Ok so seriously Thank You!! I can’t even believe I reached 200!! Thank you to all my recent followers and to everyone whose supported me from the beginning! Honestly your support means so much to me! As a fun little way of celebrating I found 100 questions that I thought would be funny to answer! I’m not expecting you to read all the answers if you do well done!! Love you all so very much! X 😘Thank you for your continued support x
1.What’s your full name? Natalie Church (was Gordon)
2.How old are you? I just turned 28
3.Whens your birthday? 17th January
4. What starsign does that make you? Capricorn
5. What’s your favourite colour? Royal Blue
6. What’s your lucky number? 13 I’m superstitious of odd numbers except 13!
7. Do you have any pets? 1 cat called Molly
8. Where are you from? A city called Peterborough
9. How tall are you? 5″ 1 and a half!
10. What shoe size are you? 4
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Umm at last count around 80
12. If you were prime !minister what laws would you make? I’d ban photoshopping in media no longer would young girls be led to believe that that is perfect. Body confidence would be taught in schools I’d also make three day weekends a law!!!
13. If you were a superhero what powers would you have? Flight I hate aeroplanes but want to travel the world lol!!
14. And what would your superhero name be? Wonder Witch
15. And what outfit would you wear? A cloak definitely a cloak! And a moon sun and star print dress with super cute t bar shoes!!
16. What was your last dream about? Ok I watched insurgent before bed last night so I dreamt I was stuck in a simulation trying to rescue Harry llyod from a giant spider that kept turning into a vampire…yeah
17. What would you do if you won the lottery? Give some to charity splurge on my friends and family buy a trip to new Zealand save some.
18. Would you like to build/design your own house? NO! New builds are a disaster in my opinion I’d prefer a house with character that I can decorate how I like!!
19. Which form of public transport do you prefer? Walking. Buses round here are awful!
20. What talents do you have? I can make really good playdoh in my job that’s a great talent to have!!
21. Can you juggle? Only with two balls I just have no hand eye coordination for three
22. Can you solve a rubix cube? No πŸ˜₯
23. Do you have a cherished childhood teddy bear? Yes her names puffalump
24.Are you psychic in any way? No but my grandad has premonition dreams
25.Are you a good dancer? I took dance at school I think I can bust a move when needed
26. Are you a good singer? Again I think I’m great but I really can’t hold a tune at all!!
27.Are you a good cook? I’ve attempted to cook 5 times three I ended up in a&e with various cut wounds the 4th I burnt myself and the 5th I dropped all the potatoes in the sink πŸ˜₯
28.Are you a good artist? I give it a good go!
29. Are you a good listener? I work in childcare my job depends on me being a good listener!
30. Are you a good public speaker? No I hate my voice and get all clammy and stutter I fall over my words!
31. Are you a good babysitter? I’ve only ever babysat my mums friends kids like twice
32.Are you a good mechanic? I know nothing about cars I couldn’t even find the washer fluid cap haha!!
33. Are you a good diplomat? Again working with children I think km good at being diplomatic in my decision making!!
34. Are you a good employee? I’d hope so! I turn up early stay late work extra hours I’m passionate about my job and get all my work done without fail.
35.Are you a good dresser? Objectively yes in the way that I love every outfit I wear hence the fashion blog!! It’s not for everyone but so long as I’m happy and comfortable Its all good.
36.Are you a good swimmer? No I hate swimming my body in a swim suit NO!
37. Are you a good skier? Never tried it
38.Are you a good lover? I could have taken this the wrong way haha! I think I am in the way that I’m patient and a good listener we’ve been together 9 years surely that’s a testament to both of our love.
39. Are you a good musician? No unless it’s a tambourine solo of twinkle twinkle little star I own that song!!
40.Are you a good comedian? I’m 5″ 1 with frizzy hair I’m 28 and still have spots I was bullied at school of course I’m a good comedian its all that helped me survive being the”funny” friend.
41.Are you a good cleaner? I’m OCD with cleanliness I have a major routine to clean my house it takes three hours to complete
42.Are you a good actor? I wanted to be an actress so bad I starred in school plays and am dram I think I’m quite dramatic haha!!
43. Are you a good writer? i start off with good intentions then get bored fair play to these authors honestly!
44.Have you ever been bungee jumping? God no!
45) Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking? Again God no!
46) What types of holidays do you prefer? Adventure I’m not one of these lay on the beach sunbathing girls I love exploring finding out all I can about the place I’m staying!!
47) Whats the furthest you’ve ever been on holiday? Texas it was amazing!!
