My week 🤒😟😵😴🤗😊

Hi 🙂 so another new type of post for me where I give you guys a little insight to my life 🙂 I have been on a bit of a social media cleanse this week allowing myself 15 minutes to catch up on emails and notifications but no browsing through websites wasting half my day on Facebook!!! I have had a mixed bag week I’ve felt so ill up until today when I finally felt a little bit better 🙂 next week I’ll be doing outfit of the day posts in my thrifted series and tomorrow I’ve got my March Favourites post for you all to enjoy 🙂 xx


I visited my parents we had food&watched a movie,before all of this though they wanted to show me a graffiti mural a local artist had done. Near my parents house is a local council underpass that they have permitted local graffiti artists to do their work 🙂 and some of them are amazing!! The pug is the piece they wanted to show me but I took a few snaps of my other Favourites x



Feeling pretty crappy I spent the day playing my Lego game finally completing it to 100%!!! Yes that is Lego hobbit!! I decided to have some down time and started to read a new trilogy of books the first ones called wither I have to say I’m really enjoying it so far!!! X



The worst day I felt crummy 😦 so I decided to curl up and finally finish the last hunger games book! Even though I’ve seen what happens through the movies the book was still hard to read emotionally BUT I didn’t cry!!! Go me!! First book in months that hasn’t made me cry haha!! I then thought why not binge watch all the movies…so I did 🙂



Felt a little better but decided another sofa day was in order 🙂 luckily I’ve had company this week in the form of my fur baby Molly seriously how fricking cute and photo genic is she??!!!! I started watching orange is the new black as so many people have said its good!! I’m 6 episodes in now  and think it’s hilarious! I also read a few paragraphs from my What Would Audrey Do book to get some of my sparkle back!!



Today still feeling fragile and crummy but fed up of being housebound for three days I decided to throw on some comfy clothes stick my Spotify on shuffle and go for a walk! Walking is so calming to me like seriously puts things in perspective! How lucky am I to live so close to such natural beauty seriously the lakes by my house are just stunning!!


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