Blogger Recognition Award


The lovely Alanna from imagalaxygirl blog nominated me for this award πŸ™‚ I wish I knew how to link to her actual blog on this app grrrr!!

So here are the rules
Write a post to show the award
Thank the person
Briefly describe your journey as a blogger
Give advice to other bloggers
Nominate other bloggers

So thank you so much Alanna truly I am so glad that we have met through this platform and I love seeing how much you’ve grown through your blogging!!!

My personal journey has been a good one I started this blog for myself thinking noone would read it here I am 200+ followers later and I am so thankful!!! Fashion has always been my main focus in this blog it’s the way that I express myself I was bullied at school for the way I dressed so to see people inspired by my fashion choices and being genuine and kind about my style is a very lovely thing! I decided this year to branch out a little incorporate myself and my life into this blog a little more and I’m glad that you guys are enjoying those types of posts too!!

Be yourself and be happy. This should be for you this should be a hobby if you find a way to make it big from this great but don’t loose the reason you started in all of that. Don’t beat yourself up if your posts don’t get lots of likes or if you said you’d post at 8every night but can’t life gets in the way sometimes and that’s a good thing you should be out there living your life ❀ we are a family and we will all still be here to read your posts even if they are “late” xx

I nominate anyone who wants to do this because I love all of you xx


Hair cut πŸ’‡πŸ’‡

Hello lovelies,
So if you’ve followed my blog for a while you will know that my hair is my pride and joy it is my ultimate accessory and I love it!!!! So yesterday I decided not only to get it cut…. but to trust a new hairdresser!!!! Marco is my husband’s hairdresser and friend so I thought ok I’ll give it a go! Now I haven’t had any great length taken off my hair in 2 years as I started to grow it before me and Darren got married so that it was a nice length for our wedding day and from there I just kept growing it only having the dead ends tidied and cut off in subsequent hair dressing appointments so yesterday I thought as its summer I wanted a change so here’s the before and after….x




After!!!! Quite a considerable amount off!!! Xx


Goes even shorter when it’s curly!!!! Xx

Loving You ❀


Sometimes I have down days,sometimes I think omg look at that huge spot,omg my hair is so frizzy,omg my make up isn’t going right,omg my bum looks huge. Sometimes I am just plain mean about myself!! It’s been a long and I mean LONG road to self appreciation and I’m happy to say the down days are few and far between I mean is anyone 100%happy about themselves 100% of the time? If they are I need to know how?!?!?! This hey you post is so beautiful and honestly you all need to read it and take it to heart trust me your all beautiful❀ I chose 5 photos that I look at and think damn girl you look fine!! The message today is just be happy life is too short and your gorgeous and I love you ❀ xx


#fiercebitch 🐯