Running out of ways to introduce that I spent all my money in a charity shop!

Not the most inspired title but guys as per usual I went shopping…and found some gems in the charity shops!! So let’s get into it 🙂

Sue Ryder £1 store

🌟Brown belt with gold floral detail 50p🌟A boy made of blocks 25p I’ve wanted this book for a while now 🙂 🌟 Ted baker bag £1 not my usual colour but this was too cute to pass up 🌟 cream feather print shirt £1 this is oversized but I plan to wear it over a camisole top with some jeans as casual cover up 🌟 cats rock t-shirt £1 how adorable? 🌟 Moss green frill coat £1 I love the colour of this it’s so cute so me I can’t wait for winter to wear this 🙂

Cancer research

🌟Blue shorts £2 I don’t wear short shorts I prefer a longer cut these are just what I was looking for 🙂 🌟white and black stripe shirt £1 this came with a detachable tie….not entirely sure why but there we go I won’t be wearing it with the tie! 🌟Green floral print Bardot top £1 this is a Zara basics top it’s so soft I can’t even explain!🌟black camisole top £1 this is literally 90s it’s got velvet floral detailing with beads and sequins!

Craft fayre

We went to a local craft fayre where there was lots of different stalls selling various handmade crafts 🙂 I brought this super cute hand knitted raspberry brooch for £1 my mum then brought me this adorable necklace it’s a crescent moon with an owl pendant and rose quartz bead it is beautiful.

Miscellaneous stores

🌟Black heeled shoes £3.99 barnardos these are brand new asos heels and arghhhhh I’m so happy!!🌟 ankle bracelet pack £2 primark ok so I’m not going to lie I’m gutted I picked these up thinking they were choker necklaces :(🌟owl necklace 99p age UK I couldn’t leave him there in the shop he was too cute🌟white strawberry print shirt £2.49 age UK this just looked really summery and I thought yes you need to be in my wardrobe 🌟yellow highneck chiffon shirt £3.50 scope I love yellow and grey together I think they are such a lovely combination! This is another really summery top 🙂 and lastly this floppy scalloped edge hat £2 salvation army LOVE x


7 thoughts on “Running out of ways to introduce that I spent all my money in a charity shop!

  1. Love, Soph says:

    You always find amazing things in charity shops!! I love the asos heels I’m so jealous! I volunteer in a Scope charity shop for my dofe and I’m always looking through the clothes but there never seems to be anything decent. Maybe it’s just that charity shop as there’s many in my town I don’t think it’s super popular 😬

    • nataliechurch says:

      I’m quite lucky where I live there are 13 that I know of and shop in! Top tip is to go as early as possible and on different days of the week and search every section! I’ve found great pieces that usually aren’t my size or are men’s that actually fit me and my style better! Thank you hunni cannot wait to wear them they feel so comfy!! Xxx

      • Love, Soph says:

        We have a scope, oxfam, Bernardo’s, sue Ryder, British heart foundation, Wiltshire ambulance and then a couple of more miscellaneous ones, but there’s never anything good in them. I also live in granny land basically so there’s not much to my taste. I did find a really nice topshop dress in Scope once but it was £10 and defo a few years old so I wasn’t prepared to pay that much😬

      • nataliechurch says:

        Haha oh dear! I’m quite lucky my city is fairly big and has a wide range of people living in it so there lots of interesting pieces to find! Yeah I have to say I’m very particular about how much I’ll pay for items even in a charity shop which most people don’t understand but I’m not prepared to pay £6 for a primark top in a chairty shop that I know is 2/3 years old! Xx

      • Love, Soph says:

        Neither, and I think you’ve got to be really careful with that because they don’t always label things accordingly. In the charity shop I volunteer in I think the pricing is way too steep😬

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