Summer reading list ðŸŒžðŸ“š

Hello my loves 🙂 so I officially have 6days left at work!!! Woooo!! This summer I plan to sit in my garden and read (I also have some very exciting things planned!!) So I thought I’d show you the top 3 books I’m looking forward to reading this summer 🙂 

Agatha Raisin and the potted gardener by m.c.beaton. As I’ve previously mentioned I inherited the entire Agatha Raisin collection from my great aunt this is book 3 in the series I absolutely love this series it’s so so funny and you’ve no idea what’s going to happen! 

The city cats by Colin Dann. I reviewed king of the vagabonds in my recent Reads 2 post this is the sequel and I’m excited to see what’s happened to the cats since the first story ended!

And lastly a boy made of blocks by Keith Stuart I have been wanting to read this for so long but got caught up in all my crime thriller stories so I am definitely going to take a break from them to read this book 🙂

What’s on your read list this summer? Any good book reccomend for me? Comment them down below. 

Natalie xx


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