Blogmas Day 8 Christmas on a budget 💸

Hello loves so I know that Christmas can be a very expensive time of year buying for everyone and their dog so here are my tips and ideas to hopefully help you save some pennies!!

💸Scout out charity shops. Ok so you all know how much i love charity shops and honestly they are the best places!! You will find some real one off treasures there that your friends and family will love and noone else will have those pieces!! If it’s clothing items check they have all the buttons/working zips no rips etc and give them a wash before gifting them. They always have tonnes of books for sale you can keep a bookworm very happy! Also they do quirky jewellery,bags and accessories too.

💸Make your own wrapping paper. If your good at drawing you could design simple patterns on plain paper to use or even use some nice trimmings like twine, buttons and sequins to jazz up newspaper as wrapping paper…trust me it actually looks really nice and unique!

💸Make gifts. There are so many gifts that you could make up!! Hot chocolate packs, pamper packs, jewellery, night in boxes, sweetie bouquets the possibilities are endless check out Pinterest for more ideas 🙂

💸Give your time. Make time coupons that friends and family can use in exchange for your time such as mowing the lawn, doing their food shop, taking them into town, tidying their house, babysitting the kids.

💸Make a date jar. For your significant other you can make either a date jar with date ideas one for each month or date envelopes that have money in to use on a date idea.

So there are my ideas have you got any to add?? X

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