Headspace clearout

I’m taking a creative break.

I feel deflated I can sense the self doubt thought creeping in. This blog started out as a creative outlet for me but as times gone on and I’ve gathered more followers I’ve tried so hard to create quality content and upload enough to keep my followers happy and gain new ones, my latest post didn’t get as many likes as I usually get and I need to take a break and realise that that’s ok I’ve gotten too bogged down and I’m not in a good place in my head. I hope that you will all bear with me whilst I take a break from my blog and social media and just live in the now for a while. I love you all very much xx

Charity Haul πŸ›

I went shopping. Again. I brought alot of things!! So let’s see what I got shall we?!? There’s also at the end a few recent purchases that I haven’t shown you πŸ™‚

Age UK 

Horn necklace 99p owl ring 49p

Jumper Β£3.49 this was in the men’s section and is originally from next

Pin badges: green starbug is from eBay Β£2 Dobby&Luna are from the studio tour Β£6each Alice is from Disneyland Paris Β£5 and the bird and cat were from age UK for 49p each


British heart Foundation had a sale on and I found this really cute print t-shirt for 99p originally 1.99

Cancer Research

Olive green box fit top Β£2 originally topshop black lace corset style camisole Β£1 and black white and grey check skirt Β£2 

Barnardos store

They had a sale rail in the store so of course I went straight for that!! Brown stripe t-shirt 99p was 2.49 pale blue Victorian style shirt 99p was 3.99 maroon cardigan 99p was 2.99 stripe shirt dress 99p was 3.49

Barnardos outlet

The outlet store had some big bins filled with shoes clothes and bags so I did some digging and found these beauties! Green leopard print velvet top 1.49 white owl t-shirt (his face cracks me up) 99p black high neck lace top 99p brown boots 99p maroon dress 99p


I found Catlin Moran how to be a woman in scope for Β£1.25 and thirteen reasons why in the salvation army for 50p πŸ™‚

I brought some slippers a t-shirt plimsolls and a short for Darren in primark so in total today’s spend was…….. Β£34.60!!!

Sue Ryder at eye

On Wednesday after my hair appointment we went to eye and I brought these black cut out boots for Β£5 this black dog print knot front shirt for Β£3 and this green shirt for Β£3 


Orange black and white stripe trousers Β£8 and black shorts Β£10

Which items your favourite??

The dreams that you wish do come true πŸŒŒ

So you may or may not know that on the 26th July my husband took me to Disneyland Paris πŸ™‚ he booked it as a surprise as I have never visited Disneyland and it’s the 25th anniversary of the park opening this year so it seemed fitting to go πŸ™‚ I thought I’d share some snapshots with you guys today and tell you what we got up to πŸ™‚ so I hope you enjoy this journey x

Wednesday 26th July

We got the 9:07train to London then went over to st pancreas station where we checked in and waited to board the Eurostar πŸ™‚ this photo is us on the Eurostar ready to start our journey to France!! The journey was super quick and the Eurostar is so nice the facilities are great and it was a super smooth journey πŸ™‚ we stopped at Lille and headed to Lille Europe train station to catch our connecting train…when we got to the station however there were police and army everywhere yelling in French to get back from the area we asked someone what was going on and apparently there was a suspect package in the station that they suspected was bomb! Thankfully it was all dealt with and the station was reopened 10minites before our train was due to depart!! This was my first time on a double decker train so Darren booked us first class tickets on the upper deck it was so much fun!!! We arrived in Disneyland train station at 4:30 and headed into Disney village where we got a McDonald’s then headed to the bus station to catch the shuttle bus to our hotel πŸ™‚ the hotel was super nice and only a 10minute journey to Disneyland we had a swim in the pool and a drink at the bar then headed to bed to rest up for our first day at Disney!!! Xx

