Mini haul

Yes you read that right I have been shopping again!!! So yesterday after getting our hair done mum told me a local charity shop was having a 99p sale and did I want to go???!!! Silly question of course I did!! So we went there then headed to the sue Ryder shop by my house too so here is what I got x


Black lace panel dress Barnardo’s 99p peach coloured shirt Barnardo’s 99p red velveteen dress Barnardo’s 99p beige Mac £1 sue Ryder stripe dress was a bargain 99p from Barnardo’s its a Zara dress!! X


Ok. So if you follow me on Instagram and you should!!! @_natalie_church_ x you will know that I photographed my to be read pile which consisted of 52 books!!! Eeeep and I vowed not to buy any more books or ask for anymore…but here we are….I got all five for £1 a new gervase phinn story a new Arthurian legend story kite runner which I’ve heard lots about a new Kate mosse book and a new Susan hill book xx


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