May Favourites

I’m early on the month wrap up but here it is my May Favourites! Seriously where is this year going?? Xx


❤Our Garden 🌿🌱🌻🌺🏵🌸 we have finally finished the garden YAY! It’s taken a good month to get it completed but it looks so good we’ve had turf put down a greenhouse delivered and built our patio extended gravel and plants set down and it looks super can’t wait to sit in my little haven with a cup of earl grey reading my books
❤The office. I’ve been rewatching the office I had forgotten how hilarious this programme is! If you haven’t seen it already please do try and find a way to watch it there isn’t a bad episode in my opinion!
❤The power of crystals.This book is a great starter book if your thinking of getting into crystals,it also has helpful sections on cleansing your aura and the best crystals for this 🙂 it can be purchased from eBay
❤Heel genius.I have cracked out the flip flops as the weather is finally nice so this heel genius is great at making my poor feet summer ready 🙂 Nivea night cream.I’ve been looking for a new night cream that wasn’t too oily and was good for combination skin this is a perfect product in my opinion it smells amazing it leaves my skin feeling soft and I feel like it’s actually working 🙂
❤Crystals.This month I’ve been using my blue lace agate,aquamarine and moonstone
That’s it May all wrapped up ❤❤🌸🌸


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