Wreck this journal series Part 1 πŸ“–

Hey loves ❀ so i was watching some videos on YouTube when one came up on suggested videos…..It was a video called completed wreck this journal so i thought to myself hmmmm I’ll check this out. After watching 30seconds i knew i wanted to get myself one of these babies so stopped the video (as i didn’t want to spoil it for myself) went onto Amazon and ordered myself one πŸ™‚ it arrived whilst i was on holiday so I’m starting it today πŸ™‚ i am not setting a time limit on this nor am i scheduling when i will do them I’m just going to do one page at a time when i feel like it πŸ™‚

So the first page i turned to was….Crack the spine. As a book lover cracking the spine was horrendous it goes against everything in me as a book preserver but this is called wreck the journal!! So after cracking the spine i drew a funny little sketch on the page as unless stated the pages should be filled!! So here it is my first wreck the journal page x



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