A look(back)through my wardrobe

Does any body else when in a style rut decide to start looking through old OOTD posts hoping for some inspiration? That’s what I have done this evening, I find that my wardrobe does still consist of pieces that I was wearing 1,5 even 10 years ago so I thought that I would look through some old OOTD posts from before my blog (I logged into my facebook and trawled through all my albums) and founds some pictures of outfits and hairstyles that I really liked and that sparked my fashion interests again and thought that I would share them with you.

Blog Post 3

From L-R I cut all my hair off and I won’t lie it felt great I loved styling this really short bob as my curls looked amazing!! I also used to wear a lot of these patterned shift dresses with knee high socks and heels for a night out. I LOVE the length of my hair in this picture this was our first wedding anniversary and I am dolled up in my favourite black shirt that I will wear until it falls apart. This floral dress I really did wear until the back seam fell apart, my mum stitched it back up then it broke again so I sewed it back up but it just kept coming undone at different parts on the back seam so I had to give it up 😦 I loved pairing floral dresses with a belt and long cardigan this was from the beginning of my blog (a now deleted post as I deleted everything and made a fresh start) Bottom row L-R I loved this skirt I got it from H&M and wore it SO much I only recently got rid of it it had started to become quite tight and as it was high waisted that was incredibly uncomfortable. I need to pair my denim shirts with skirts more I’ve been wearing them under jumpers for too long!! I LOVE this floral blouse and still own it along with the blazer, this was my go to going out outfit 2 years ago I have recently cleared out my wardrobe but the blazers survived the cull so I think I need to start styling them again!! FLORAL JEANS!!!!! Ok so I have now moved onto patterned trousers this look was a real light bulb moment for me tonight as to how I can style some of my patterned trousers again my blazer was getting a lot of wear something I definitely want to bring back into my outfits in 2018 and lastly these boyfriend fit jeans 😦 I cried when they got a massive rip right under my butt cheek, now I am aware that for some unknown reason that rather unfortunately became a trend but as I don’t consciously follow trends as it is I sure as heck wasn’t going to start with the ass cheek out jeans trend!! So I had to throw them away and no jean has quite replaced them since 😦 I do however have some Levi’s that look similar and I recently purchased some leopard kitten heels that are yet to be debuted so…I may well have to try them together and see if It works!!

So I think this little look back into my wardrobe so to speak has definitely given me a lot of ideas I am going to pinterest looks based on these items Blazers, Boyfriend Jeans, Leopard Courts and Printed trousers as looking at the pictures I chose they are the stand out pieces that I am wanting to bring back into my wardrobe. Look out for outfits inspired by these old school OOTDS.

Speak soon




Fashion Inspiration Part 1

I thought that I would share with you where I get my inspiration from, what and who inspires me, how I create fashion moodboards, current lookbook ideas, current styles and outfits I want to try out and my current fashion inspirations in various different blog posts that will be entitled Fashion Inspiration to hopefully inspire any one who is in a style rut, give you some ideas on how to find fashion inspiration, introduce you to new bloggers and new fashion ideas and for me to look back on at the end of the year to see how my style evolves and changes and see what and who has influenced me over the year. In today’s post I am going to share a fashion mood board that I created in my scrapbook and 4 outfit ideas that I found on pinterest that I want to recreate this month.


When reading magazines whether they are fashion or lifestyle I am always looking at the clothing pictures for inspiration, whatever then catches my eye I like to cut out and keep to create visual mood boards to help when I am in a fashion rut and to identify pieces I ether have in my wardrobe and can restyle into these outfits or to identify gaps in my wardrobe. This is the first mood board that I have created this year and I can see alot of inspiration coming from one of my favourite bloggers/youtuber Megan Ellaby she has this gorgeous sultry 70s vibe and creates some stunning outfits she is all about tailoring, statement pieces and a good sock&shoe combo! I am loving stripes, trousers and flat shoes at the moment. Also who said sparkles are just for the festive season? I’m 30 this year and want to be sparkly and fabulous the whole year, I want to take more fashion risks and throw out the fashion handbook as it was because really life is too short to wear boring clothes!!

blog post

(Images taken from pinterest original sources from L-R Fashionmenow ElleUK Steal the look and allthatshewantsblog)

