August Favourites

Well that flew by!! I have had such an amazing august it was packed with fun activities spent with my favourite people πŸ’› As much as I enjoyed ‘summer’ I am fully ready for autumn to arrive it’s my favourite season!!! πŸπŸ‚πŸ’› So here is everything I loved in the month of august x

Bake off!! Bake off is back on my tv yay!! I love this programme I’m a big baking fan but I also love Mr Hollywood&the queen that is Mary Berry!! Plus Mel&Sue they make that programme I wouldn’t watch it if they weren’t on it!! 

2 beauty products I’ve used alot is soap and glory’s body shower scrub,in summer I really like to treat my skin more so than in winter as it gets covered in suncream,is out in the sun all day and without being gross it gets all sweaty 😷be honest it happens to everyone!! This scrub is amazing my skin felt so soft after using this! White box whitening, I personally recommend this but please PLEASE consult your dentist and research whether this is the best product for you I’m only going on my own experience and this is an amazing product for my teeth!

On our London trip we visited Forbidden Planet I was in geek heaven!! My husband brought me this Groot keyring it’s in my handbag right now I love it!

Bunny pin badge I brought this in my latest shopping haul and have added it to pretty much every outfit since!! 

Cursed child!!!  πŸ˜±If you haven’t read it. Do it now!! Seriously I was fortunate enough to get tickets to see the play and honestly it was THE best thing I’ve seen i already want to go again!

Lastly Cornwall. I went to cornwall to watch my friend get married and it was just so beautiful the weather the views just beautiful so relaxing!

So that’s august done and dusted! Here’s to September!



2 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. Imagalaxygirlβ™‘ says:

    Have a wonderful month! I will send the letter either tomorrow or thursday. Have fun and enjoy yourself xxx

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