Blogmas Day 11 A look at your Christmas day 

Hey lovelies. So my Christmas day is different depending on where I am so I’ll tell you the two ways my Christmas goes….

If I’m at home.

If I’m in Peterborough for Christmas i will wake up at like 6:30….maybe 7am and insist that my husband wakes up! I am like a child Christmas morning i never ever lay in!!! We will open our presents in our living room with a cup of tea and Christmas tv on in the background 🙂 then we have some breakfast get dressed up and go to my parents house. At my parents we will then exchange gifts with them and my brother wait for them to get ready and then go to my grandparents again there are gifts to open and share my cousins and aunt&uncle may be there or may come over in the afternoon. The men then go to the pub me and grandma have a chat whilst my mum visits my great grandparents grave and then at around 1ish we sit down to a HUGE meal!! We usually don’t get finished eating and talking until 3 then the girls wash and dry up and we all watch Christmas tv. Then we will have tea and head to Darren’s dad’s for cake and to play a board game 🙂

If I’m in Glastonbury

Darrens mum lives in Glastonbury so we go down at Christmas when we can depending on when it falls and time off etc. If we are there I still wake up early but have to wait until everyone else wakes up then we will have a bucks fizz and take turns to choose a present from under the tree whoever’s present it is opens it up and we all ooo and ahhh over the gifts 🙂 we then have another drink probably a snowball and watch some Christmas tv eat tonnes of chocolate and chill out. Then around 2:30-3 we have a huge Christmas dinner and pudding then watch another movie and have some tea and more drinks 🙂

That’s it my Christmas days 🙂 xx

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