Diy embroidered t-shirtΒ 

Hello πŸ™‚ today I’m sharing with you a t-shirt that i custamised using embroidery πŸ™‚

So I recently binge watched series 1 of stranger things and I am now eagerly awaiting October for series 2!! I really wanted a stranger things t-shirt but hadn’t found one I liked that I was willing to spend alot of money on, so I thought why not create my own? I went onto Pinterest to get some inspiration and found this picture

This is from

I thought this is it this is what I’ll make into my t-shirt design πŸ™‚

I started off with a plain t-shirt(that needs ironing!!) from primark Β£2.80 and marked it where I wanted the string of fairy lights and where the letters would go…..

I then added my embroidery hoop and started work…

Creating the fairy lights….

And here it is πŸ™‚ so in an episode will’s mum has strung up fairy lights and painted the alphabet under the fairy lights in order to communicate with him,whilst speaking to him he spells out run so I decided to make the R,U and N stand out to show this πŸ™‚ I am so happy with how this turned out πŸ™‚ x


A photo tagΒ 

Hey guys πŸ™‚ the lovely Alanna has tagged me in a new tag that has been created by blondestea πŸ™‚ this is such a lovely tag and something that I very much enjoyed doing πŸ™‚ blondesteas blog πŸ™‚ link to Alanna’s page go visit!!!!!

So here are the rules your nominator will give you 5 photo themes eg picture of your pet and you have to post 5photos that relate to that πŸ™‚ also link back to blondestea the creator of this tag and add in the text she has written for this post which is below πŸ™‚ 

Blonde’s Tea, creator this tag, got tired of seeing the same tags all around and decided to create a simple tag where you just have to post one picture of five different themes (e.g. your favourite picture of yourself, the best picture you have ever taken, a picture with your sibling, etc.) that will be given by your nominator. You don’t have to have photography skills or anything, it is just to spread lovely pictures on your blog and bring back lovely memories.” ❀

So Alanna gave me the following 5 picture prompts

1. You and your family

Here they all are the church/Gordon family πŸ™‚ x

2. Your first picture from the month of march

My cat all curled up asleep!! 😍😍😍😍

3. A picture that makes you smile

My two babes 

4. Your proudest moment

Becoming Mrs Church πŸ™‚ 

5. Someone your proud of

My parents πŸ™‚ for raising 2 pretty outstanding humans from always being there for me and for being the best role models/parents/friends a girl could ask for xx

So I nominate 

Every person that likes this post!eyes get this shared because this tag is so lovely!!! So I can’t just nominate 5!!! 

My 5 photos that I’d like to see are

1. A baby photo

2. Favourite photo of yourself

3. Photo of you in your favourite outfit

4. Photo of you outdoors

5. The first photo you took from 2017 


June Goals 🌟

So before we know it June will be upon us…the 6th month half way through the year!! So looking at how I’ve spent the first half of the year I am relatively happy lots happened I’ll admit!! There are a few changes I want to make and document for you guys and for myself so here are my June goals!

🌟Walk 10k steps a day-easy enough u have a fitbit that tracks my steps and you should walk atleast 10thousand steps a day….I however rarely reach this but everyday in june I want to walk 10thousand steps!!! 

🌟Social media ban-other than Instagram once a week and wordpress I am logging off of social media because it’s still ruling my life.

🌟No biscuits-theres one day exception and that is June 2nd very specific I know but I will be going to York…and the hotel always has biscuits on the tea tray and there’s no way I can stay inahotel room and NOT eat the biscuits other than that no biscuits they are my weakness and I need to loose weight and tone up!

🌟No mirrors. Again when I go to York the hotel room mirrors are slightly harder to avoid however at home I am going to try and not look in the mirror for a whole month. I’ve always battled with my self confidence I am so over critical and analyse my hair my skin my spots my wobbly bits so I’m hoping that by avoiding mirrors it gives me a different mindset about what I actually see in the mirror and gives me a healthier relationship with myself xx

My life story….in a shoe πŸ‘Ÿ

Sixteen years old, shy, unconfident but happy. Alternative is the style pigeon hole my peers have labelled me or as you may know it…”goth” skinny black or grey jeans black h&m hoody and my black Dr Martens boots. They were my first love but that’s for another day. I needed some more convinient shoes (anyone whose worn Dr martens knows the struggle!) So one day shopping for new shoes I saw them, there they were in an array of colours and styles low top high top knee high…..they were perfect. I went inside the shop and parted with my money walking out of the shop with the thin black box that housed my new love….converse!!

