100Happy Days 8-14

So there should be 7 pictures here…..there are only 5 all will be revealed down below! 

Days 8,9&10

This little ball of fluffy fluffness kept me company whilst I had a horrendous vomiting bug 😦 I had 3days off work because I couldn’t stop being sick it was awful I hardly slept I just felt very very poorly 😦 

Day 11

I was meant to be going to the cinema with my bestie but as I’d been so poorly she invited me over to hers instead 🙂 we had pizza, epic hot chocolate,snacks, tea tree face masks and watched an awful horror movie it was the perfect night to cheer me up 🙂

Day 12

Review Renew and Grow is my new mantra now. Review: What is making you happy? What is no longer serving its purpose? What are your goals? What do you need to change? Renew: reset your goals, brush yourself off start again Grow: Boss Ass Bitch, make it happen, make memories have fun…. live. 

Here’s my boss ass bitch selfie

Day 13

Sunday=Harry Potter Marathon&Hot chocolate &Mince pie 🍵🍁👌

Day 14

Check out an app called polyvore. It’s free to download and you can create mood boards and outfits (they also have home decor too) they then have links to the items you choose so you can shop for the items you like they also helpfully tell you the price before you click on the link!! X


100Happy days 1-7

Hello 🙂

So I am already 7 days in to this challenge and I’m feeling happier, not sing from the roof tops roll out of bed ready to go happy but,yes let’s have another cuppa tea kind of happy you know? So I said I’d share with you guys my 100happy days journey so here’s days 1-7 🙂

Day One

I got a DM on my blog Instagram telling me about a pin badge company that does free pin badges each month all you have to do is cover the postage costs. The company is an American company and the postage ended up only being £2.19 so I thought meh even if it doesn’t turn up its not alot of money wasted. On day one of my challenge this babe turned up and really brightened up my day!!

Day Two

Guys…. GUYS!! Ok so I opened my emails and Dr botanicals had emailed asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their ultra repair overnight regenerating treatment, I had to cover the postage but they then sent me an email for £5 off a purchase which is how much postage was! This product is £75!!!! I have been sent this for £5!! This made me so happy because I feel like my blog is starting to take a new direction and I am very excited to work with different brands in the future!! 

Day Three

I needed some new work shoes so I went up to Tesco and obviously had a browse at the other items and I found these babes!! They are so gorgeous so comfy and I’m so excited to style them this Autumn!

Day Four

Me and my husband are proud geeks/nerds. We order things called lootcrates I get the wizarding world one and he gets a gaming one, he decided this month to try a new crate and he had to put what fantasy films he liked so for me he put down harry potter and lotr as they send items tailored to those films so when the box arrived he let me have a harry potter t-shirt and I also got… DOBBY!!! I collect pop vinyls and Dobby was definitely on my wishlist so I was VERY happy x

Day Five

I spent 4&1/2 hours laughing on Saturday night. Completely random completely unplanned me and my family played cards against humanity and honestly I haven’t laughed that much and that long for the longest time!

Day Six

After my late night playing cards against humanity I decided to have a me day on the sofa I wore my PJs had my comfy blanket and caught up on so much TV!! Strictly, Doctor Foster and strike.

Day Seven

Today I have pre ordered The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman. His dark materials tribology remains to this day one of my favourite trilogies! I have re read it several times! So when I heard he was bringing out an equal trilogy (not a sequel or prequel as it’s set in the same time period)I knew I had to own it!!!! 
So there we go 7 down…93 to go 🙂 xx


Hello loves so I just came into wordpress and I now have 400followers!!! WHAT!! THATS SO CRAZY I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who follows me and supports me I feel honoured!! So to celebrate this occasion I found some really fun questions to answer so my new followers get to know more about me and my old faithfuls get to know me a little better too 🙂 so here goes

1. If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with the extra time? I would socialise more I’d see friends and family and I’d have time to watch my Netflix watchlist that seems to be forever growing!

2. What would your perfect room look like? Bookshelves filled with books, pop vinyls,dvds and all the Lego sets I want. Big soft sofas and arm chairs an open fire and a huge TV!!

3 What fictional place would you most like to go? It’s a tie…Hogwarts obviously!! And the shire I think I’d suit hobbit life.

