Blogmas Day 12 Christmas Work Do outfit ideas

Ive created three different looks to hopefully cover the different types of work do your workplace might have!!

Look one 

This is what I’d wear if I were going for a nice meal and drinks afterwards. The printed trousers dress the outfit up but paired with the basics it suits restaurant and club dress codes without feeling over or under dressed.

Trousers charity shop

Top eBay

Shoes gift

Look two

Fancy evening do! Some places do massive work do’s in hotels and swanky function rooms, this outfit would be suited to those type of work parties, not too flashy but fancy enough I say!

Skirt charity shop

Top eBay shoes gifted

Look three

Casual day time work party. Some places do a nice Christmas dinner in the afternoon then go bowling or to play pool etc this outfit I feel would suit that kind of party the layers keep you comfortable and create a different dimension to an otherwise plain outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

Pink top primark

Green shirt f&f

Jacket boohoo

Jeans eBay

Boots eBay



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