Goody Two Shoes With Her Head In The Clouds ðŸ‘£ðŸ‘Ÿâ˜

Right now I am adoring trainers.. Who would have thought this high heel&dolly shoe enthusiast would be swayed by trainers?!? I’ve always thought that trainers should be left for sports use and not for fashion (with the very confusing exception of vans/converse they go with the whole goth/emo/rock  aesthetic) however last year my hubby brought me a dreamy pair of adidas high tops for my birthday and my love affair has grown from there!! Today I got my gorgeous new adidas trainers in the post!! Personally I prefer adidas over Nike as my Nike high tops tore my ankles to shreds 😦 so when I saw these low cut trainers in the adidas sale I knew I had to make them mine 🙂 x


Polka dots…..POLKA DOTS!!! 😍💖😍💖



I paired them with my new black high waisted jeans grey crop top and my newtome top originally ASOS I got it from eBay in a tops bundle 🙂 x


My expanding trainers collection!! X

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