As you can see statement trousers are definitely something I am eager to style, I have several pairs in my wardrobe and have been looking for fun ways to style them, I feel that jeans have become my fail safe option and want to start wearing trousers and skirts more. I also am still loving layering especially with this cold weather!! I love the camisole top over a long sleeve or t-shirt I own plenty of both so really want to try this. Leopard print will always be my go to print I just love it! I own a similar shirt and some black trousers and hadn’t really thought about pairing the two together but after seeing this pin i’m going to give it a go. Also I purchased a gorgeous leather pencil skirt in the sales and have been trying to find some outfit ideas to pair it with I have plenty of statement and graphic tees that don’t get a lot of wear until I saw this pin and now I think this will fast become one of my favourite ways to wear them!!

I can’t wait to start creating some Outfit of the Day posts and lookbooks for 2018.

Speak soon



January is already off to what seems a flying start, I think perhaps because I am back to work and routine it feels as though the time is going quickly. I am very excited for the year ahead I have some amazing travel plans, Plans that will tick off a few of my Bucket list goals and I’ve put some routines and changes to my lifestyle in place the benefits of which are already paying off.

I have changed up a few things on my blog that you may or may not have noticed I created a new Header image and I have updated my About me page I also created a contact me page so if you haven’t already go and check those out. You may also notice if you are eagle eyed and sit looking through all my old posts everyday(I don’t imagine why you would but you never know!) I have deleted some old posts, I am not deleting everything and it wasn’t a decision I made lightly I’ve just deleted posts that are no longer relevant, posts with clothes I no longer own or posts where it is quite obvious that I wasn’t happy or dressing in what I’d call my style and had obviously just put together an aesthetically pleasing outfit as apposed to a realistic outfit.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks I am visiting the studio tour(AGAIN POTTERHEADFORLIFE) for Hogwarts in the snow. Its my big 3-0 Birthday and I have a meal with all my favourite people planned. I am also heading off somewhere exciting for 4 Days to celebrate my birthday just me and the Husband.

Looking towards the rest of the year its shaping up to be a very exciting and eventful one with plenty of places to visit, plenty of food&drink to taste and plenty of events to celebrate with friends and loved ones.


So with all the hectic planning of the year ahead today I finally allowed myself to rest up and my body has finally succumbed to this cold that seems to be making the rounds, So I got a good book put on my fluffy dressing gown and curled up on the sofa. I have also penciled in some blog post ideas for the upcoming year which I am very excited about I am adding some different types of posts to break up the fashion and shopping haul posts which are my main types of posts. I have also set up my bullet journal for January and I am happy with how it has turned out. So even though I am ill I have powered through(from the comfort of my sofa) and been fairly productive.


That’s all for today my loves

Speak soon

Natalie x

2017 Roundup

Hello My loves so I know I know 20th December was going to be my last post and I have already done a kind of roundup of 2017 but this post is a little different and its something that I like to put in my journal and thought I would share it with you guys as well. This post is kind of like a stats review post where i want to share in numbers the books I read, Movies I watched T.V series I watched etc I will also pick my top 3 of everything too 🙂 So here goes I hope you like this kind of post I always like to look back and see all the new things I have experienced in number form if that makes any sense!!

Books: New:20 Re-read:2

I am so unhappy with the amount that I read 😦 I was in such a reading slump for the latter part of this year and my goal next year is to read at least 30 new books! My top 3 are:

The couple next door

Into the water

Apple Tree Yard


Yes I did watch a fair few films! Saturday nights are usually spent at my mum&dads Eating food and watching New films. My top 3 are:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

Beauty and the Beast

Deep Water Horizon

TV SHOWS:14(that I can remember)

So I watched a lot of TV! But there are only 14 TV shows written down in my journal so that’s what I’m going from. Top 3 are:

Doctor Foster S1&2

Stranger things S1&2

Game of Thrones S7


I got 127 new followers over the year which is honestly AMAZING!! I am now over 400 followers and would go absolutely crazy if I got to 500 followers!! I always say it but honestly I never thought that so many people would be interested in my little blog and I am so thankful to the friends that I have made through this platform this is honestly such a supportive community and I want to thank you all for your support this past year!