My old pair did well, they walked on Cornish sands,ran through fields,took many seaside trips,danced through performing arts exams,walked the school corridors, they were worn with jeans,dungarees, skirts,dresses,tights,frilly socks,bare sandy feet. They were my trusty gorgeous babes and they served me well for 10 long years…..sadly they have passed on to shoe heaven πŸ˜₯ but don’t be discouraged friends no no, came to the rescue!! This is not a sponsored post…boy I wish it was! This is my genuine opinion and I’ve parted with my own cash!! I decided to treat myself to a new pair (I’ve got a pay rise and decided to treat myself) I wanted another trusty pair of original black converse, well if you signed up to their email you got sent a 25%off code!! So yay! I got a new pair sent and delivered for Β£33!! Here they are the loves of my life… and forever a converse girl (I do love me some vans though!!)

Recent Reads πŸ“–

Hello loves πŸ™‚ 

So i haven’t updated you guys on what I’ve been reading since January!! I’ll be honest I’ve been bad and haven’t actually read that much since January 😦 but here’s are my non spoiler reviews of the books I’ve read x

The breakdown- i mentioned this in my February Favourites but then never reviewed it!! Last year I read behind closed doors by BA Paris and knew I’d found a new great author so when this book was released i clicked buy so damn fast and boy am I glad! BA Paris has an amazing writing style you can never guess what’s going to happen it just is never obvious i was worried it would be similar to BCD luckily it was completely different deffo reccomend 

Charisma-so i recently read nerve by jeanne Ryan and fell in love!! So again when i saw her newest book released i had to get it and read it!! It was similar to nerve in the writing style and layout of the story but i loved it i would recommend reading nerve first not that they are linked but just to get to know Jeanne’s writing style 

A monster calls- I sobbed like a baby like an actual baby reading this!!! Patrick ness did Siobhan dowd justice!! My friend brought me the illustrated version and honestly the illustrations were breathtaking they really added to the story i cannot reccomend this story enough so beautifully told πŸ™‚

The couple next door- I’ve just read this today i couldn’t put it down!! This is haunting! Such an amazing storyline you have no idea what the hell is going on!! It just takes you on a rollercoaster of twists and turns it’s my kind of book!! Similar to behind closed doors and girl on the train. Read it NOW

How to build a girl- This story….Is hilarious!! I love Caitlin Moran she’s is my woman crush every damn day of the week she’s talented she’s funny she’s not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and damn can she write fiction!! This is the story of a teenage girl growing up in a council estate when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister and it is just so damn relatable even though i grew up in a different era the struggles the character goes through are too damn real! It is such a great easy read i had to stop on more than one occasion from laughing too much!!

Dear Amy- Oh this book!! So this was a reccomendation on Amazon and i needed a 3rd book for the 3 for Β£10 so i thought why not, and I’m so glad i went for it!! Not at all what I expected this story is so heartbreaking and makes you think for a long long LONG time afterwards!! 

So there we go my Recent Reads πŸ™‚ xx

Bank Holiday Weekend πŸ’šπŸŒ²πŸ’š

Yay so my loves I got to revisit centre parcs this bank holiday weekend which made my heart very happy!! 

This time we opted for an executive lodge which is a bit bigger and more updated than the one we stayed in before it was set right down the bottom in the woods πŸ™‚ it also had a jacuzzi Bath which was Amazing!! 

We hired bikes again to get around on the Sunday we went for a huge bike ride through the Forrest looking at all the different accommodations you can stay in and just soaking up the sunshine!!

Just some of the tasty treats we had this weekend!! YUM

Our little friends that visited our lodge every day we had 2 ducks 2 geese and 3 squirrels that kept us entertained everyday!! 

My happy place X