats your favourite zoo animal? Penguin 🐧
52) Whats your favourite sport? Quidditch.
53) Whats your favourite food? Chocolate. Or pasta. Or chicken. Or salt and vinegar crisps
54) Whats your favourite pizza topping? Ham&pineapple
55) Whats your favourite film? Raaaar umm Harry Potter lotr the hobbit movies
56) Whats your favourite song? I’ll follow you by shinedown
57) Whats your favourite alcoholic drink? White zinfandel
58) Whats your favourite non-alcoholic drink?Dr pepper or cherry pepsi
59) Whats your favourite TV programme? Raaar again ummm BBT Once on a time Merlin Robin Hood My Mad Fat Diary
60) Whats your favourite boyband? Fall out Boy
61) Whats your favourite girl group? Spice Girls
62) What would be your ideal partner? My husband πŸ™‚ corny I know ❀
63) Do you want children? Desperately sadly we are facing problems conceiving at the moment its a heartbreaking thing to deal with and is exhausting to go through.
64) Do you want a church wedding? I’m already married we got married in a registry office religion is an grey book for me I didn’t feel right getting married in a church
65) Are you religious? Haha hadn’t seen this question when I wrote that answer! I believe there’s something after life where its one bearded dude that created earth in 7 days and only good people with angel wings and halos I’m not sure if that’s your religious concept I completely respect that I respect everyone’s views
66) Do you like reality TV programmes? No except Rupaul
67) Do you like TV talent shows? The voice and Britain’s got talent that’s all.
68) If you were gay who would your life partner be? Oooo ummm hmmm Ruby Rose is  stunning so is Anna Kendrick ooo or Emma Watson
69) If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be? I’d stop me and my husband going on a break we split up after 2 years of dating for a few months and I hated it
70) How many hats do you own? Umm about 8?
71) Are you any good at pool? No I suck at it haha!!
72) Whats the highest you’ve ever jumped into the water from? I don’t jump into water see the whole swimming answer!!
73) Have you ever been admitted to hospital? Yes at 14 I was hit by a car fracturing my pelvis I’ve also been in to have my wisdom teeth removed
74) Have you ever had any brushes with the law? I’ve been stopped by police once they saw I was a female driver and I’d turned into a dodgy area to drop my friend off at a walk through they wanted to make sure I was OK πŸ™‚
75) Have you ever been on TV? Only on the local news for an am dram report about a play we were putting on!
76) Have you ever met any celebrities? Yes I’ve met danni harmer (Tracey beaker)
77) Have you ever been to Legoland? No πŸ˜₯
78) Have you ever done something heroic? I wouldn’t know I do good deeds when I can whether they’ve been heroic I don’t know!
79) Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? My brother all the time it’s a big sisters prerogative
80) Have you ever been the recipiant of a practical joke? Yes sadly my brother grew up and got his own back!
81) What would be your best achievement to date? Marrying my husband trust me after years and years of grinding him down I finally made him commit :p
82) Do you prefer baths or showers? Baths
83) Do you prefer blow drying or natural drying your hair? Natural
84) Have you ever built a snowman? Of course! I love snow!!!
85) Have you ever been sledging? Yes when I was little
86) Have you ever flown a kite? Yes again when I was little
87) What colour socks are you wearing? None as I’ve just had a bath!
88) If you could live anywhere, where would that be? Hobbiton…no seriously haha!! Ummm a cottage or farm house in the country somewhere
89) Have you ever been famous? Sadly no
90) Would you like to be a big celebrity? Some times I think it would be great to be am actress expressing myself through film or a famous author but there’s so much pressure on celebrities and fame is a fickle mistress
91) Would you ever go on Big Brother? No way
92) What did you want to be when you grew up? I legit thought princess was a job role 😦
93) What is your most essential appliance? Ghds
94) What type of music do you like? All sorts literally all sorts I’m having a very big 90s pop punk grunge phase ATM!
95) Have you ever been skinnydipping? No I’m a prude haha
96) How many Pillows do you sleep with? 2
97) What position do you often sleep in? Curled up in a ball
98) Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Sunsets
99) Favourite Milkshake flavour? Chocolate
100) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? My confidence I’m so not as body confident as I feel I should be!!