A Heartfelt Letter

It’s been the longest week. I mean the longest week,ive been feeling ill I’m so tired and feel like I’ve used all my energy. Work has been crazy these past few weeks and I’m counting the days until half term!! So to come home today to an amazing handwritten letter has made my day!!!

The amazingly kind Alanna from Alanna’s world blog wrote me a letter for being a runner up in her competition and it was such a lovely letter!!! Please please please go and follow her she’s such a great friend to have on the blogger sphere she’s so supportive and honest and she has lots of amazing posts coming up just check out her latest blog post outlining what we can expect!!
What posts and when? – http://wp.me/p5YeJf-Qj

Thank you again Hun it brightened up my day 😘😘😘😘xxx


3 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Letter

  1. I’m so glad you got it! I hope you feel better soon ❤ sending a great big Alanna hug (they’re the best hugs 😉). Rest up this weekend and i’m sure i’ll see your lovely face on my snap soon 😘❤ xxx

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