Hogwarts in the snow feature.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the studio tour for oooo the 7th time? Maybe the 6th? I have honestly lost count! Anyways I was especially excited for this trip because I finally got to see the Hogwarts in the snow feature!! As we entered the tour the lobby area was decorated with a HUGE tree with presents and hundreds of baubles and fake snow it was beautiful!

Then in the great hall they had decorated the main stage area for the Yule Ball which looked incredible they told us how they had made the icicles and honestly the icicles were in some cases 6ft tall that’s taller than me! I loved all the little touches they had added to the sets there were wreaths and Christmas trees and giant puddings on fire it was breathtaking. Later on in the tour you learnt how they made the fake snow and fire for the film sets it was all very interesting.

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Throughout the tour some of the sets such as the Gryffindor common room and the Weasleys kitchen were decorated for Christmas too with little personal touches like Cakes, streamers and Christmas cards it was really fun to see the sets dressed for Christmas.

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One of my favourite parts about the whole tour is the costumes that they display as I always wanted to be a wardrobe assistant in movies! One of my most favourite scenes from all of the Harry potter movies is from the Third Film when Neville is facing the Boggart and puts Professor Snape into his grandmothers outfit so I had to snap some closeups of this outfit the attention to detail is just so beautiful I love how much effort went into each outfit, set, prop even if it was only in the background the craftsmanship is just phenomenal.

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I also loved that the gift shops were decorated for Christmas too!! Another one of my favourite pieces of the tour comes after the new platform 9&3/4 expansion as you walk into the backlot cafe area they have a huge glass case filled with lots of different props that were made for the films, they include the money, Hogwarts letters, textbooks and the Quibbler. I also love the creature Workshop where you get to see among other things the animatronics such as the Monster Book of Monsters come to life!


And then to top it all off the part that is ALWAYS my favourite the Hogwarts scale model that had been decorated with snow. It looked just WOW I got emotional as usual and goosebumps!! I had such an amazing time and I know that I will never EVER get bored of going there, I know that I have been lucky enough to go a lot and people say how can you be going again but honestly you do notice new little bits every single time that you visit!


Hope you have a lovely Magical Day

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15.01-21.01.18 MY Birthday Week

Hello good evening and welcome to you thank you please now settle down lets review this week ( Netflix added Miranda series 2&3 and so I have re-watched them all and now my sassy inner Miranda has burst out-CHEEKY)

15.01.18 Today I had a free cup of tea from waitrose and I have to say it was pretty yummy! Yes that’s right I get excited over free tea!

16.01.18 Our car went in for a service today and when they tried to upload new steering data the files corrupted meaning we had to have a hire car for the evening so we got to drive in a Suzuki swift. Disclaimer I apologise if you own one of these and enjoy driving it but WOW I really didn’t like the car at all!!

17.01.18 My 30th birthday πŸ™‚ Today I truly learnt and appreciated just how loved I am, I am honored and privileged to have spent these 30 years with such truly amazing people.


18.01.18 Today I cried a lot. Darren had spent months&mean 6/7months planning a surprise trip to Amsterdam for my 30th we set off to the train station but due to high winds we were delayed getting to London, Then once we got to London the Eurostar was delayed. Then we got into Brussels and our connecting train had been cancelled we spent 4 hours in the Brussels train station waiting for news to be told that all Train and Coach journeys to Amsterdam had been cancelled for Thursday and Friday as there was substantial damage to the train lines, tracks and highways. We had to then phone Eurostar cancel our train tickets for Sunday and beg them to get us on the earliest Eurostar to London luckily we were on the train within an hour of phoning and managed to get back home at 8pm gutted shattered and exhausted today I truly learnt that Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about your plans never EVER underestimate her.

19.01.18 So when your meant to be waking up in Amsterdam but instead your still in boring old Peterborough you need some retail therapy!! Milton Keynes is a 45 minute drive away so we drove there for some shopping and a TGI’s then at night I watched my brothers newest band perform they were A-mazing.


