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Hello I hope you have all been enjoying the sunny weather that the UK seems to be having I have already managed to get myself sunburnt OOOPS! So please remember your suncream try to avoid the sun between the hours of 11-2 and DRINK plenty of water!! I would like to apologise as I was meant to post the beginning of my style challenge series on Sunday however I had some personal stuff to deal with so this didn’t happen. HOWEVER this sunday I will be doing days 1-7 of the challenge and I have decided that Sundays blog posts will be a weekly roundup of my style challenge outfits rather than attempting to photograph every outfit for the next 61 days on the day upload and edit the pictures and write a blog post it would be TOO much!! Any ways as usual I am rambling here are my current beauty favourites you all seemed to love this back in February so I thought I would update you all on my current beauty Favs.

Beauty Favs April

The Body shop Strawberry collection. I love body shop products but my favourite has to be the strawberry collection I just love the scent of the strawberry its such an artificial strawberry smell but it’s so nice and automatically reminds me of summer! I use the body polish with a body pouffe then i use the shower gel and then when i am out of the shower i smoother myself with the body butter and I am left all soft and smelling of strawberries HEAVEN!

I find that my hair as it is quite thick and naturally curly can get quite dry particularly the ends and it turns kind of limp and dull, I saw this Oil complex shampoo in Aldi and thought why not give it a try the shampoo and conditioner were under £1 each and WOW it smells so nice and has left my hair in such good condition! MY hair feels silky and smooth and healthy! I don’t use this every time I wash my hair I will use it every 3rd time as a little treat for my hair.

Next up is two make up products the first is the blush dream pallete from Make up Revolution. I never used to wear blush until I got this pallet and now I can’t stop!! I like to combine the lightest pink with the peach highlight and peach&Red highlight for a nice natural flush. I then picked up a new mascara from Collection 2000 I actually really recommend collection 2000 especially their mascara, eyeliner and eye shadows!! This mascara cost £2 and it is such a great mascara.

Savlon. Yes savlon is my body saviour right now!! I know that some people apply sudocreme to their spots but for me I have found that savlon works just as well, everytime I get a spot I apply some savlon and tea tree oil and my spots clear up in just a few days! I have also really enjoyed using these hair bobbles in my hair they don’t leave an annoying bump in my hair and as my hair is thick and curly these can actually hold the entire weight of my hair using just one which is a MIRACLE!! Also with the spring/summer weather finally showing up I have reverted back to my floral scent of davidoff cool waters sea Rose which is such a nice light fragrance its so nice for this time of year!!

Lastly I have also been loving the imperial lather Bath foams!! They smell so nice and they create a lot of bubbles without using a lot of product, they also leave tour skin feeling smooth. I picked up the marshmallow one last week and I just love the scent of it!!

So that is all I have for today’s post

Speak soon


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March Roundup Books,TV and Films

Happy March 31st!! I cant believe that we are flying through this year! I won’t ramble on I will just get straight onto my reviews 🙂


I had set myself a goal of reading 4 books in March lets see if I managed it 🙂

Book One The Maze Runner: SO I got brought the trilogy 2 years ago for Christmas I tried to read the first book but found their phrases and slang were so difficult to read! I then watched the second film and thought right time to try and read these again as I have enjoyed the films and this time around I persevered through and managed to read it all 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to find that they hadn’t changed an awful lot when adapting it to the film 🙂 I really enjoyed it and I will definitely be reading the rest of the books!

Book Two Faking Friends: So I had seen Ferne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher post about this book on their Instagram and had read the blurb when I was perusing books in Tesco, I just couldn’t decide if i wanted to buy it or not so when it was in the 3 for£10 on amazon I thought….Why not and I am SO glad that I brought it!! Its brilliant! I read it in 2 days it was just fab. It made me laugh made me cry made me frustrated it was so believable and I can’t recommend it enough.

Book Three

So after reading faking friends I tried to start 2 different books but boy was I in a slump!! Then B.A.Paris the angel herself released her third book and all was right with the world! Bring me back is B.A.Paris’ third book and WOW I was actually drained after reading it!! I cried through the last 2 paragraphs and when I closed the book I realised I had been holding my breath!! I am so glad that my friend found B.A. Paris 2 years ago she has fast become one of my favourite authors and I cannot wait to see what she brings out next!!

Films: Firstly I watched Jumanji welcome to the jungle and I laughed the entire way through the film it was SO funny! I really liked the concept of making it more ‘Modern’ and the actors did such a great job!!

