Snap shot of my week 📷

Hey lovelies its been a long time since I posted and even longer since i gave you an ootd however it’s now half term woo so expect some ootd posts and hopefully a haul after my shopping trip with mum next week 🙂
Thought I would share with you a few pictures that show you what ive been up to this week 🙂


Sunday. After Darren’s birthday on Saturday I had household chores to do Sunday 😦 boo hiss!! So after completing these decided to reward myself with a yummy brunch.x


Tuesday. Darren was away overnight Monday I received this photo when he got home Tuesday think it’s fair to say Molly had missed her daddy!! 😻


I do love a sunset driving home from my grandparents this was Tuesday too 🙂


Friday. Yay the weekend is here and a whole week off!! It’s been such a long week I rewarded myself with a bubble bath glass of wine and my favourite Yankee candle 🙂 x


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