July Favourites 

This year is going so fast! Need time to start slowing down a bit! July was a good month  mostly finally finished for the summer woo! Got quite a few Favourites this month so here goes…..


Mr Robot. My husband binge watched this in like two days and has been on at me for ages to watch it even more so now that series 2 has started,its a really good show I’m on episode 6 with no clue who to trust what’s going on or where the story is headed which is a good thing I hate obvious plot lines! 

The Living and the Dead

I’m all for a good thriller! This is such a good series I’ve already pre ordered the DVD! Set way back its about ghosts and exorcisms its shot beautifully the scenery and location really add to the eerie storylines PLUS Colin Morgan is topless in this a fair bit.


I read 3 books this month. Off the page was first its a sequel to between the lines but can also be read as a stand alone story as it reintroduces the characters without boring you if you’ve read the first one. It’s written by Jodi picoult and her daughter Samantha van leer 🙂 its a lovely quick read I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After you. This took a little longer to get into than me before you Lou as a character had obviously changed after the events of mby so I felt personally that it took a while to warm up to her but again a good sequel I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

Everything everything. I brought this as it was in a 3 for £10 bundle and was recommendedwhen I’d added all the bright places to my basket so I thought as it was a short book (306 pages is short to me!) I’ll read it first. It was beautiful moved me to tears and yeah it’s just great can’t say much without spoiling the story just go read it you won’t be disappointed.


I was a 90’s kid I was born 88 so my peak fashion and music tastes were developed in the 90’s so I am thrilled its made a come back although I now feel old! So I am loving the choker trend I have a fair few and I’ve been wearing them on their own or as a base for layering longer necklaces on top.

Matte eye-shadow I needed some new eye-shadow but didn’t want to spend ALOT I am a makeup novice I don’t feel the need to spend £20 on a foundation lol! These were £4 from Boohoo (I know right?) They are really good they last all night and the colour is nicely pigmented they create a nice subtle smoky eye look 🙂

Give me brow. I got this product free with a magazine,i love benefit cosmetics they are always really good and actually worth the money!! I thought I’d try this out and see if it was ridiculous or not, I really don’t do anything with my eyebrows I’m not someone who gets them threaded or waxed and I certainly don’t pencil them in!! This product however is lovely it really shapes your brows and fills them in slightly without looking like they are filled in so I think I will be purchasing this when my sample runs out!

That’s July all wrapped up ❤


Beetlejuice does summer 🌞


It’s officially my summer holidays woo!!! It’s been a tiny but overcast here today so thought it called for a long sleeve dress 🙂 the stripes on my dress and hat remind me of beetlejuice!! ❤ This whole outfit cost me £2.98 x

Dress originally Zara 99p Barnardo’s

Shoes originally F&F £1 cancer research

Hat 99p cancer research


Wedding outfit 1 

Hello 🙂

On Thursday 15.07.16 I attended the first wedding of 3 that I’m attending this year 🙂 Darren my husband was best man and looked so handsome in his suit! He was the ring bearer and did a speech at the reception which was so funny 🙂

As I’m attending 3 weddings I needed outfits that wouldn’t break the bank!!! A whole wedding outfit for under £20 you say??? Can’t be done right???? How about an outfit for under £15 definitely impossible right!?? Wrong! Here’s my outfit x

Skirt 99p elderly care charity shop

Pink body £5 new look sale

Jacket old primark blazer

Rings a selection from primark and various jewellery shops 

Bracelet £1 charity shop

Shoes not seen primark sale £6

So in total I spent £12.99 on this outfit!!! 

First OOTD ft.My new hair 💇

Hey lovelies seems like forever since I’ve posted an actual outfit post thought it was about time i showcased my new hair 🙂 I have now gotten over the tonsillitis thankfully so here’s my outfit of the day x

Earrings market stall blue necklace repurposed ribbon floral necklace £5 next pin badge 99p eBay jeans £4 F&f sale sandals £13 ASOS stripe tee £4 C&a dress worn as a jacket 99p salvation army shop x 

The Harry Potter Tag

Hey lovelies so I saw this Post on 50shad3s0fjay’s blog and thought ummmm I NEED TO DO THIS!!!!! you can check out her answers here 🙂 also whilst your over there give her a follow you know you want to trust me shes great 

The Harry Potter Tag. ✨ – http://wp.me/p71jbg-yn

So let’s dive straight in

Question 1 What is your favourite book?

