The Travel Tag

The lovely Jennie from 50shad3s0fjay tagged me in the travel tag so thank you much for this as in super super excited to answer these questions πŸ™‚ check out her blog&blog post below 😘 x

1Where are you from in the world? I’m from a little city called Peterborough in England I was born here and have lived here my entire life I grew up in a small little village πŸ™‚

2Have you been overseas?When?Where?I have been overseas a few times I’ve been to Spain, France,Germany,Switzerland and Texas 

3Do you prefer summer or winter?Why? I prefer autumn πŸ™‚ 🍁 I get bored of summer and winter there’s elements of both that I love and elements of both that I hate but autumn is perfect πŸ™‚ however if I’m abroad I prefer summer as the heat is different overseas!

4Summer or winter fashion? I like both I love floral dresses,shorts cute camisole tops sandals and floppy hats but I also like coats scarves boots jeans and jumpers!!

5Where is somewhere you’d love to travel to? Top of the list is New Zealand!!

6Name your essential makeup items for the beach. Ummm suncream does that count as make up? Thats all I’d wear on my face to the beach!

7Are you currently saving up for a trip? Not a trip no but I’m saving up spending money for a trip in 13Days!!!!!

8Do you like/dislike travelling? It depends what transport im traveling in! Aeroplane NO train YES car YES

9Name a place in the world you’d love to shop. To ‘borrow’ Jennie’s answer New York it just has to be the only place anyone would ever want to shop!!

10What is your favourite accent in the world to hear? Irish. 😍

11How many countries have you visited? 5

12Why do you travel? I love to explore I love finding hidden gems trying new foods buying one off finds learning about different places and cultures emersing myself fully into the world around me

13Favourite city or country. York. I love York it’s such an amazing place I know hardly exotic but I’m a homebird at heart!

14Most memorable experience abroad. Other than nearly decapitating myself in Spain I would say visiting Monaco and watching Darren drive a Ferrari around the famous formula 1 bend!

15Best item purchased from abroad. I usually buy things for other people as apposed to myself I’d say in terms of value for money the best purchase was my UGG boots from Texas I got them for Β£55 in England they’d have cost me 150!

16Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t. Do it. Book the trip. Save every penny I keep all denominations of change under 20p in a jar then out that towards spending money it all adds up also go on websites such as or for good deals, or if you live in your own place think about house swapping with someone abroad? Look for internships or jobs overseas the possibilities are endless!

17Prefered method of travel? Car or Train

18Top 3 travel items. Camera. Suncream. Phone

19Hostel or hotel. Hotel 100% because of the extra emmenities hotels offer such as dining, washing,gym/spa etc

20Are out a repeat visitor or do you explore new places? A bit of both! For example we went to York for the first time in January and we went back in June as we loved it so much and we are planning a 3rd trip! Also similarly we visited Sherwood forest centre parcs we’ve already been back and have booked for next year already! But also we love finding new places too!!

21 Can you recite your passport#from memory…..ok true story didn’t even know your passport had a passport number hahaha!!!

22Do you read up on your destination for culture/history/safety or wing it? Ok…I read up more for decent places to eat #lifeofanibssufferer! We also read up on interesting or historical places to visit such as museums as that’s our thing I’m a history nerd! 

23Where would you recommend a friend to visit and why? York. I know I know!! There’s just so much to see and do so many quirky cool places and it’s just so nice!!!

24You’re leaving tomorrow and money is no option where are you going? Everywhere! I’m on my round the world trip if money is no option! New Zealand Australia New York California Las Vegas Rome and I’d finish up…in Ireland!! 

25Favourite landmark you’ve visited? Ummm Stonehenge orrr national history museum 

26Beach holiday or travel&explore holiday? Travel and explore I cannot just sit on a beach I want to be out and about exploring!!

That’s it πŸ™‚ so I nominate every person that likes this post!!!


3 thoughts on “The Travel Tag

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Yayyyyyyy love it! I feel like I need to visit York now! Monaco sounds amazing and it’s super cool you’ve been to Texas, did you like it there? I love your idea of house swapping with someone abroad, that reminds me of the film the Holiday. Fab post xxx

    • nataliechurch says:

      I’ve always wanted to house swap purely because of the film the holiday! πŸ˜‚Monaco was beautiful another great place for shopping they had so many beautiful stores!! Yes Texas was just another world it was so amazing weather was great I had the best meal of my entire life there it was just brilliant! Xx

      • 50shad3s0fjay says:

        It’s such a fab film! Oh yeah I can imagine the shopping being insane there, it’s quite a rich place isn’t it?? Ah what did you do in Texas? I’d love to go and horse ride there. It’s cool that you’ve been because it’s not the usual place people would go!! Ahhh you need to go back for the food! x

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