When the past comes calling β˜ŽπŸ‘»

Does anyone ever just sit and look through old pictures? Wondering where time went? Wondering if that person in those photos knew how it would all turn out? Wondering what the future held. Wishing they could keep that captured moments feeling forever. I have spent the last 45 minutes scrolling through old Facebook photos and picked a few that really capture how I felt at that time in my life and thought you’d like to see them so here they are


20 years old. This was a year into our relationship everything was still new our relationship was the longest one I’d been in and everything felt perfect. We had started to discuss our future marriage babies and a house were all in the plans. We enjoyed nights out every weekend and spent every waking moment with each other!


My 21st birthday! 2 years together and celebrating the big 21!! We went out with the few friends that bothered to come out for my birthday I was pissed and pissed off but my friends made it such a memorable night! Due to the old 100photo limit on Facebook albums I had to make three albumns to document my 21st birthday night out!!


Cornwall. This holiday was such a great holiday with my folks and younger brother I remember we came home early which meant I could go out on the Saturday night to celebrate Halloween (look at that weather for October!) If we hadn’t left early I’d never have met my best friend Carl at Halloween met….sadly we are no longer friends which honestly is like a heart break but look at that carefree girl there not realising she was about to meet a guy who changed her world for a few years!


It snowed end of February! This was 2011 me and Darren were on a break and I had a new group of friends that helped me get over the heartbreak. In this photo I’m wearing the highest suede heels that got ruined (thanks snow!) I was freezing cold and had just been hit with a tonne of snow but I was happy I was living.


My brothers 18th birthday April 2011. Me and Darren were still on a break it was difficult we both missed two important moments in each other’s lives because of this I missed his dad&step mum’s wedding he missed my brothers 18th that really hit home and we got back together a month later vowing to never miss important moments in each other’s lives again. I was already pretty drunk in this photo and it wasn’t even 8pm!


A self confidence picture. This was me when I had the confidence for one summer to wear shorts! Only one summer mind then I went back to maxi skirts and board shorts! I look so happy and carefree here I’m slowly getting there with body acceptance,I have my off days still but mainly I am proud of my body and happy that it’s fairly healthy and that’s a pretty big thing to be thankful for πŸ™‚

That’s it all the other photos I liked are ones you’ve already seen you know how the story ends we are married (2years this year!) Have a house and a fur baby πŸ™‚ I’ve made new friends lost old friends and learnt ALOT of lessons. My body confidence is getting there and my style choices are forever changing! So thank you past for calling here’s to the future πŸ’œx

4 thoughts on “When the past comes calling β˜ŽπŸ‘»

  1. Imagalaxygirl says:

    I loved this post. I was doing the same a while back and the memories hit me. Its amazing how one photo can trigger such vivid memories. Xx

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