February Favourites

So I seem to have blinked and missed February!! Hopefully you all had a great month here’s what I was loving in the month of February

No7 creams

I got these for my birthday from my mother in law they are a day cream a night cream and an eye serum. I’ve been using them over a month now and honestly I can see a massive difference! My skin hasn’t broken out as much, it feels softer and looks so much more radiant! They are really good value for money too!!

Nail balm

My bestie made this nail balm herself as part of her new company! Essential aromatherapy by Sara check her out on Facebook. This nail balm has made my nails and cuticles so much stronger and healthy looking and only cost £6.50 it’s made with all natural ingredients and smells divine!

The breakdown by B.A.Paris.

I’ll review this in a separate post but WOW this book was good!! I loved her first novel behind closed doors it was in my top 3 of the year!! This doesn’t disappoint it’s just as good!!!!


I’ve watched this series a handful of times now and decided to rewatch it this half term, I have fully embraced the idea that Miranda Hart is my spirit animal!!

Fundamentals of caring

A Netflix original. Wow ok this film was brilliant it certainly stopped my whingy arse!! We all face problems we all think our life is shit at points but this film made me re-evaluate my ‘oh god my life is so unfair it sucks’ moments and made me realise it could be worse I’m healthy (ish) I have my own home,own car,a job and I’m loved by some amazing people what more could a person want right??

I think I’ll leave it there for this month’s Favourites sorry it got a little deep there!! Xx


3 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. Don’t feel bad about the movie. It’s a good thing if things are good. I like to know there are folks with pretty good lives and can see and appreciate the suffering of others. Life gives everyone challenges and can hurt: Everyone’s pain is valid. It’s just cool that you have insight and empathy.

    Cool post!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am very aware that life can be up and down for everyone I’ve had my fair share of down points and I’m sure there are more to come but I’ve learnt to look at the positives and empathise more with everyone you never know what struggles people are facing xx

  2. Thanks so much! I’m sure you’ve had struggles and low points. I’m sorry for them. But I love your positive attitude and vivacity. It pulls me out of myself and guides my thoughts to more joyous things. My son often does this for me and I’m grateful to you both for reminding me of such things.

    Love your blog! Keep writing!

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