Blogmas Day 9 How to deal with holiday stress 

Stress isn’t good, this time of year although fun can be overwhelming, so many plans so much to do and prepare for so little time!!! Here’s how I deal with stress especially at this time of year….

☯Download the Calm app free on android it’s a lovely little app that gives you free downloadable meditations ranging from 3 minutes upwards, they play calming music, have breathing exercises and positive mantras for you to follow its really helped me out these past few months.

☮Have a relaxing bath or shower use a bath bomb, luxury bubble bath, shower gels that have lavender or chamomile in to relax and soothe your aches and pains.

☯Face and hair mask again a little pamper to relax and rejuvenate.

☮Paint your nails. Concentrating on painting your nails takes your mind of the stress as your concentrating your mind on something else!

☯Get creative- colour in a picture,make some play-dough, doodle,make up a poem anything to get your creativity flowing,again it takes your mind off of the stress.

☮Light a candle. Personally I love Yankee candles when I’m stressed they let off the right amount of aroma…if that makes sense like they aren’t an over powering smell they are heaven!

☯Hot chocolate and a mince pie (or equivalent) A nice hot drink and a festive treat work wonders trust me!!

☮Create a happy playlist. Stick this on when your feeling stressed and sad and have a dance around your room!!

There’s my ideas…if you have any different ideas please feel free to share them below 🙂 x

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