September Reading list:The review

Hello loves so you may remember I did a post showing you the books I’d chosen to read at the beginning of September they were Gone Girl,Girl on the train and Girl with all the gifts. Here’s my reviews and opinions x

The Girl on the train. Ok I have read a fair few books this year but honestly this book has made its way to my top 3!!! It is so good! The pace was brilliant I just couldn’t put it down I kept telling myself ok one more chapter then stop but by the time I got to the end of the chapter I just had to read the next one to see what was going to happen!!! I ended up finishing it in a day! The characters are well thought out and relatable and weren’t overly characterised you could make up your own details about them which I enjoy in a book!! I’d give this 5 stars x

The girl with all the gifts. Ok confession time. I picked this book with no idea what it was about and set to reading it, I’d made some tiny connection about what it might be about from the descriptions the writer was using and honestly I was enjoying not knowing what on earth was going to happen….then one day I went onto YouTube…an ad pops up before the video I wanted to watch loads and it was an ad for a film so couldn’t be skipped…I sat watching the ad thinking hmmmmm this sounds a little familiar I’ve heard that character name before and boom they’ve made a bloody film about it and the trailer completely gives away how the bloody book ends!!! So I threw it across the room in anger and cannot bring myself to continue with it as it’s been spoilt for me!! I will however resume reading when I’ve gotten over the hurt!

Gone girl. You know i tried with this book i really did. I haven’t seen the movie so I’ve no idea what happens I’ve managed to avoid spoilers thankfully however I do know who plays the main characters in the film, I thought i could make up my own images of the characters but I can’t I keep seeing Ben affleck every time I read the book and it is just super annoying to not be able to make it up in my head!!! If anyone has read this book without giving me spoilers please convince me it worth reading because at the moment after loving girl on the train I’ve yet to get hooked on another book 😦

So there it is a very bad reading month for me 😦 x

Any book recommendations are welcome!! 


2 thoughts on “September Reading list:The review

  1. youmustbehighxo says:

    i admit, gone girl the movie … yeah, its just really not as good. the actors are alright, but they do not represent the characters AT ALL. that being said, i found the book AMAZING. the plot twists, the writing style…its one of those things that if i could reread it for the first time i totally would. i’d recommend giving it another go 🙂

    • nataliechurch says:

      Thank you Hun! I do want to I think I wasn’t in the mood for it I was too upset that id finished girl on the train and wanted another book to grab me straight away and I feel gone girl is one that takes a while but once it’s started that’s it it doesn’t stop!! Xx

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