4 What job would you be terrible at? Anything to do with computers I’m rubbish with technology! Or cold calling I hate bothering people and I hate talking on the phone lol!

5 When was the last time you climbed a tree? Years ago 😦 I used to visit this place called hills and holes near my house where there were amazing trees to climb and id climb them and sit in them for hours chatting with my friend!!

6 Favourite piece of clothing you’ve owned/own? My wedding dress. Nothing will beat it to the top spot!

7 If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport what would you have a chance at winning a medal for? Reading. Specifically reading a whole book in a day!!

8 What is the most annoying habit other people have? Chewing with their mouth open or chewing loudly!!!!!!

9 What job would you be really good at? Actress or wardrobe assistant or librarian 

10 What skill would you like to master? Portrait drawing and knitting! Oh and making a meringue from scratch

11 What would be the most amazing adventure to go on? Me hubby&Molly in a campervan traveling the world.

12 What songs have you completely memorised? Any Disney song, anything from the spice girls and All Saints pure sures.

13 What game or movie universe would you most like to live in? Tolkien’s world with elves and hobbits and dwarves!!

14 Are you usually early or late? Ummmm a bit of both if it’s somewhere new I’m early if I’ve been there before usually late!

15 What pets did you have growing up? I had two guinea pigs. I’ve had fish and I’ve had hamsters 🙂

16 When people come to you for help what do they usually want help with? Advise and a sympathetic ear to listen.

17 What takes up too much of your time? My illness.

18 What are some small things that make your day better? My husband cat family and friends obviously. A good cup of tea. Putting my PJs and slippers on after a long day at work. Seeing things I’ve planted grow in my garden

19 Whose your go to band or artist when you’ve got nothing to listen to? Sterephonics Adele and Disney classics

20 What’s the best way to start the day? Caffeine! And knowing you’ve got nothing in particular to do knowing the day is yours.

21 What shows are you into? Game of thrones, bake off , apprentice, strictly come dancing, Doctor Foster and modern family

22 What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch? IT. I watched it once never again I hate clowns and any war film I hate war films. 

23 What would be your ideal weekend? Saturday walk to a farmer’s market pick up fresh supplies for brunch eat brunch in the garden go round to my families for a meal and drinks watch a good film Sunday walk to the shop get the Sunday papers meet up with friends for a walk have a Sunday roast at the local pub come home and have a lazy afternoon and evening 

24 What’s your claim to fame? I auditioned for a part in skins and was in the final 10 I met the writers of skins and met the people that subsequently got the part!!

25 What’s your favourite genre of book or movie? Book crime/thriller movie comedy

26 What have you recently formed an opinion about? Gender equality 

27 What’s the best single day on the calendar? 25th December

28 How do relax after a hard day at work? Get changed into my comfy clothes make a cuppa water the plants in the garden watch the chase eat tea and then read a book or watch YouTube videos

29 What was the best book or book series you’ve ever read? Series harry potter hands down singular book….ummm behind closed doors.

30 What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? Austin Texas

31 What’s the most annoying thing people always ask you? 2 questions. 1Are you ill again? 2. When are you having kids?

32 What’s your dream car? Mustang Shelby in blue 

33 What could you give a 40minute presentation on with no preparation? Aside from the obvious Harry potter&Disney films not alot!! Maybe talk about Lego dimensions!!!

34 If you were a dictator of a small island nation what crazy dictator stuff would you do? I’d do silly things like Fridays everyone has to wear odd socks or I’d ban things like cabbage and gherkins.

35 What’s worth spending more on to get the best? Shoes. I love me some primark bargains don’t get me wrong but shoes are something I definitely invest in.

36 What is something a tonne of people are obsessed with but you just don’t see the point of? Love island… Geordie shore…..orange is the new black….expensive makeup and green tea.

37 If all jobs had the same pay and hours what job would you like to do? Police officer, stunt double or actress 

38 What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years? Hopefully becoming a parent. Visiting some amazing places with my hubby and watching two of my besties get married.

39 What quirks do you have? I have to eat food in even amounts. I wear socks with sandals. I often wear my t-shirts and dresses backwards.