48) What was your favourite holiday? Honeymoon we went to Cornwall it was so beautiful!
49) Where would your dream holiday be? New Zealand I want no NEED to visit Hobbiton!!!
50) Can you tap dance? No, no I canot I wish I could though
51) Whats your favourite zoo animal? Penguin 🐧
52) Whats your favourite sport? Quidditch.
53) Whats your favourite food? Chocolate. Or pasta. Or chicken. Or salt and vinegar crisps
54) Whats your favourite pizza topping? Ham&pineapple
55) Whats your favourite film? Raaaar umm Harry Potter lotr the hobbit movies
56) Whats your favourite song? I’ll follow you by shinedown
57) Whats your favourite alcoholic drink? White zinfandel
58) Whats your favourite non-alcoholic drink?Dr pepper or cherry pepsi
59) Whats your favourite TV programme? Raaar again ummm BBT Once on a time Merlin Robin Hood My Mad Fat Diary
60) Whats your favourite boyband? Fall out Boy
61) Whats your favourite girl group? Spice Girls
62) What would be your ideal partner? My husband πŸ™‚ corny I know ❀
63) Do you want children? Desperately sadly we are facing problems conceiving at the moment its a heartbreaking thing to deal with and is exhausting to go through.
64) Do you want a church wedding? I’m already married we got married in a registry office religion is an grey book for me I didn’t feel right getting married in a church
65) Are you religious? Haha hadn’t seen this question when I wrote that answer! I believe there’s something after life where its one bearded dude that created earth in 7 days and only good people with angel wings and halos I’m not sure if that’s your religious concept I completely respect that I respect everyone’s views
66) Do you like reality TV programmes? No except Rupaul
67) Do you like TV talent shows? The voice and Britain’s got talent that’s all.
68) If you were gay who would your life partner be? Oooo ummm hmmm Ruby Rose is  stunning so is Anna Kendrick ooo or Emma Watson
69) If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be? I’d stop me and my husband going on a break we split up after 2 years of dating for a few months and I hated it
70) How many hats do you own? Umm about 8?
71) Are you any good at pool? No I suck at it haha!!
72) Whats the highest you’ve ever jumped into the water from? I don’t jump into water see the whole swimming answer!!
73) Have you ever been admitted to hospital? Yes at 14 I was hit by a car fracturing my pelvis I’ve also been in to have my wisdom teeth removed
74) Have you ever had any brushes with the law? I’ve been stopped by police once they saw I was a female driver and I’d turned into a dodgy area to drop my friend off at a walk through they wanted to make sure I was OK πŸ™‚
75) Have you ever been on TV? Only on the local news for an am dram report about a play we were putting on!
76) Have you ever met any celebrities? Yes I’ve met danni harmer (Tracey beaker)
77) Have you ever been to Legoland? No πŸ˜₯
78) Have you ever done something heroic? I wouldn’t know I do good deeds when I can whether they’ve been heroic I don’t know!
79) Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? My brother all the time it’s a big sisters prerogative
80) Have you ever been the recipiant of a practical joke? Yes sadly my brother grew up and got his own back!
81) What would be your best achievement to date? Marrying my husband trust me after years and years of grinding him down I finally made him commit :p
82) Do you prefer baths or showers? Baths
83) Do you prefer blow drying or natural drying your hair? Natural
84) Have you ever built a snowman? Of course! I love snow!!!
85) Have you ever been sledging? Yes when I was little
86) Have you ever flown a kite? Yes again when I was little
87) What colour socks are you wearing? None as I’ve just had a bath!
88) If you could live anywhere, where would that be? Hobbiton…no seriously haha!! Ummm a cottage or farm house in the country somewhere
89) Have you ever been famous? Sadly no
90) Would you like to be a big celebrity? Some times I think it would be great to be am actress expressing myself through film or a famous author but there’s so much pressure on celebrities and fame is a fickle mistress
91) Would you ever go on Big Brother? No way
92) What did you want to be when you grew up? I legit thought princess was a job role 😦
93) What is your most essential appliance? Ghds
94) What type of music do you like? All sorts literally all sorts I’m having a very big 90s pop punk grunge phase ATM!
95) Have you ever been skinnydipping? No I’m a prude haha
96) How many Pillows do you sleep with? 2
97) What position do you often sleep in? Curled up in a ball
98) Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Sunsets
99) Favourite Milkshake flavour? Chocolate
100) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? My confidence I’m so not as body confident as I feel I should be!!

4 thoughts on “200 Followers 😡

  1. Imagalaxygirl says:

    Yay! Well done ❀ you’ve worked so hard and totally deserve this. P.s Please become prime minister and make those three day weekends a real thing xxx

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