November Reading Record

Hello loves so I had a good reading month in November I managed to read 3 books 🙂 here are my honest reviews on them without spoiling them hopefully!

The teacher by Katerina Diamond

Wow. Ok this book was sick like graphic gory gruesome honestly she went to town with the descriptive text but to the point where you had to fill in some blanks with your imagination which was even worse but brilliant! The story is centred round several characters whose back stories you get to learn through the course of the book and their stories all interconnect when a murderer turns up and starts killing men in quite frankly horrific ways! I can’t say as I know who the main protagonist is in the novel as a few characters get a fair amount of story however looking at her next novel it features 2 characters from this novel on another case so I’m assuming they are the intended protagonists! Overall thoroughly enjoyed this great first novel by this author and always added her next novel to my Christmas list!

Mr stink by David Walliams

My friend gifted me this book and I read it in one sitting. Such a lovely quick read (200 odd pages) it’s illustrated by Quinton Blake whome I love and I have to say Walliams can write really well!! I loved gangsta granny but haven’t read any of his other stories however after reading this one I may have to invest in some more of his books!! This book teaches us all not to judge a book by it’s cover, that love and kindness will prevail, that money doesn’t equal privilege and you never know what another person is going through, learn grow love and be kind a great pick me up story 🙂

Miss peregrines peculiar children by Ransom Riggs

Arghhhhh this book was SO good!!! I tore through the last few chapters it was fast paced and I needed to know what happened!! It leaves you on a bit of a cliffhanger for books 2&3 and i have to wait and see if santa will bring me those this year!!! This book had a similar effect on me as the harry potter series in that I now want to find an imbryne and be told that I’m peculiar and have a gift although maybe not Jacobs gift!!! Really enjoyed this book 100% reccomend xx


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