20.01.18 Today we decided even though it was a miserable day to go to Woburn Safari Park as I haven’t been (apparently I went when I was a kid but I can’t remember!!) So yes we got to drive round the animals that were just freely roaming about and I got to see some Penguins so I was super Happy!!!

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21.01.18 Today has been a lovely chilled day I have very much enjoyed re-watching Miranda and have realised that she is my spirit animal!! If you’ve never watched Miranda I urge you to immediately as it is AMAZING!! Today I tried a new Lindt flavour-strawberry and creme and it was LUSH!!

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The year of NatalieBlogsAboutFashion

One of my bucket list goals for the year 2018 is to get 500 followers on my blog. I never set out for followers to be my main goal of my blog I started this blog for me to help with my anxiety, to be a creative outlet and for something fun to do. Over the years though I have become part of the most amazing community I have some amazing followers and we all support each other and each others posts and I really love and appreciate that! I think that 500 is just a nice round number and I would feel incredibly proud of myself to hit that milestone what a nice 30th birthday gift that would be!! With the 500 in mind I have decided to make some blog changes to enhance my presence on the bloggersphere and hopefully build up my following πŸ™‚

1-Social media links and posts. I will now be adding all my social media links to my sign off on posts I don’t know why I haven’t done this before! I will also be WAY more active on my blog Instagram which isΒ @_natalie_blogs_ I am aiming to post everyday on there as well as my personal instagram which aren’t blog related photos but gives a little insight to the woman behind the blog πŸ™‚ my personal instagram isΒ @_Natalie_church_

2-A schedule!! I have always been a sporadic blogger just posting whenever I had content. Now I am not going to create content for the sake of sticking to the schedule I will still be creating the content that I like it will just give me more incentive to actually take pictures and think of ideas for my scheduled blog posts which in turn will bring back my creativity which in turn will make me happy which will lead to quality blog content πŸ˜€

So my schedule will be a post at 8pm on Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays(Starting from today) There will also on the last day of the month be a Post at 12pm reviewing all the books&films/tv I have read/watched that month and a post at 8pm rounding up all the new things I tried/learnt that month(this will start from February as I am sticking to the weekly roundup for January)

So yes I have my positive creative pants firmly on and I am excited to see where this year takes me blogging wise πŸ™‚ So I will see you all at 8pm for a weekly roundup of everything that’s happened this week.

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20 Things I learnt in my 20s

Today Is my Birthday. I am entering a new chapter as I am officially a member of the 30 club!! I have had some very mixed feelings about turning thirty but now that its here I feel one thing. Grateful. I have reached this age with my husband, friends and family by my side, I have a job, a car and a house and I haven’t really had too much heartache in my life so far. I thought I would share with you some very important lessons that I learnt in my 20’s that I will take with me through this next chapter and that I feel have really helped shape the person that I am today.

