Wedding outfit 1Ā 

Hello šŸ™‚

On Thursday 15.07.16 I attended the first wedding of 3 that I’m attending this year šŸ™‚ Darren my husband was best man and looked so handsome in his suit! He was the ring bearer and did a speech at the reception which was so funny šŸ™‚

As I’m attending 3 weddings I needed outfits that wouldn’t break the bank!!! A whole wedding outfit for under Ā£20 you say??? Can’t be done right???? How about an outfit for under Ā£15 definitely impossible right!?? Wrong! Here’s my outfit x

Skirt 99p elderly care charity shop

Pink body Ā£5 new look sale

Jacket old primark blazer

Rings a selection from primark and various jewellery shops 

Bracelet Ā£1 charity shop

Shoes not seen primark sale Ā£6

So in total I spent Ā£12.99 on this outfit!!! 


4 thoughts on “Wedding outfit 1Ā 

  1. meinheels says:

    Well done! But what if I were to reinvent an outfit from what I have in my wardrobe? I think the body is a great piece for pairing with different bottoms that transforms a look. Its almost like an accessory.

    • nataliechurch says:

      Yes!!! I have another outfit I’m going to wear that uses the same skirt with different items already in my wardrobe I brought the skirt as an investment but was having one of those I feel frumpy in everything moment so needed to buy a new top-enter the body which I’m super excited to pair with other items in my wardrobe xx

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