January in books πŸ“š

Hello loves πŸ™‚

In January I read three books not bad but I am aiming to read 4 a month this year atleast as my TBR list is ridiculous!!!

The second and third miss peregrines novels and nerve.

Hollow city:Book 2 in the peregrines trilogy 

I got this for Christmas and finished it in a few days! Now, in some trilogies I have found the middle book can sometimes be….A bit of a flop because it has to tie up the parts from the first book and set up the third book and therefore doesn’t have an awful lot of interesting thrilling content….This book however…WOW it was so good I read it quickly because it was just so interesting it had ALOT of action in it and followed on nicely from the first book but stood out as its own story πŸ™‚

Library of souls:Book 3 of peregrines trilogy

Oh man. Ok so seriously….I already want to re read this trilogy!!! The finale was JUST insane!!! I was gripped it was action packed from start to finish!!! It had some amazing reveals it was just brilliant thoroughly enjoyed it

Nerve. Eeeeee ok people take note, screen shot this…Record it in the history books…I actually thought that the film….Was actually a really good representation of the book. I know I know I never say that!!! But honestly watch the film if you haven’t they have taken certain parts of the book and actually transferred it well to the screen. This book was brilliant πŸ™‚ I’ve even brought Jeanne Ryan’s newest novel because I love her writing style!! 

So that’s it January’s reading wrapped up x

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