40 Wherewould you spend all your time if you could? The library. The park near my house and Disneyland 

That’s it for now my love’s so again thank you for your continued support I love you all and I’m excited for the next few months content I’ve got planned!! Xx

Lootcrate Unboxing

So I follow cherrywallis on YouTube and i saw her do an unboxing of lootcrates jkrowlingswizardingworld box and thought….I need that in my life!! The jkrowlingswizardingworld box is a bimonthly box and it costs £39 including shipping which sounds like a lot but the products you receive are such good quality,they have lootcrate exclusive items so items you won’t be able to buy in the shops and it comes all the way from America so for £39 I’m sold!! This month’s theme was defence against the dark arts and eeeeee the items I got are so SO cool!!

First up a lootcrate exclusive T-shirt 🙂 

They always have a pin badge in the box which is another reason why I brought it because you know I love me a pin badge!! This is marvarlo gaunts ring one of voldemorts horcruxes 🙂

Book ends ahhhh how cute are these one says piertotum the other says locamotor together they create the spell McGonagall casts to protect Hogwarts from voldemorts attack.

Dumbledores Army notebook. This is super cute!! 

And finally Severus Snapes wand pen!! The detail is just amazing!! 

Current Favourites

So I dropped the ball on monthly Favourites I did Jan&Feb and kinda gave up! So here’s a roundup of some of my recent Favourite items 🙂

Blue converse. http://wp.me/p3bKtq-Fq

This post explains my love for converse! So when they emailed to say they had a sale on I had to browse! I’d seen these when I went on the website to replace my old classics and thought ooo pretty so when they were in the sale AND I had a 20%code well i think that’s the universe telling me to buy them… So I did!

Lumix camera. My husband is so good to me! I wanted a new camera and saw this one but it was well above my price range but I’d kinda half talked myself into it because this will allow for better content on my blogs and also will help create better vlogs so anyways long story short Darren brought me the camera and I am paying him back what I can and he’s paying the rest 😀 

Loose leaf teapot. I have wanted a loose leaf teapot for so long I’ve got a beautiful teapot that my mum brought me for Christmas a few years back but modern loose leaf filters don’t fit inside it so hen we went to York I went to hebden tea shop aka heaven and brought this one for 14!! It’s super easy to use and infuses the tea so nicely none of the leaves fall through and end up in the cup thankfully!!

Original source shower gel. Ummm these smell…so freaking good!!! I’m using Raspberry and vanilla at the moment and have brought the coconut one too!! It leaves your skin smelling amazing and soft too!!!

Khaki shorts. Stop hold up these shirts are #life and they were only £4 from boohoo!!! WHAT!!! They are super soft super easy to wear and wash really nicely they keep their shape and they can be dressed up or down I have already worn them to death!!

And finally……my new found love….

 That’s right I am in the ARMY!! Jin and jungkook are life 😍😍 if you haven’t heard of them check them out they are called BTS and they are just amazing their music videos are works of art and their dance routines #dead 😍xx

So that’s it my current Favourites 🙂 

Natalie xx

Recent Reads 2 ðŸ“š

Hey guys sorry I’ve been a bit lacking in posts the last term at work is always crazy I have transition reports to write parents evenings leaving parties graduation parties school visits transition meetings it’s just chaos however I’ve got some very interesting fun posts planned for the 6 weeks holidays 😀 anyways I thought I’d do a little review of the books I’ve read recently 🙂

Into the water Paula Hawkins

Ahhhhhhh this book!!! Ok so it took a while to get into the first part hits you with so many characters places and flitting between past and present but parts 2&3 WOW!!! I enjoyed this more than girl on the train yeps I’m putting it out there!!

The one memory of flora banks by Emily Barr

Ok so I brought this after watching gracewithabookinherface review it on her YouTube I absolutely adore her!! This story for me was a nice easy read I wasn’t expecting the storyline but I won’t read it again it was ok but I’m not raving about it.

The sun is also a star Nicola Yoon

Oh 😍😍

Ok so if you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know I read everything everything a while back and adored it it was such an amazing debut book and I couldn’t wait to read her next story! The sun is also a star has a similar set out writing wise to EE its from mainly the two main characters POV with the odd chapter from other characters perspective. It’s such a smart funny thought provoking story about how one tiny moment one tiny decision can change your entire life it’s such a lovely book and I 1000%reccomend it.

