Late behind lagging rubbish. That’s how I’m feeling about this challenge! It’s been super crazy this week i haven’t done any blog posts I haven’t vlogged I’ve barely managed to do anything so apologies for that!! I will catch you guys up on my outfits I’ve taken the pictures I just have to edit them together and write up blog posts and that’s taken effort tbh!! I will also be vlogging as much as i can this week to hopefully have a new vlog out by this time next week 

So here’s days 9,10&11

Day 9 I look like I’m 9 haha I love this dungaree dress and how bright this top is! I think the dungaree dress tones down how bright the top is.x

Day 10 I am so in love with this cardigan guys like I want to constantly wear it!! Bit of a risky colour combination for me but life’s too short to be so matchy matchy and I think I look like a flower fairy with this combo! X

Day 11 Love me an androgynous look! The jacket plays down what could be a quite Feminine look as do the shoes&dark lipstick definitely an outfit I’ll be wearing again x


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