Uppy date 


So i took a little time out from social media and my blog because my headspace wasn’t a pleasant place to be if I’m honest. 

BUT i feel refreshed my priorities and goals are in place and I’m ready to come back!!! 

I will be blogging twice a week not sure what days i wont set certain days it’ll just be as and when i have content some weeks it’ll be more than twice some it might be once and occasionally it’ll be none and that’s ok 🙂

Also…..I’m going to start vlogging again, i deleted the 2 blogs I’d done because i felt i wasn’t myself and felt the content wasn’t what i wanted my blogs to be, i have some very very VERY exciting adventures coming up in the next few months that are much more worthy of vlogging so that is my plan moving forward 🙂

Also last thing, if anybody wants to collaborate on a post with me then please get in contact I’d love to start featuring more of you guys on my blog so let’s do this!!

Hope everyone’s well lots of love light and sparkles love Natalie xxx


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