June Favourites 

I’m writing this from my sick bed I have tonsillitis 😷grrrr!!! Ok wow can’t believe it’s already July!!! In 22 days I will be on my summer holidays!! So here’s what I loved in the month of June……


Wow! This book is intense its beautifully written and draws you into the characters story from the start its so powerful it really made me think for days afterwards it affected me alot but it also made me realise you need to love each day as if it’s your last and try to do good when you can.

Pin badges 

The Harry Potter inspired pin was given to me by a very dear friend who knows I’ve been going through alot lately 🙂 I brought the tree of life pin from eBay as I love mystical magical things, my husband brought me the super Mario pin as we are both Mario geeks!!

Game of thrones

Series 6 WOW !! Best series ever honestly such a satisfying series answered so many questions brought back so many characters it was truly epic!! I can’t believe ive got to wait a whole year for series 7 this is the only programme I actually watch on time and am up to date with!!!

New hair

Yes I’m being vain!!! But honestly I love my new hair cut!! I’d forgotten how much I loved short hair its got its curl back and it just feels so much healthier!

Super Mario vans

To celebrate 30 years since supee Mario was released vans created some special edition vans I opted for these beauties!! They have the old school Mario on them and have game over stamped on the bottom!! Xx

So that’s it June all wrapped up!! Xx

4 thoughts on “June Favourites 

  1. Imagalaxygirl says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to get my tonsills removed, rest well and take things easy xx

      • Imagalaxygirl says:

        I’ve had it 12 times this year already each time the antibiotics do not work 🙈 depending how many times a year you get it you can request for them to be removed xx

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