Blogmas Day 20: 20 December outfits

Hello My loves so this is my last Blogmas post 😦 I cant believe that it is Christmas on Monday!! Today is my first day off and I am feeling so run down i feel that since October I have just been in a whirlwind of emotions and haven’t actually had any time to breathe!! So from December 1st to Today I took a photo of my outfit and looking back I have noticed that I am a creature of habit, I own lots of clothes but actually mainly end up wearing either pjs or the same kind of outfits, I’m drawn to brown and green at the moment-maybe i just want to dress like a tree?? Also I clearly find an item of clothing that I like then wear it to death haha!!! So here we go. Disclaimer there are only 19 outfits I didn’t take an outfit of the day photo on the 13th as I also didn’t do blogmas that day due to a mental health day that i took for myself 🙂

Days 1-5


Day1: Adidas Leggings&Grey Primark Jumper. Day2: Yellow Jumper Charity shop& Black Primark Jeggings Day3: Red Jumper Charity shop Black Primark Jeggings Faux Leather Jacket charity shop Day4: Check Skirt and Red Jumper Charity shop Boots Primark Day5: Brown Skirt F&F Jumper Primark

Days 6-10


Day6: Brown Jumper&trousers Charity shop Day7: Green shirt F&F Black Jeggings Primark Faux Fur gilet New look Day8: Brown jumper charity shop brown skirt F&F Day9: Brown Jumper charity shop, blue jeans Next scarf&Jacket charity shop Day10: Trousers Charity shop Tshirt Primark

Days 11-15


DAY11: Grey Jumper& PJ bottoms Primark, DAY12: Grey Jumper&PJ bottoms Primark Day14: Green Jumper New look Brown Skirt F&F Day15: Christmas Jumper&Jeggings Primark

Days 16-19


Day 16: Same outfit as day 14 I just loved it so much i thought why the hell not! Day 17: Penguin onesie Primark Day 18: Cracking out the adidas leggings and faithful primark jumper again Day 19: Green jumper new look black jeggings primark HUGE red bow Primark.

Day 20 Today


My weasley dreams have come true! So as you may or may not be aware (if your not aware I can only assume your new to my blog in which case welcome) I am a HUGE harry potter fan and for the longest time I have wanted to buy the Weasley Christmas Jumper but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on one jumper SO I used a jumper I brought for 99p from the charity shop and some yellow Yarn and a thick yarn needle to create my own Weasley Jumper and I am so happy with how it turned out!! I am pairing it with my favourite skirt of the moment my brown F&F one a green beanie I brought from a charity shop and my DR marten boots for a full on weasley inspired outfit 🙂

All that remains to say is Merry Christmas Have a fabulous time and I will see you all in the New Year

Natalie Signing off until January 3rd.

Lots of Love




Blogmas Day 9:Festive lookbook 

Hello my lovelies Happy Saturday hope your having a lovely weekend 🙂 x 

So today I have created 3 looks for this festive season for you 🙂 

Look one

Socks Primark

Shoes New look

Skirt Boohoo

Shirt Charity shop

Look two

Beret, jumper skirt&boots charity shop

Socks Primark

Look Three

Jeans Next

Jumper, jacket shoes necklace and scarf charity shops.

That’s all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyed these looks and I’ll see you tomorrow xx

Shopping try on Haul

Hello lovelies 🙂 yesterday I went shopping with my mumma and these are the goodies I found 🙂 all items in bold are the new items.

 Brown check blazer&matching trousers £3 cancer research black t-shirt £4 Sainsbury’s I feel super sassy in this suit!! I can’t believe I got both pieces for £3 that’s £1.50 each!! I can wear them together or separately which I like 🙂

 Khaki dress £1 Sue Ryder mustard top £2 primark (men’s section) scarf 50p Sue Ryder beanie hat 50p Sue Ryder glitter tights £1 primark tapestry boots £1 Sue Ryder. I love this dress it can be paired with so many items! Also this scarf is giving me Newt Scamander vibes!! I love men’s t-shirts they fit so much nicer I find I am loving mustard for autumn (like pretty much everyone else) 

 Black denim dress £1sue Ryder brown roll neck jumper £1.75 Marie curie brown boots 99p barnardos. I picked this dress up after finding the khaki one I love this look with the roll neck underneath! This jumper is SO soft. I like the tie waist of this dress it just pulls the look together.

 Blue embroidered shirt £2 cancer research green roll neck £1.49 age UK stripe jumper £1 Sue Ryder penguin Christmas t-shirt £2.50 primark 

 Black t-shirt £2.99 age UK men’s section

 This is why you should check the men’s section too!! I love this T-shirt I can’t wait to style it up 

 Red jumper £1 Sue Ryder. Can’t you tell the Sue Ryder shop had reopened!! I wanted a red jumper as they are everywhere right now! This has cute little rhinestones on it too!!!!!!