Thursday 27th July

Top gifted from mum&dad shorts charity shop shoes vans headband primark

We had breakfast at the hotel then caught the 11am bus to Disneyland when we arrived we collected our tickets and headed into the main park…I was stunned into silence seeing the Disney palace and just the shere size and all the sights and smells I had no words!! We walked around alot seeing where everything was and exploring fun little places such as Aladdin’s cave of wonders and Alice’s curious labyrinth which made me a very happy girl! The first ‘ride’ we went on was it’s a small world because have you really been to Disney if you didn’t go on it’s a small world? I really enjoyed it! Then we went on pirates of the carabean which had only opened up on the Monday it was SUCH an amazing ride!! We then watched the parade which was fascinating and headed for some food. We decided to go back to the hotel for a shower and a cup of tea then headed back to the park for 10pm to watch the fireworks display and….I cried ! It was just so magical and being there in that moment with my husband who had planned the suprise trip just made me feel incredibly thankful for all that I’ve got and for being there in that moment!! We got back to the hotel at 12:15!!! Zzzzzzz

Friday 28th July

Top primark shorts charity shop

Today we went to the Disney studios park which was so fascinating it was more behind the scenes bits but still had loads of rides πŸ™‚ we did the tram tour which goes behind the scenes and shows you special effects it was so much fun!!! Then we went on the Armageddon experience it was awesome and so clever I really enjoyed it!! Then we decided hey let’s go on crush’s coaster it’s a kids ride sure but it sounds fun……..well my god it was the fastest scariest roller coaster I’ve ever been on!! (I am a wimp!!) But it was so much fun my legs were like jelly afterwards!!! We then went to watch the stunt show and just WOW the stunts were amazing I really enjoyed this!!! 

Saturday 30th July 

Our last day 😦 today we travelled home so only had a few hours we decided to go back to Disney studios for Darren to ride the aerosmith roller coaster he really enjoyed it!! Then we got annual passes so we can go back as there was SO much we didn’t do!! Then we went on haunted mansion which was a super cute little ride which was really meant for kids but we wanted to do it! Then we went shopping and headed to the train station..

Summed up. Magic. Pure magic I loved it ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

Orange dream β˜€πŸ’›πŸŒ»πŸŠ

My loves. This skirt. This skirt is just beautiful so what did I do? I got myself dolled up purely to show it off ….I am that extra πŸ˜‚ this skirt I found in a charity shop for I think Β£3.95 it’s a river island skirt and the colours and print are just gorgeous!! Xx

Bralet Β£5 primark skirt Β£3.95 charity shop pleater jacket charity shop shoes charity shop 

Lootcrate Unboxing

So I follow cherrywallis on YouTube and i saw her do an unboxing of lootcrates jkrowlingswizardingworld box and thought….I need that in my life!! The jkrowlingswizardingworld box is a bimonthly box and it costs Β£39 including shipping which sounds like a lot but the products you receive are such good quality,they have lootcrate exclusive items so items you won’t be able to buy in the shops and it comes all the way from America so for Β£39 I’m sold!! This month’s theme was defence against the dark arts and eeeeee the items I got are so SO cool!!

First up a lootcrate exclusive T-shirt πŸ™‚ 

They always have a pin badge in the box which is another reason why I brought it because you know I love me a pin badge!! This is marvarlo gaunts ring one of voldemorts horcruxes πŸ™‚

Book ends ahhhh how cute are these one says piertotum the other says locamotor together they create the spell McGonagall casts to protect Hogwarts from voldemorts attack.

Dumbledores Army notebook. This is super cute!! 

And finally Severus Snapes wand pen!! The detail is just amazing!! 

Summer OOTD a Collaboration with Being Chantal

Well, you have to have interested in fashion of course. I was thinking perhaps an ootd? Summer or winter. (Depending on your country) I’m feeling a bit spicy, like blowing up my creativeness. SO, if you are up for it email me: beingchantal@gmail.com PS: This is for blogpost or youtube πŸ™‚

via FASHION COLLAB ANYONE? β€” Being Chantal

This beautiful girl is Chantal and I have been following her blog and YouTube for a long long time! Chantal posts on WordPress and YouTube about a variety of things such as outfit of the day posts, look books, self help posts and cooking posts (all of which make me hungry as they look super yummy!) so when Chantal was looking for people to do collaborations with i knew i had to jump at this chance!! So today I will be showing you guys how i style jeans for summer and head on over to BEINGCHANTAL (link at the top of page) to see how she will be styling leggings for summer which i am very much looking forward to as i have various pairs of leggings and no idea how to style them so please please please check her blog out!! Edit: Chantal’s post will be live tomorrow πŸ™‚ ❀


Here is how i am styling jeans this summer i hope you enjoy πŸ™‚


Pair with flowy fabrics

If i am wearing “heavy” material on the bottom such as denim I will pair them with a nice chiffon/silk/cotton top that’s more breathable and helps keep you cool. I have paired this high-waisted pair from primark with a lace bralet also from primark and this cute sun patterned chiffon wrap blouse from Marie curie cancer research charity shop.

