I……went shopping

So as the title explains I’ve been shopping!! It’s been a rough few weeks and I needed some retail therapy!! Here’s what I got 🙂 x


These 3 items are from cancer research the daisy print was £2 and has cute tie detailing at the front originally matalan. Sparkly black top £1 the detailing reminds me of fireworks and I thought for a £1 why not!! Sheer sequinned top £2 I thought with a cute CAMI underneath this would be really nice for a night out.


Next up is a Boohoo order! They had free delivery and a sale! The black midi skirt was £3 and I love the wave detailing throughout the skirt. The top blue dress was £4 and I was drawn in by the pattern I love blue as well so it made sense 🙂 the bottom purple dress was £3 and I just loved how bright the colours look together!! X


These were a bundle from eBay and cost £2.50+£4.00 shipping so £6.50 altogether they are all from h&m I mainly brought this for the yellow owl print top, when they arrived though the other two are really nice and fit beautifully too 🙂


Lastly the striped shirt was £2.50 from extra care charity its originally an m&s shirt so the quality is great. This wrap is a few sizes too big but the way I plan on styling it doesn’t show that it’s too big! It was £3 from Marie curie and I really liked the print of it very whimsical 🙂 x
So there we have it I will be styling these pieces along with the others I picked up a few weeks ago in the next few weeks as its Easter holidays so I’ll have more time and energy to blog!! 😘have a great weekend guys x


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