October Favourites 

I still can’t get over how quick this year is going!! Like how?? Anyways loves here is my October Favourites list x

Home-made Bread. Why yes I did get inspired by bake off!! My husband made some white bread when he was off and I decided I wanted a go too I decided to make a wholemeal bread and it turned out pretty good even the husband liked it!!

16personalities.com I watch anastasjia Louise on YouTube religiously i just adore her she’s such a cute little bean honestly you need to watch her videos! Anyway she did a video on personality types and linked the website so I took the test and turns out I’m an advocate infj which means introverted intuitive feeling judging. It’s very interesting finding out what it reveals! 

Mega matte lipstick by seventeen. This colour is just so beautiful I’m going to do a full review later on in a separate post but this is my new favourite colour! 

Behind closed doors book. OMG this book was SO good!! If you enjoyed gone girl and girl on the train I fully recommend this book the story is brilliant again I’ll be reviewing this properly in my October reading list post. 

Cornwall holiday. I love Cornwall you should all know that by now!!! I had such a lovely time it’s so nice to get away 🙂

In Falmouth on holiday I had quite possibly the best ever burger in a place called The meat counter. Handmade burgers in a resteraunt that has an old school 50’s aesthetic and has sourced materials from everywhere to create a unique dining experience. Such good food great service awesome xx

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