This whole quiz is going to be tricky to answer because I love it all lol!!! My favourite would either be philosophers stone mainly because it’s the first one it introduces the characters and the magic and Hogwarts itself plus there’s alot of Hagrid in the first book and it really sets up his relationship with Harry which I love!! Orrrr Half Blood prince for me this one has so much depth it introduces so many plot points but ties up so many ideas from the previous books and I loved learning voldemorts back story (is that wrong?)

Question 2 what is your favourite film?

Ok its a three way tie but if I had to order the tie it’d be 6,8,3 so half blood prince was hilarious and although I was slightly annoyed that they missed out voldemorts back story which I felt wouldve been really interesting to see on screen I understand why it was condensed,i love how the relationships grow in this film and the scene where Harry has taken Felix felicis cracks me up oh and Ron on love potion is another high point Jessie caves portrayal of lavender brown nailed it!! 8 well its the final part I’ll talk more about that at question 15 and  3 because I loved Alfonso’s take on the world of Harry Potter for me Daniel Radcliffe looked the most like Harry in this film and it just really started to show that actually this wizarding world was dangerous and there was more danger to come.

Question 3 Least favourite book

My least favourite book is chamber of secrets. I won this book at school I’d never heard of Harry Potter until that point so I brought the first one in Tesco I believe binge read that and loved it then read the second one and was like oh, I didn’t like the new characters and I felt like it didn’t really add to any of the previous characters relationships I think they did a great job portraying it on screen but for me I just didn’t really like the second book!

Question 4 Least favourite film

Goblet of fire. I don’t know why. I just yeah I found that Cedric diggory he didn’t really connect with the audience meaning his death scene wasn’t as sad as when I was reading it,i liked the way they cinamitised the Triwizard but there was alot left out little plot points and things that irritated me.

Question 5 Parts of the books/films that made you cry?

Ok warning possible spoilers ahead but really if you haven’t read/watched Harry Potter by now then what have you done with your life?!?


Hedwig,Mad eye,Dobby,Dumbledore,Snape,Sirius Harry looking at the cupboard under the stairs one last time.

Films The montage in OOTP where voldemorts inside of Harry and he’s telling him hes weak and Hermione and co walk in and Harry’s like your the weak one and you’ll never know love or friendship and I feel sorry for you cry every time

Cry every time Snape says Avada Kedavra and the look on Harry’s face

Lupin holding Harry back when Sirius falls through the veil

Snapes pensive memories especially Always 

“You didnt just loose a mother that day,i also lost a sister”

The great hall scene realising whose been killed Tonks, Lupin, Fred 

“Such a beautiful place to be with friends dobby is happy to be with his friend Harry Potter”

Question 6 If you could hook up with any character who would it be?

Neville I loved him all the way from book 1 he’s so loyal and brave I just yeah Neville would make the perfect boyfriend! 

Question 7 Who is your favourite character?

Oh geez ok its between Hermione and Luna I love Luna shes so much my spirit animal like she’s the girl I wanted to be at school she gets bullied and teased yet she’s still her she befriends people no questions asked and she is fiercely loyal even if it’s not her Hogwarts house and I love that. Hermione Granger I love her I was that girl at school still am now as an adult! She was my favourite to watch develop as a character throughout the books.

Question 8 Who is your least favourite character?

Umbridge she was vile. I honesty when reading the order of the phoenix I was just livid with her as a character I felt their pain I had a true hatred for her!!

Question 9 What is your least favourite line?

Ok even though the third film is in my list of favourites there’s a line that Daniel Radcliffe delivers that bugs me every time I watch it and it’s purely his delivery of it “he was their friend and he betrayed them HE WAS THEIR FRIEND”with like zero tears or emotion.

Question 10 What would your patronus be?

A penguin. I love penguins I think mine would be like a baby penguin all cute and fluffy

Question 11 If you could have the resurrection stone elder, wand or invisibility cloak which would you choose?

Invisibility cloak, everyone I’ve lost is at peace and I’ll rejoin them when my time comes,i don’t think I’d handle the power and responsibilities of the elder wand so the cloak 🙂

Question 12 Which house would you be in? 

Ok so I did a few tests a few years back and got ravenclaw however on pottermore I was sorted into Hufflepuff so I’m happy 🙂 

Question 13 If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be?

Julie Walters. Shes my idol I simply adore her such a hilarious comedienne and who better to meet than Mrs weasley mother of the weasley kids and Bellatrix lestrange killer!!!!

Question 14 If you were in the quidditch team what position would you play?