Adjust the length

I like to roll my jeans up in the summer to create different lengths not only does this create a different style but it also helps to keep you cool!!!


Think about what accessories and footwear to pair your jeans with to help keep you cool and finish off the look, I added my black mule sandals that i got for 99p from barnardos (originally office) my floppy black sunhat black velvet choker and some primark sunglasses.

Come back tomorrow for TWO posts

A Product review



Recent purchases πŸ›

Hello lovelies so I have brought a few pieces recently that I thought I would collate into one post for you all so here goes πŸ™‚

Neutrogena pink grapefruit face scrub Β£2.16 Tesco ❀ This smells so good it’s such a soft soothing product and it works so well on my skin BULK BUYING now!!! VaVa boom mascara Β£6 boots they had a buy 1 get 1 1/1 price on makeup so I got the mascara and this gorgeous lipstick for Β£8 as the lisptick should have been Β£4 but as it was the cheapest item it was Β£2 early defense eye serum Β£15 this sounds like alot of money but my god does this product work I’ve been using it since January and I can honestly see the difference!! X

Labyrinth t-shirt lootwear 😍enough said. £11 shipping included x

Lilac Bardot top £5 f&f 😍how gorgeous is this top? It just looks so summery!

Lastly bargain of the year. So I went into next to have a little browse as the online sale was annoying me it didn’t load properly all the sizes were sold out so I thought Raar fine I’ll go in store, I had a Β£20 gift voucher from Christmas that I hadn’t spent so I thought ooo let’s see if I find anything……and I did!!! I’ve waited so SO long to find the perfect denim jacket I’ve wanted a long oversized jacket as I think it looks so cool πŸ™‚ and then I saw it!!! It should have been Β£40……it was reduced to……..Β£16!!!!! Sixteen pounds!!! With m gift voucher that means I spent nothing on it and still have Β£4 left!!! YAY!!!! Xxxx

Primark haul x

Hello loves so this evening me and my bestie Becca went to primark to stock up on our respective Disney holidays!!! Becca is visiting Disneyland Florida and i am going to Disneyland Paris!!! I am so excited as I’ve never EVER been to Disney Paris or Florida!!! I’ll admit I went a little crazy on primark and kinda actually only brought 2 things for Disney but oh well!!! So here we go….

Mickey mouse t-shirt Β£4 Alice in wonderland pj set Β£10

Glitter socks Β£1 white pink & denim chocker set Β£0.50 Beauty&the beast chocker set Β£2 khaki socks Β£1 black loafer style flats Β£3 black lace bralet&brief set Β£5

Yellow sunflower print blouse Β£5 I have a similar style in a nude colour that I’ve already worn to death! 

White and black stripe flute sleeve top Β£3 I love this sleeve style!! Not a summer essential but definitely something I’ll be wearing in autumn/winter

No…I can’t go into primark without buying anything harry potter related…no I’m not sorry….keeper vest top Β£3 white t-shirt Β£6 coaster set Β£4 

That’s it πŸ™‚ what as your favourite item??


Summer Aspirations πŸ’›πŸŒž

I’ve seen alot of summer goals posts and thought I’d do one myself πŸ™‚ today was my last Monday for 6whole weeks! 4 days left and I’ll have 6weeks off 44days infact!!! πŸ’›

Here’s my aspirations

πŸ“šRead 3 books here’s my reading list post so you can see what I’m hoping to read http://wp.me/p3bKtq-Gn 

Sign up to the library-I have a 200+ collection of books so I’m thinking although that’s fine maybe joining the library will be helpful!

πŸ›Visit the museum

β›ͺVisit the cathedral

πŸ‘ŸGo for 2 walks a week

🍰Bake more

βœ‚πŸ”¨1 D.I.Y/Craft project a week 

πŸ’»πŸŽ₯Blog&Vlog more

πŸ“·Take lots of photos 

πŸ“¦πŸ—‘Clear out! 

Get a new piercing 


Laugh, have fun and make memories xXx