1 Shirt 3 ways šŸ‘š

Hello lovely people šŸŒ»šŸŒžšŸŒ›
I must apologise for my lack of posts particularly outfit posts there are two reasons for this the first being my skin and by extension my confidence, my skin decided that even though I am 28 it would have a major breakout! I think because I’ve finally allowed myself to rest all the stress and tiredness has finally come out so yes I really didn’t feel like putting together cute outfits and photographing myself šŸ˜¦ and secondly I’ve felt in a bit of a rut I love my thrifted series and love showing the outfits I can create with thrifted/charity shop items but felt like I was creating samey outfits so I’ve decided to concentrate my next few blog posts on creating 3 different outfits with 1 thrifted item šŸ™‚
Today’s item is a striped shirt I brought from extra care for Ā£2.50 its already been seen on my blog but I created 3 very different outfits with it today šŸ™‚

Outfit one


Denim dress Ā£1 charity shop jacket eBay shoes topshop sale

Outfit two


Shorts Boohoo blazer h&m loafers f&f

Outfit three


Skirt Ā£1 charity shop cardigan h&m necklace next shoes EBay


10 thoughts on “1 Shirt 3 ways šŸ‘š

  1. meinheels says:

    Being the magpie that I am, if something is shiny and bright I’m irresistibly attracted to it, which is why I cannot ignore that bright teal skirt in no3. However I do understand why you guys like 2 as well.

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