I feel I’m more of a spectator but I’d probably say beater.

Question 15 Were you happy with the ending?

Book:Yes I loved it was so happy it had a happy ending where everything you wanted to happen happened it was really nicely written it hasd a good pace and the 19 years later section was so beautiful.

Film: ish ok so I was pretty annoyed at voldemorts death it was pretty graphic and gross in the film (for little kids) and the book very !much emphasised that even though he’s gone through all that effort to become ‘immortal’ he died a normal mortal death( ok through a spell I’ll give you that) but he dies with his body hitting the floor its final he’s just a normal human being. But it was saved with the 19 years later part seeing Emma Dan and Rupert wave one last time with that beautiful music playing splendid.

Question 16 How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

It means everything to me. It’s relatable its hard hitting its comforting its been a huge part of my life and will continue to be just that I can’t wait to have children and introduce them to Harry Potter its just well….magical x

I nominate anyone who wants to answer these questions will be fun to see people’s responses xx

Summer lovin had me a blast (from the past)

Ok so thanks to the lovely Alanna who just uploaded this post

Is it even summer yet? – http://wp.me/p5YeJf-zb

(Yay I worked out how to link!!!) I became reminiscent of summers gone by and thought I’d share a little snapshot of the summers 2007-2012 when summer actually meant sun!! 💛🌻🌞


Me and Darren met this year so I was super excited to have a boyfriend to share summer with we went to local music festivals,walked around the local lakes,had crappy disposable bbqs it was the perfect first summer together! I also went to the beach with the family the traditional skegness trip to eat fish and chips paddle in the sea and try and win at 2p machines!!


I got my first tattoo I remember me and my friends went to skegness for the day and we all got a tattoo!! I was still with Darren it was my longest relationship I couldn’t believe my luck! We spent alot of time at my grandparents allotment taking in the views the picture of us on the swings is from a park near my nan and grandad house and again…standard trip to skegness with the family!


My first ever music festival!! We went to abersoch in the welsh valleys for wakefest it peed it down with rain for the whole 3 days but we didn’t care we had lukewarm cider to get us through the picture is of me and my nearest dearest friend we’d been drinking since around 10am its one of my favourite pictures of us! I also revisited a wildlife park that I used to go to when I was little its full of amazing trees and hills that you can climb!! 


My grandparents allotment is one of my favourite places its actually like a little paradise!! These photos are from there I mean that view 😍I will always make my baby brother take dorky photos with me haha!!


So someone turned 18 in 2011 hint it wasn’t me!! As you can see we are quite merry in this picture it was his first night out in town haha!!! I also spent alot of time at the seaside I always feel very calm when I’m at the seaside paddling feeling he sand between my toes I think because I’m an earth sign rising in a water sign I feel very comfortable with nature and water sources!


I went on alot and I mean ALOT of road trips in 2012 every weekend we were off on an adventure. Have you ever played the left right game at junctions or perhaps heads or tails?? It really can lead you to some amazing places this is my most favourite place I’ve ever found through that game it has actual castle ruins and the most amazing church that lit up at night!!! Xx

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane please go and look at Alannas blog posts and follow her because she’s fabulous and because I said so 😡(kidding but seriously 😡DO IT)


June Favourites 

I’m writing this from my sick bed I have tonsillitis 😷grrrr!!! Ok wow can’t believe it’s already July!!! In 22 days I will be on my summer holidays!! So here’s what I loved in the month of June……


Wow! This book is intense its beautifully written and draws you into the characters story from the start its so powerful it really made me think for days afterwards it affected me alot but it also made me realise you need to love each day as if it’s your last and try to do good when you can.

Pin badges 

The Harry Potter inspired pin was given to me by a very dear friend who knows I’ve been going through alot lately 🙂 I brought the tree of life pin from eBay as I love mystical magical things, my husband brought me the super Mario pin as we are both Mario geeks!!

Game of thrones

Series 6 WOW !! Best series ever honestly such a satisfying series answered so many questions brought back so many characters it was truly epic!! I can’t believe ive got to wait a whole year for series 7 this is the only programme I actually watch on time and am up to date with!!!

New hair

Yes I’m being vain!!! But honestly I love my new hair cut!! I’d forgotten how much I loved short hair its got its curl back and it just feels so much healthier!

Super Mario vans

To celebrate 30 years since supee Mario was released vans created some special edition vans I opted for these beauties!! They have the old school Mario on them and have game over stamped on the bottom!! Xx

So that’s it June all wrapped up!! Xx