King of the vagabonds by Colin Dann

Lastly this story was gifted to me by my best friend this story was one of her childhood Favourites and she wanted to share the story with me. It follows a young kitten who lives with his mum and sister they are an old ladies pets but when he learns his dad is a vagabond tom cat he wants to go and live that life style and leave his cushy housecat lifebehind. It’s such a lovely quick read (100pages) and I can’t wait to read the sequel 🙂

I am a bibliophile pt 2 ðŸ“š

Hello!! So for part 2 I thought I would share with you a book series that shaped my childhood, a book series that I will love until I take my last breath, a book series that has taught me so much and helped me through tough times, a book series that coincidentally was published 20 years ago TODAY

That’s right Harry potter. 20 years ago today The philosopher’s stone was published and the world met Harry Potter. Now I wasn’t introduced to Harry until his second year I won Chamber of secrets in a handwriting competition and upon finding out that it was a sequel I asked my parents for the first book and there my journey began, I was 10years old at the time so for me I’ve known Harry for 19years and boy am I glad! I grew up with these stories they were my childhood and adolescence they saw me through tough times bullying, GCSEs A-levels illnesses depression you name it these books have been there for me! They gave me some of my most favourite literary characters Luna lovegood Ron weasley Hagrid and of course Hermione, they’ve taught me about life,love,friendship, bravery,loyalty,kindness they’ve taught me to be myself and be proud of who I am, to learn all that you can, to be the best version of yourself and to never give up. I love the books and movies and i will ALWAYS be forever grateful to J.K.Rowling for creating Harry and his world and allowing us to feel special and amazing. I will love this book series in another 10,20 50 years…AlWAYS x


February Favourites

So I seem to have blinked and missed February!! Hopefully you all had a great month here’s what I was loving in the month of February

No7 creams

I got these for my birthday from my mother in law they are a day cream a night cream and an eye serum. I’ve been using them over a month now and honestly I can see a massive difference! My skin hasn’t broken out as much, it feels softer and looks so much more radiant! They are really good value for money too!!

Nail balm

My bestie made this nail balm herself as part of her new company! Essential aromatherapy by Sara check her out on Facebook. This nail balm has made my nails and cuticles so much stronger and healthy looking and only cost £6.50 it’s made with all natural ingredients and smells divine!

The breakdown by B.A.Paris.

I’ll review this in a separate post but WOW this book was good!! I loved her first novel behind closed doors it was in my top 3 of the year!! This doesn’t disappoint it’s just as good!!!!


I’ve watched this series a handful of times now and decided to rewatch it this half term, I have fully embraced the idea that Miranda Hart is my spirit animal!!

Fundamentals of caring

A Netflix original. Wow ok this film was brilliant it certainly stopped my whingy arse!! We all face problems we all think our life is shit at points but this film made me re-evaluate my ‘oh god my life is so unfair it sucks’ moments and made me realise it could be worse I’m healthy (ish) I have my own home,own car,a job and I’m loved by some amazing people what more could a person want right??

I think I’ll leave it there for this month’s Favourites sorry it got a little deep there!! Xx

January Favourites 2017

Wow. I don’t know about anyone else but this month flew by for me!! I had a great January overall, it was my birthday so I had a week of celebrating 🙂 I also went to York with the hubby which ticks one place off my 30 before 30 bucket list so yeah pretty good January 🙂 here are the first Favourites of 2017

Pinbadges: These two are from ohhdeer.com and they are so cute!! 

Clarins multi active jour sample. I’ve been looking for a face cream for a while now and heard good things about this one so decided to buy a sample size from eBay as it’s £42!!!! This is super soft and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and clogged up!

Toy story vans: I wanted these so bad when they came out but couldn’t justify spending the money on them as I already have 5 pairs of vans, however my hubby brought these for my Christmas present 🙂

GOT tee. I love Game of Thrones. This is not new news!! My hubby brought me a delightfully pun tastic game of thrones t-shirt from hell bunny tees which I love!!!

Easy. A Netflix original series. Wow ok this series was SO good!! It’s 8episodes long and I completely binge watched it. It’s got so many ‘famous’ faces in it it’s just brilliant!!!