April Favourites

I can’t believe April is already nearly over!! I apologise for the lack of posts lots of work&my illness have kind of taken their toll on me BUT never fear I will persevere πŸ™‚ on Monday I’ll have an exciting post showing you where I have spent this bank holiday weekend I won’t spoil it but I am SUPER excited!!
So here are my April Favourites x


I’ve really got back into pin badges and brooches when I was 16 My backpack was covered in badges and patches!!! They just change up and outfit and add a little something extra πŸ™‚ these three are my current Favourites x


My hair had been feeling pretty dry I’d seen ALOT of youtubers recommending this brand so when I saw it on offer in Tesco I thought why not give it a try! The shampoo is really lovely and thick it really feels like it’s getting all the grime and product out of your hair, the conditioner is a little watery but it smells beautiful and leaves my hair feeling super soft


This song 😍i live Stereophonics always have always will this sing is just amazing every time it comes on me and my hubby sing along!!


Again I’m very late to the party!!! But I started to watch how I met your mother and  ended up watching the whole of series 1 in a day!!! Now I’ve avoided spoilers again so please PLEASE don’t ruin it for me!!! Xx
That’s it April all wrapped up! 🎁x


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