Sleepy Time 😴💤

So I saw that a few people have been doing this tag in particular the lovely Alanna from imagalaxygirl blog! Psssssst go check her blog out!!! X so thought I’d treat you all to my answers 🙂
1.What time do you go to bed? Weekdays I’m in bed by 9:30 to hopefully get to sleep by 10 weekends it varies between 10-12 depending on what I’m doing!
2.What is your routine before going to bed? I turn off my phone and social media 30mins before bed. Wash and cleanse my face and apply moisturiser,read a book do my stretches and deep breathing and get comfy!
3.What do you do when you can’t sleep? I try not to get out of bed I write everything down in a notebook I keep by my bed using my reading light then just lay there until I fall asleep!
4.What is your favourite sleeping position? I sleep curled up either on my left side of right side I will switch sides several times during the night I’m a very light sleeper!
5.What can I wake you up for? The finale of game of thrones….or a holiday they are the exceptions!
6.What time does your alarm go off? 7:15am
7.Snooze or getting up straight away??Snooze 🙊I know that’s naughty but I can’t get up straight away I like to snooze especially weekends
8.Do you sleep in over the weekends? Yes well I try to!! Only until around 8:30-9
9.What kind of weird stuff do you do whilst you sleep? I move alot I steal the covers apparently?!? And if I’m ill I have hallucination dreams which are horrid
10.How many pillows do you have? 2
11.What do you wear for bed? If it’s cold my pjs if its warm an oversized shirt
12.Do you sleep with or without socks? Without…unless I’m wearing my heel genius cream then you have to wear socks
13.What size/how big is your bed? We just got a king size bed its amazing!!
14.The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is…… Fuss my cat as shes usually miaowing loudly in my ear to be fed!
15.Do you dream every night? I do indeed I need to start logging my dreams!!
16.What dream or nightmare can you remember? I remember this nightmare I used to have it was horrid but its always one I remember..I’m in my grandma’s kitchen with my mum and grandma and we are talking and I know what’s going to happen as I’ve had the nightmare so many times but I can’t stop it…all of a sudden there’s a noise and an Indian with full headdress and war paint runs down my grandma’s stairs shoots my mum and grandma with an arrow leaving me there all alone 😦
17.What is your biggest dream?To live a happy full life with the ones I love make a family with my husband and be happy 🙂 x


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