 Floral dress 99p barnardos belt 99p age UK 

 Black velvet loafers £3 primark red shiny boots £3 primark

 So that’s it :)all my bargain buys 🙂 x 

Autumn Look book 1

So the weather is just starting to turn autumnal so I thought I’d do a transitional look book first featuring 4 outfits that are easy to wear in this warmer autumn weather x

Outfit one

Black grey and white check skirt charity shop, boots Dr martens,top boohoo, tights primark. I love fishnet tights in this weather because they aren’t too warm and they add a bit of edge to your outfit.

Outfit two

Tapestry boots charity shop, brown dress everything £5 , cardigan charity shop. I love the autumn tones in this look this dress sees me right through autumn and winter paired with different accessories.

Outfit three

Slip dress charity shop,cardigan charity shop,boots charity shop,hat Charity shop. A sleeveless slip dress with a big chunky knit cardigan is such an easy outfit to recreate and keeps you just warm enough whilst it’s still sunny outside.

Outfit four

Dress cardigan and boots charity shop. I will be wearing this all through autumn and winter I’ll just add thicker tights and a nice jewel toned coat to change it up 🙂 

Charity Haul 🛍

I went shopping. Again. I brought alot of things!! So let’s see what I got shall we?!? There’s also at the end a few recent purchases that I haven’t shown you 🙂

Age UK 

Horn necklace 99p owl ring 49p

Jumper £3.49 this was in the men’s section and is originally from next

Pin badges: green starbug is from eBay £2 Dobby&Luna are from the studio tour £6each Alice is from Disneyland Paris £5 and the bird and cat were from age UK for 49p each


British heart Foundation had a sale on and I found this really cute print t-shirt for 99p originally 1.99

Cancer Research

Olive green box fit top £2 originally topshop black lace corset style camisole £1 and black white and grey check skirt £2 

Barnardos store

They had a sale rail in the store so of course I went straight for that!! Brown stripe t-shirt 99p was 2.49 pale blue Victorian style shirt 99p was 3.99 maroon cardigan 99p was 2.99 stripe shirt dress 99p was 3.49

Barnardos outlet

The outlet store had some big bins filled with shoes clothes and bags so I did some digging and found these beauties! Green leopard print velvet top 1.49 white owl t-shirt (his face cracks me up) 99p black high neck lace top 99p brown boots 99p maroon dress 99p


I found Catlin Moran how to be a woman in scope for £1.25 and thirteen reasons why in the salvation army for 50p 🙂

I brought some slippers a t-shirt plimsolls and a short for Darren in primark so in total today’s spend was…….. £34.60!!!

Sue Ryder at eye

On Wednesday after my hair appointment we went to eye and I brought these black cut out boots for £5 this black dog print knot front shirt for £3 and this green shirt for £3 


Orange black and white stripe trousers £8 and black shorts £10

Which items your favourite??

Orange dream ☀💛🌻🍊

My loves. This skirt. This skirt is just beautiful so what did I do? I got myself dolled up purely to show it off ….I am that extra 😂 this skirt I found in a charity shop for I think £3.95 it’s a river island skirt and the colours and print are just gorgeous!! Xx

Bralet £5 primark skirt £3.95 charity shop pleater jacket charity shop shoes charity shop 

Running out of ways to introduce that I spent all my money in a charity shop!

Not the most inspired title but guys as per usual I went shopping…and found some gems in the charity shops!! So let’s get into it 🙂

Sue Ryder £1 store

🌟Brown belt with gold floral detail 50p🌟A boy made of blocks 25p I’ve wanted this book for a while now 🙂 🌟 Ted baker bag £1 not my usual colour but this was too cute to pass up 🌟 cream feather print shirt £1 this is oversized but I plan to wear it over a camisole top with some jeans as casual cover up 🌟 cats rock t-shirt £1 how adorable? 🌟 Moss green frill coat £1 I love the colour of this it’s so cute so me I can’t wait for winter to wear this 🙂

Cancer research

🌟Blue shorts £2 I don’t wear short shorts I prefer a longer cut these are just what I was looking for 🙂 🌟white and black stripe shirt £1 this came with a detachable tie….not entirely sure why but there we go I won’t be wearing it with the tie! 🌟Green floral print Bardot top £1 this is a Zara basics top it’s so soft I can’t even explain!🌟black camisole top £1 this is literally 90s it’s got velvet floral detailing with beads and sequins!

Craft fayre

We went to a local craft fayre where there was lots of different stalls selling various handmade crafts 🙂 I brought this super cute hand knitted raspberry brooch for £1 my mum then brought me this adorable necklace it’s a crescent moon with an owl pendant and rose quartz bead it is beautiful.

Miscellaneous stores

🌟Black heeled shoes £3.99 barnardos these are brand new asos heels and arghhhhh I’m so happy!!🌟 ankle bracelet pack £2 primark ok so I’m not going to lie I’m gutted I picked these up thinking they were choker necklaces :(🌟owl necklace 99p age UK I couldn’t leave him there in the shop he was too cute🌟white strawberry print shirt £2.49 age UK this just looked really summery and I thought yes you need to be in my wardrobe 🌟yellow highneck chiffon shirt £3.50 scope I love yellow and grey together I think they are such a lovely combination! This is another really summery top 🙂 and lastly this floppy scalloped edge hat £2 salvation army LOVE x