A weekend in York 

Hello lovelies.

This weekend to celebrate my birthday&our ten year anniversary the hubby booked a weekend away to York 🙂

This crossed off one of my places to visit from my 30before30 (here’s the blog post incase you missed it https://nataliegordon13.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/late-night-planning-30before30-list/ )

It was such a gorgeous place!! We saw the cathedral, walked round York castle museum (our hotel was directly opposite the castle) we stayed at the Hilton (V posh!!) Brought the most AMAZING fudge!! Had an amazing meal (I was SO stuffed afterwards) then on the Sunday we spent 4&1/2 hours at the train museum it was one of the Best places I have been!! It was truly fascinating there was so much to see and do it was amazing!! Then on our way home we travelled first class (again V posh) the first and probably last time I’ll ever get to travel first class on a train!! Here’s a few pictures from the weekend 🙂 



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