Then I watched Star Wars The Last Jedi and had all the feels!! It was SO good I have to say I was SO worried when I heard that they were bringing out more films I will put it out there I really hated and I mean HATED 1,2&3 with Hayden Christensen and Ewan Mcgregor just NO I will tolerate the last 20 minutes of star wars III Revenge of the Sith seeing Anakin become Darth Vader is the only good thing about the movies but anyway I digress So yes in 2015 when The force awakens was released I didn’t have high hopes but it was a pleasant surprise and I was TOTALLY sold on the idea that these 3 would be much better and I am glad to say that The last Jedi kept up my hopes and I thoroughly enjoyed it I laughed a lot cried A LOT and was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the film!

Tv wise I started to Re-watch PLL I don’t know why I think I was just in need of some fashion inspiration and thought I need to see what Aria and Spencer wore to give me IDEAS!! I usually do this when I am in a fashion slump I will re-watch PLL or Skins Or Gossip Girl or My Mad Fat Diary or SATC!!

I also started watching Orphan Black and My goodness am I confused!! I haven’t gotten very far so please no spoilers!!

I also Started Series 10 of Rupauls Drag Race YAAAASSSSSS!!!

I also decided to Re-watch Towie from the beginning in anticipation of series 21!!

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Batiste Review:AD

I was sent the batiste smoothing blow dry accelerator spray by TRND to try out and give my honest review. Disclaimer I was sent this item for free this hasn’t affected my opinion on the product and below you will find my honest review of the product.

Batiste review

So as you can see I was sent a full sized bottle of the product to review which I was pleasently suprised with. The product also came with some spread the word sheets so that I could share this product with friends and family and then get their opinions on the product too. I also received a booklet with ideas on how to spread the word about the product and also some facts about the product.

The claim

Always thought blow drying your hair was a hassle? We’re about to change that with our newest innovation. Spray on damp hair and dry as normal. Be prepared to be blown away as the clever formula helps dry your hair up to 30% faster than normal. Our smart technology, enriched with Baobab oil, will smooth out your locks and shields from heat damage.

So first up I am really happy that I got a full size bottle to review this means that I could use it several times to really judge weather it worked or not! you simply wash your hair as normal then shake shake shake the bottle up spray it all over your hair at this point you will notice the heavenly scent of this spray like it smells SO good!! Then comb through hair to ensure its evenly distributed. Then set a timer….honestly I set a timer to see if this would really work, now on a normal day without this product my thick curly hair takes between 20-25 minutes from wet to fully dry. So set the timer and simply blow dry your hair as normal! I have used this 5 times now and each time my hair has taken 10-15 minutes to fully dry!!! I have also received plenty of compliments about how shiny and healthy my hair looks. My hair does look and feel smoother and healthier and I cannot believe that it worked! The product is now on sale in boots and its £4.49 for a 125ml bottle. As I say I’ve used this 5 times and I still have loads left it lasts a long time and I think a product for under £5 that saves me 15 minutes every morning is money well spent! I will definetly be purchasing this when my sample runs out!

Here is a link to buy the product from the boots website ( I don’t receive anything for you clicking on the link I just thought I would include it for you to see!)

So to summarise I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars. Its quick and easy to use, leaves hair feeling smooth and healthy, knocks time off your blow dry, smells AMAZING and its under £5!!!

Speak soon


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My Ultimate Style Icons

Ever since I was little I have loved playing dress up. I would walk around wearing my mum’s heels my dads tie a trilby hat and some HUGE sunglasses! As I got older my own personal style started to peek through and i found myself looking to magazines for inspiration from my favourite celebrities or to films and TV copying my favourite characters outfits! Now whilst I admire a lot of different characters and celebrities style wise these 7 women are my go to style icons.

My Number One: AUDREY HEPBURNScreenshot_20180313-185036~2

Sophistication and grace this woman was a total Babe!! Ever since I saw her in Breakfast at Tiffanys I have been obsessed! I’ve watched nearly every film shes been in I even dressed up as her for Halloween. She will always be my go to because she just had that effortless style down. I love seeing photographs of her at events or on film sets or out and about she just always looks so flawless she really helped me love and embrace my big eyebrows and petite stature!

These next three I would class as my classic style icons. These women are similar to Audrey they have the effortless style down but they are also quite petite in stature and i like seeing them change up their style because they always kill every look they wear!!

