July Favourites 

This year is going so fast! Need time to start slowing down a bit! July was a good month  mostly finally finished for the summer woo! Got quite a few Favourites this month so here goes…..


Mr Robot. My husband binge watched this in like two days and has been on at me for ages to watch it even more so now that series 2 has started,its a really good show I’m on episode 6 with no clue who to trust what’s going on or where the story is headed which is a good thing I hate obvious plot lines! 

The Living and the Dead

I’m all for a good thriller! This is such a good series I’ve already pre ordered the DVD! Set way back its about ghosts and exorcisms its shot beautifully the scenery and location really add to the eerie storylines PLUS Colin Morgan is topless in this a fair bit.


I read 3 books this month. Off the page was first its a sequel to between the lines but can also be read as a stand alone story as it reintroduces the characters without boring you if you’ve read the first one. It’s written by Jodi picoult and her daughter Samantha van leer 🙂 its a lovely quick read I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After you. This took a little longer to get into than me before you Lou as a character had obviously changed after the events of mby so I felt personally that it took a while to warm up to her but again a good sequel I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

Everything everything. I brought this as it was in a 3 for £10 bundle and was recommendedwhen I’d added all the bright places to my basket so I thought as it was a short book (306 pages is short to me!) I’ll read it first. It was beautiful moved me to tears and yeah it’s just great can’t say much without spoiling the story just go read it you won’t be disappointed.


I was a 90’s kid I was born 88 so my peak fashion and music tastes were developed in the 90’s so I am thrilled its made a come back although I now feel old! So I am loving the choker trend I have a fair few and I’ve been wearing them on their own or as a base for layering longer necklaces on top.

Matte eye-shadow I needed some new eye-shadow but didn’t want to spend ALOT I am a makeup novice I don’t feel the need to spend £20 on a foundation lol! These were £4 from Boohoo (I know right?) They are really good they last all night and the colour is nicely pigmented they create a nice subtle smoky eye look 🙂

Give me brow. I got this product free with a magazine,i love benefit cosmetics they are always really good and actually worth the money!! I thought I’d try this out and see if it was ridiculous or not, I really don’t do anything with my eyebrows I’m not someone who gets them threaded or waxed and I certainly don’t pencil them in!! This product however is lovely it really shapes your brows and fills them in slightly without looking like they are filled in so I think I will be purchasing this when my sample runs out!

That’s July all wrapped up ❤

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