  1. Forgive and Let go
  2. Be you
  3. SAVE SAVE SAVE-even if its Β£1 a week!
  4. Do what you love whole heartedly
  5. Time is precious. Money is fickle.People are complicated
  6. Be kind always
  7. Everything in moderation
  8. Its OK to say no
  9. Me time is VITAL
  10. Family&Friends come first as they will be there last- Cars, Money, Jobs they wont be there when all is said and done.
  11. Take care of yourself- Get an early night, run yourself a bath, eat an indulgent meal, watch a comedy movie/t.v
  12. “If it won’t matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset about it”
  13. Spend well. Please if you have a spare 1&1/2 hours Watch ‘True Cost’ available on Netflix, This documentary really opened my eyes to the world of fast fashion and the impact its having on our world and the employees in these factories. I’m not a saint but I have definitely looked into how products are made and where they are made and have changed the way that I shop and where I shop.
  14. Breathe. Mindfulness isn’t for everyone but I don’t know where I would be without my calm app I love it.
  15. Nature is the biggest reset button. I love being outdoors I find being around nature has such a calming effect on me and my mind I try to get outside at least 15 minutes a day.
  16. Relax. Review Renew Grow. My mantra Review the things in your life are they making you happy are they helping you to grow? If not change them. Renew- Reset your goals, look at the changes you can and have made. Grow-through this you will grow into the person you want to be.
  17. Its OK to ask for help. Please ALWAYS ask for help, I am here to listen you are not alone, it doesn’t make you less of a person or weak it is necessary for your soul to ask for help.
  18. Don’t fit in. I don’t like the gym, or kale, or green juices, I don’t see the point in spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and shoes, I didn’t enjoy the t.v show Victoria or X-factor or Love island. I don’t think that I could name one song in the top 50 chart and #sorrynotsorry I hated strictly this year. It’s OK to like different things and It’s OK to stand out I spent A LOT of my twenties pretending to like stuff to fit in, “Justin Bieber yeah he’s a babe” “Made in chelsea watched every episode”Β  “Ted baker handbags Yeah I own 20” “Champagne is the only thing I drink” EURGHHH I actually cringe thinking about the crap I spouted when trying to fit in!! Give me a re-run of Downton Abbey and a cup of tea and I am set!!
  19. Comfort=life. I used to go out on nights out wearing 6″ Heels, Highwaisted Jeans and a tiny shirt OR 6″ Heels and a Figure hugging dress. Now I would much rather wear boot cut jeans or Jeggings, a Cosy Jumper and converse…..a coat, scarf, hat and gloves too and I am HAPPY!!
  20. Cliche but….LIVE LAUGH LOVE yes I do have this quote in pictures hanging up in my bedroom I am sometimes a walking cliche and thankfully at the age of 30 I don’t give a Fuck about it πŸ™‚ Eat the damn slice of cake, drink that extra glass of wine, buy the fluffy slippers instead of the heels, wear your PJS all weekend. Just make sure that whatever your doing makes you happy and that your doing it with every ounce of your heart and energy otherwise its not worth it at all.


This week I was so super sick the sickness bug hit me big time on Tuesday so I have spent the majority of this week throwing up&sleeping-The GLAMOUR darlings!!

Here is everything I learnt or Tried this week

08.01.18 My sofa isn’t comfy to sleep on. Darren had Man Flu I had the beginnings of this sickness bug and as I am smaller I opted to sleep on the sofa.I regret this decision as its been a week and my shoulder and neck still hurt.

09.01.18 I tried Pink lemonade Lucozade and Roast Chicken soup for the first time ever. I consequently brought the roast chicken soup back up later on but there we go!!

10.01.18 Whilst reading I came across a name I had no idea how to pronounce it’s according to google an Irish name Maeve (pronounced Mayv)

11.01.18 How the Harry potter films made the snow and fire for the films!

12.01.18 Tried a Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal Chicken Fajitas and it actually did take 15 minutes!!

13.01.18 PSEUD a person of fatuously earnest intellectual, artistic, or social pretensions.

14.01.18 Today I learnt a new eye shadow hack that does actually work! I have recently started to use primer on my eyes and that has helped the pigmentation of my eye shadows and helped them last longer but to make my eye shadow pop even more I have been applying white eye shadow as a base layer and MAN does it make your eye shadow pop (well it does on me anyway!!)

What fun things did you learn or try this week?? What would you like to see me try in the next few weeks leave some suggestions and I will try and pick one or two to do each week!


A look(back)through my wardrobe

Does any body else when in a style rut decide to start looking through old OOTD posts hoping for some inspiration? That’s what I have done this evening, I find that my wardrobe does still consist of pieces that I was wearing 1,5 even 10 years ago so I thought that I would look through some old OOTD posts from before my blog (I logged into my facebook and trawled through all my albums) and founds some pictures of outfits and hairstyles that I really liked and that sparked my fashion interests again and thought that I would share them with you.