Fashion icons 1

Audrey Tatou. I Love this woman! One of my favourite films is called Priceless its a french film with English subtitles and Audrey is the main character, the looks she wears in this film made me fall in love with her and then seeing her in Amelie just sealed the deal!! Felicity Jones. I used to watch the worst witch on CITV (The old school GOOD version not the new remake crap!) and although she was mean I loved Ethel Hallow!! Fast forward 12 years and I am watching Chalet girl and up pops this beauty!! So my old love for Ethel Hallow reignited and I began googling pictures of Felicity Jones and I just adore her red carpet looks and off duty style. Emma Watson. *sigh* This woman is simply stunning. I watched every red carpet event for the Harry Potter films in anticipation of seeing what Emma would wear!! I also LOVED when she had a pixie cut she looked SO good!! I love that I have been able to see her style evolve through social media and I think she does off duty preppy cool perfectly! I mean who knew dungarees and a plain tee could look so good?

These last 3 are my quirky style icons. I love eccentric, androgynous style there is nothing more sexy (in my opinion) than a woman rocking her natural hair wearing a trouser suit and heels DAYUM!!!

Fashion Icons 2

Erin O’Connor. In 1996 this elfin beauty rocked up in the modelling world. To me she has this ethereal beauty her face is striking and I love the way that she styles herself. This woman knows how to wear a trouser suit and make it look feminine and strong. Helena Bonham Carter. Beautifully bonkers, Her personality is what is most striking about her I just love that she is always Un-apologetically herself and wears whatever the fuck she wants! Kate Bush. Man do I love a waistcoat in fact I am so incredibly sad that I don’t have any waistcoats anymore I need to fix this!! Kate Bush has made me appreciate my natural curls, shes bonkers and odd but so sultry and just owns being a woman.


So there we have my 7 ultimate style crushes!! Whose style do you crush on and why? Is there anyone’s style you simply would NEVER ever copy?? Let me know in the comments!

Speak Soon


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International Women’s Day

8th March 2018 International women’s Day.

This post is a dedication to all the women who inspire me, who build me up, are by my side, have my back and lead the way. The women who have taught me the meaning of strength, love, compassion, friendship and loyalty. The women who Kick Ass everyday and encourage me to do the same.

I have never and will never see International Women’s Day as a feminist movement or a trend or a cry out for us to be heard. I see it as a day to express my love and gratitude to the amazing women who have paved the way, the women who have fought and overcome battles, the women who spend their time boosting others. I will also on this day praise the men in my life because I personally have been incredibly lucky to have some amazing men in my life that allow me to be me.

international womens day 2

Me. Yes I am Fucking Fierce. I reached a point in my life where I was fed up of hearing all the can’ts and don’ts aimed at me and my abilities, I grew tired of people underestimating me, putting me down, letting me down and walking all over me. I did huge detox of all the toxic people and things from my life and I have never been happier! I just landed an amazing job I have some bloody terrific people around me and I am loving my life.


Mum. I could write a whole book and then some about this incredible woman so I will try to summarise! This woman is incredible, shes the most genuine person you will ever meet. This woman has had a full time job, brought up her two children and looked after my dad who became ‘disabled’ when I was 16. This woman never complains, never mopes about she is just a boss ass woman and carries on. She will always put everyone first and would do anything for anyone. The best role model, mother and friend a girl could ask for x

Collage 2018-03-08 19_50_28


Becca: We met on our first day of secondary school, My friend Katie Introduced me to this tall blonde bombshell and I thought Eurghh I am going to hate her…….19 years on and I was SO wrong!! This woman is incredible we went through the emo fringe phase, myspace pose phase,goth phase, the lesser mentioned and thankfully lesser documented ‘Chav’ phase together. We drank far too many Jagerbombs and danced until 3am every Friday and Saturday together, we spent all our pocket money then as we got older our wages on shopping trips together. We have been through the mill of emotions and come out stronger I am so incredibly proud of you you have always been a beautiful strong smart woman and I am so glad that you can finally see that for yourself. I am so excited to be entering our thirties together and seeing what new amazing memories we can create, one things for sure with you in my life its always going to be amazing!!

Sara: Thank you for building me up, supporting me making me laugh until my sides hurt, for sharing my utter obsession with harry potter, for introducing me to Earl Grey tea, For standing up for what you believe in and for just being an all round bloody brilliant woman! Your an amazing mum your children really are a testament to that and I love them both dearly!! Thank you for everything you do and I am so excited to see whats in store for SARA&NATALIE the new blockbuster coming soon!!