I wrote 91 blog posts!! I am super happy with all the content that I put out this year I know it wasn’t a lot but I switched things up tried new kinds of posts and I think the quality was better so I will continue with this format in the new year.


I usually do a round up of my favourite outfits of the year so here we go my top 3 outfits from this years blog looks 🙂

And that is that my lovelies.

See you in 2018


Blogmas Day 20: 20 December outfits

Hello My loves so this is my last Blogmas post 😦 I cant believe that it is Christmas on Monday!! Today is my first day off and I am feeling so run down i feel that since October I have just been in a whirlwind of emotions and haven’t actually had any time to breathe!! So from December 1st to Today I took a photo of my outfit and looking back I have noticed that I am a creature of habit, I own lots of clothes but actually mainly end up wearing either pjs or the same kind of outfits, I’m drawn to brown and green at the moment-maybe i just want to dress like a tree?? Also I clearly find an item of clothing that I like then wear it to death haha!!! So here we go. Disclaimer there are only 19 outfits I didn’t take an outfit of the day photo on the 13th as I also didn’t do blogmas that day due to a mental health day that i took for myself 🙂

Days 1-5


Day1: Adidas Leggings&Grey Primark Jumper. Day2: Yellow Jumper Charity shop& Black Primark Jeggings Day3: Red Jumper Charity shop Black Primark Jeggings Faux Leather Jacket charity shop Day4: Check Skirt and Red Jumper Charity shop Boots Primark Day5: Brown Skirt F&F Jumper Primark

Days 6-10


Day6: Brown Jumper&trousers Charity shop Day7: Green shirt F&F Black Jeggings Primark Faux Fur gilet New look Day8: Brown jumper charity shop brown skirt F&F Day9: Brown Jumper charity shop, blue jeans Next scarf&Jacket charity shop Day10: Trousers Charity shop Tshirt Primark

Days 11-15


DAY11: Grey Jumper& PJ bottoms Primark, DAY12: Grey Jumper&PJ bottoms Primark Day14: Green Jumper New look Brown Skirt F&F Day15: Christmas Jumper&Jeggings Primark

Days 16-19


Day 16: Same outfit as day 14 I just loved it so much i thought why the hell not! Day 17: Penguin onesie Primark Day 18: Cracking out the adidas leggings and faithful primark jumper again Day 19: Green jumper new look black jeggings primark HUGE red bow Primark.

Day 20 Today


My weasley dreams have come true! So as you may or may not be aware (if your not aware I can only assume your new to my blog in which case welcome) I am a HUGE harry potter fan and for the longest time I have wanted to buy the Weasley Christmas Jumper but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on one jumper SO I used a jumper I brought for 99p from the charity shop and some yellow Yarn and a thick yarn needle to create my own Weasley Jumper and I am so happy with how it turned out!! I am pairing it with my favourite skirt of the moment my brown F&F one a green beanie I brought from a charity shop and my DR marten boots for a full on weasley inspired outfit 🙂

All that remains to say is Merry Christmas Have a fabulous time and I will see you all in the New Year

Natalie Signing off until January 3rd.

Lots of Love



Blogmas Day 9:Festive lookbook 

Hello my lovelies Happy Saturday hope your having a lovely weekend 🙂 x 

So today I have created 3 looks for this festive season for you 🙂 

Look one

Socks Primark

Shoes New look

Skirt Boohoo

Shirt Charity shop

Look two

Beret, jumper skirt&boots charity shop

Socks Primark

Look Three

Jeans Next

Jumper, jacket shoes necklace and scarf charity shops.

That’s all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyed these looks and I’ll see you tomorrow xx

DIY Halloween Part 6: A journey back in time

The looks today are again if you don’t want to be scary or if your going to a themed Halloween party 🙂 I’ve created a look for the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s 

60-s Think beehive bouffant hair, paisley print, knee high socks and platform boots.

70-s flowing locks, huge sunglasses,wide leg trousers and gilets

80-s The mom/mum Jean truly came into its own in the 80s! Pair it with a hideous print shirt tied up and some clumpy trainers! Or go full on shell suit and crimped hair!

90-s chockers,space buns and pinafore dresses with stacked platforms are typical 90’s for me…take your inspiration from the spice girls they were my fashion icons!! X