Triple Threat:Killing the monday blues ðŸ’™

I know people freak at the idea of double denim dating back to the awful 80’s combinations that mullet haired and porno moustached guys wore (I’m not knocking it it was the fashion back then!) Today I went even further…that’s right TRIPLE denim! I honestly felt like a wizard attempting to fit into the muggle world today with this outfit it will become apparent why in a moment I promise!!


Introducing the best eBay find this year!!!! How amazing is this shirt?? Don’t have a cow man 🐮🐄🐮 Bart Simpson!! Too awesome! I found this gem on eBay for £4 including postage!! I added my denim jacket also from eBay and a skirt I picked up at the RSPCA shop for £3.25 🙂 I added my ministry of magic pin to jazz the jacket up


I think because the denim is the same colour just varying  tones it doesn’t make the outfit clash too badly!! I really love this outfit I never want to take the shirt off!! X


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