Becky: My darling Becky thank you for taking me under your wing all those years ago at coca cola I never thought I would have left that place with a friend for life but I did!!! Thank you for the shitty nights out in liquid drinking far too many alchopops, that one time we seemingly lost our minds and thought we could survive a bloody music festival in the welsh valley! For being there for my first tattoo, the road trips to the seaside the copious amounts of desserts that we’ve never fully finished from Tamu!! Thank you for being apologetically you! You are incredibly strong and powerful and I bloody admire you so much, you’ve taught me not only to pick myself up dust myself off and carry on you’ve always been there to hold my hand through it all too!!

Collage 2018-03-08 19_34_14

JK Rowling for creating an entire world filled with strong ass female characters Hermione, Luna and Molly Weasley to name a few. Hermione for teaching me and I’m certain lots of other people that it’s OK to be smart, Friendship is important, hard work pays off. Luna for teaching me that its ok to stand out and not seemingly ‘fit in’ to never ever compromise who I am. Molly Weasley for teaching me that being a mum doesn’t define you that you can bake an apple pie in the morning and kick ass in the evening!! Alice in wonderland. My favourite Literary Character teaching me its ok to be a little odd, I can be strong and that I am more powerful than I think.

Now to the men. My Dad. A man whose allowed me to be me, Always there by my side and supporting&encouraging me no matter what. The strongest man I know who never lets anything get in his way. A man who taught me to know my worth and who will never let me forget who I am and what I can achieve.

Darren. For allowing me to be me. For being my best friend and equal partner. A guy who will always support my decisions even if they are crazy!!

My Brother. Because If I don’t put him he will only whinge. Without fail this guy will always be there to comment the violin emoji on my facebook status and that….that’s true love right there.

I could GO on I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of supportive people I have in my life I am forever grateful to whomever destined them to be in my life because I HIT the jackpot!!

Speak soon

An Incredibly Grateful



Lootcrate Unboxing My honest opinion

Happy Sunday everybody. Is the snow still around in your area? Are you going stir crazy being cooped up as its too cold to venture outside? I wasn’t expecting to receive this loot crate this week I thought the postman wouldn’t bother delivering in this weather but bless his little heart he arrived at my door wrapped up in his woolly hat and huge coat!!

So this is January’s box and it arrived on the 1st of March Yes you read that right. This is the second box in a row to be delayed now I am understanding of it being delayed a week maybe two as its shipped from the US but it was meant to arrive between 15th-20th January and it gets here 1st March. Similarly in November we were meant to get one 15th-20th November and it arrived end of December. If March’s gets delayed I am going to cancel my subscription because I am paying for boxes when I haven’t received the month before’s. I also am not entirely happy with the content this month I mean The products are well made and probably add up cost wise to make it worth it BUT I was just a bit underwhelmed. Never the less here is what I got.

So first up your meant to get 5-7 items…we got 4. The box was a lot smaller than they usually are so that should have been the first like WOAH kind of moment. Inside I got a Rowena Ravenclaw lost diadem pin which I am impressed with it is well made and goes towards my Horcrux pin collection. I then got a ravenclaw tie you get to choose your house and I am a Ravenclaw it is cute but I wont use it all the time. I then got a Harry Potter the wand collection book. This would’ve been so much cooler if my bff hadn’t brought me the hardback edition for Christmas which looks SO much prettier than this version! I mean its great don’t get me wrong but I subscribed to this box for items that you cant get just anywhere! Lastly a scarf. This is the best item in the box!! Its a LONG scarf with the black family tapestry printed on it.

I know I sound whingy but I pay £39 for this and It just didn’t feel like it was worth it this month if I am honest!!

Anyways….Speak Soon


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I’m a sucker for…..Part 4

The final part in this mini Photo Series. I thought it was just a nice fun different post to share with you some photos that I Love that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Today the final post is just some Nature photographs that I have taken the majority of them are from Centre Parcs I will be going there again at the end of April so there will be plenty more opportunities to add to my growing nature photos collection!


Eden Project Cornwall




Centre Parcs










Welsh Valley


Grandparents Allotment


Barnwell County Park

So there we have it my little mini series is complete I really enjoyed sharing these photos with you and I am excited to get outside and take more photos of the things I love..Who knows this could turn into an extended series………………………………..


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