Blog Post 3

From L-R I cut all my hair off and I won’t lie it felt great I loved styling this really short bob as my curls looked amazing!! I also used to wear a lot of these patterned shift dresses with knee high socks and heels for a night out. I LOVE the length of my hair in this picture this was our first wedding anniversary and I am dolled up in my favourite black shirt that I will wear until it falls apart. This floral dress I really did wear until the back seam fell apart, my mum stitched it back up then it broke again so I sewed it back up but it just kept coming undone at different parts on the back seam so I had to give it up 😦 I loved pairing floral dresses with a belt and long cardigan this was from the beginning of my blog (a now deleted post as I deleted everything and made a fresh start) Bottom row L-R I loved this skirt I got it from H&M and wore it SO much I only recently got rid of it it had started to become quite tight and as it was high waisted that was incredibly uncomfortable. I need to pair my denim shirts with skirts more I’ve been wearing them under jumpers for too long!! I LOVE this floral blouse and still own it along with the blazer, this was my go to going out outfit 2 years ago I have recently cleared out my wardrobe but the blazers survived the cull so I think I need to start styling them again!! FLORAL JEANS!!!!! Ok so I have now moved onto patterned trousers this look was a real light bulb moment for me tonight as to how I can style some of my patterned trousers again my blazer was getting a lot of wear something I definitely want to bring back into my outfits in 2018 and lastly these boyfriend fit jeans 😦 I cried when they got a massive rip right under my butt cheek, now I am aware that for some unknown reason that rather unfortunately became a trend but as I don’t consciously follow trends as it is I sure as heck wasn’t going to start with the ass cheek out jeans trend!! So I had to throw them away and no jean has quite replaced them since 😦 I do however have some Levi’s that look similar and I recently purchased some leopard kitten heels that are yet to be debuted so…I may well have to try them together and see if It works!!

So I think this little look back into my wardrobe so to speak has definitely given me a lot of ideas I am going to pinterest looks based on these items Blazers, Boyfriend Jeans, Leopard Courts and Printed trousers as looking at the pictures I chose they are the stand out pieces that I am wanting to bring back into my wardrobe. Look out for outfits inspired by these old school OOTDS.

Speak soon



Fashion Inspiration Part 1

I thought that I would share with you where I get my inspiration from, what and who inspires me, how I create fashion moodboards, current lookbook ideas, current styles and outfits I want to try out and my current fashion inspirations in various different blog posts that will be entitled Fashion Inspiration to hopefully inspire any one who is in a style rut, give you some ideas on how to find fashion inspiration, introduce you to new bloggers and new fashion ideas and for me to look back on at the end of the year to see how my style evolves and changes and see what and who has influenced me over the year. In today’s post I am going to share a fashion mood board that I created in my scrapbook and 4 outfit ideas that I found on pinterest that I want to recreate this month.


When reading magazines whether they are fashion or lifestyle I am always looking at the clothing pictures for inspiration, whatever then catches my eye I like to cut out and keep to create visual mood boards to help when I am in a fashion rut and to identify pieces I ether have in my wardrobe and can restyle into these outfits or to identify gaps in my wardrobe. This is the first mood board that I have created this year and I can see alot of inspiration coming from one of my favourite bloggers/youtuber Megan Ellaby she has this gorgeous sultry 70s vibe and creates some stunning outfits she is all about tailoring, statement pieces and a good sock&shoe combo! I am loving stripes, trousers and flat shoes at the moment. Also who said sparkles are just for the festive season? I’m 30 this year and want to be sparkly and fabulous the whole year, I want to take more fashion risks and throw out the fashion handbook as it was because really life is too short to wear boring clothes!!

blog post

(Images taken from pinterest original sources from L-R Fashionmenow ElleUK Steal the look and allthatshewantsblog)

As you can see statement trousers are definitely something I am eager to style, I have several pairs in my wardrobe and have been looking for fun ways to style them, I feel that jeans have become my fail safe option and want to start wearing trousers and skirts more. I also am still loving layering especially with this cold weather!! I love the camisole top over a long sleeve or t-shirt I own plenty of both so really want to try this. Leopard print will always be my go to print I just love it! I own a similar shirt and some black trousers and hadn’t really thought about pairing the two together but after seeing this pin i’m going to give it a go. Also I purchased a gorgeous leather pencil skirt in the sales and have been trying to find some outfit ideas to pair it with I have plenty of statement and graphic tees that don’t get a lot of wear until I saw this pin and now I think this will fast become one of my favourite ways to wear them!!

I can’t wait to start creating some Outfit of the Day posts and lookbooks for 2018.

Speak soon