Happy New Year




2015 A Review
2015 was for the most part brilliant I had a great year and really let my imagination out in my clothing and accessory choices πŸ™‚ I hope everyone has a fab New years eve planned I personally am going to my folks to play board games and eat pizza πŸ™‚
A few things I’ve got on my 2016 to do list keep a journal try to write in it everyday even if its just one sentence. Start a new hobby try new things make more memories and have more fun! Do something every month that scares me whether it be holding a spider climbing a tree or riding in a lift I’m going to push my comfort zone this year! I’m also going to be more ‘selfish’ in that I’m really focusing on me this year my health both physical and mental and just going to do more things for me and last one I’ll share with you, I’m going to set myself the task of reading at least one new book a month this year I noted down how many new films and TV series I watched and it was way over 100!!! So this year I’m focusing on books πŸ™‚ xx

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