Have yourself a Jolly little blogmas ðŸŽ„🎁🎄

I know what your thinking “Natalie it’s too early to think about Christmas what are you doing” and guys your so…..wrong :/ it is infact the perfect time to be thinking about Christmas I’ve made my Christmas list downloaded a Christmas playlist and will be buying Christmas decorations this weekend (no I’m not joking!!) I love this time of year!!! So I decided I’d do blogmas I’ve been looking up some ideas and have decided to mash a few together to create my own so heres the 20posts I’ll be doing 🙂

1Your Christmas traditions

2Favourite Christmas films

3Christmas day outfits

4Why do you love Christmas

5Write a letter to santa

6Ultimate Christmas party playlist

7Looking back on your year

8Christmas on a budget

9How to deal with holiday stress

10Favourite Christmas songs

11A look at your Christmas day

12Christmas work do Outfit ideas

13Christmas decorations

14Winter clothing guide

15Christmas make up looks

16Christmas Market

17Surviving the boxing day sales

18Your Christmas wish list

19Favourite childhood Christmas memories

20Could you be on the naughty list?

I’m doing 20 as December is as you can imagine a crazy month and I dont plan on being on my social media over the Christmas holidays 🙂 so there they are my blogmas ideas 🙂 


13 thoughts on “Have yourself a Jolly little blogmas ðŸŽ„🎁🎄

  1. Chantal and Shekinah says:

    This is so cool! I think I’ll be doing ‘looking back on your year’ and ‘Christmas day outfits’ I’m already shopping Christmas decorations and Christmas music is playing. Gosh, I love Christmas season!

    • nataliechurch says:

      Oh wow that’s pretty awesome if you love Christmas!!! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving if your celebrating!! Christmas starts in the UK November 1st probably even earlier actually and Easter eggs will be on sale in January which is crazy!!! But I do love Christmas so kind of enter into the spirit early!! Xx

      • Tony Burgess says:

        I am trying to be measured in my enthusiasm. Radio stations here are already playing Christmas music and a TV channel is doing nothing but in-house original Christmas movies now until New Years.

      • nataliechurch says:

        Yes sky here have a Christmas channel that’s been going for a few weeks now!! Although I must confess I have a Christmas playlist that may have been played already plus at work we have started the Christmas songs too!! X

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