Blogmas Day 17 surviving boxing day sales 

Sales SALES S.A.L.E.S 

Ok….it’s anti social I know but actually the best time to get sale items are either Christmas eve or Christmas day online!!! That’s when I do most of my sales shopping. However if your going to brave the shops here are my tips…

💚Make a list. Make a list of the items you really want, like cannot live without, didn’t receive from Santa kind of things and STICK to the list!!

💚Would you buy it full price? Now I’m a sucker for the sales sticker I really am however I always look at the item and think two things…would I buy this full price? Will it go with other items in my wardrobe? If I answer yes then I buy it!

💚eBay. So many people put their unwanted gifts on eBay the next day it’s brutal really but it gives you chance to snag some bargains!

💚Buy timeless pieces and out of season pieces. Ok so if you don’t follow current trends like me…then buying out of season pieces is ideal because they are cheaper and will keep! Also by buying timeless pieces (blazers, white shirts, boot cut jeans) you will create a solid base for your wardrobe

So there are a few of my tips….can’t give them all away now can I!!! 😉 Happy shopping x


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